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astrology readings

astrology readings

Astrology readings, in-depth analysis of birth charts and horaries, for individuals, couples and parents for children, by telephone or face to face

Holder of the Certificate of Completion in Psychological Astrology, awarded by the Centre for Psychological Astrology, Principal Liz Greene, and the Certificate in Medieval Astrology, awarded by the Academy of Predictive Astrology, Principal Robert Zoller

Detailed readings of birth charts reach the core of many life issues:

Sense of direction
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Communication misunderstandings
Conflict with parents (whatever your age!)
Blocks in creative expression
Many others

Sometimes an insight is gained that resolves a long-term issue. More commonly, the reading supports the client in exploring more deeply matters that are of ongoing concern, and in living more creatively with issues that take time to heal.

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The ancient status of astrology as a form of divination is currently being rediscovered and incorporated into modern practice. By 'divination' is meant insight into the future by means beyond the merely natural. In ancient times this was the principle focus of astrological practice, and it was thoroughly researched and practised by one of the greatest English astrologers of all time, William Lilly (1602-1681). Lilly was concerned not just to predict the future, but to discern from the astrology what could be done to bring about that which is desired, or to prevent that which is feared. If it appeared that an undesired outcome could not be avoided, then the chart might still show a course of action that could bring light into a dark place. It is this search for possible initiatives that distinguishes the best of modern practice from fatalism.

The more familiar modern practice of birth chart analysis as a means of showing character traits, often with depth psychological insight, was virtually unknown in the ancient world. Today, divination and psychology can prove a fruitful combination through which astrology readings can serve people puzzled about how to live their lives.

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If you have a specific question to which you seek an answer, you may find Horary Astrology more helpful than a birth chart reading.

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Virgo approaches the physical universe as an obstacle to which one must adapt, a framework through which one can learn to be effective, and a reality that must be served. It approaches the social universe in the same way.

Robert Hand: Horoscope Symbols. Whitford Press, 1981.

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