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Detailed readings of birth charts reach the core of many life issues:

  • Sense of direction
  • Self-confidence
  • Communication misunderstandings
  • Conflict with parents (whatever your age!)
  • Blocks in creative expression
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Vocation/career
  • Addictions
  • Many others

Sometimes an insight is gained that resolves a long-term issue. More commonly, the astrologer supports the client in exploring more deeply matters that are of ongoing concern, and in living more creatively with issues that take time to heal.

Astrologers presuppose the existence of fate, but do not encourage a fatalistic approach to life. The map of the heavens at the moment of birth (the birth chart or horoscope), which astrologers set up prior to a natal chart consultation, may be seen as a divinatory tool from which may be discerned the part one is expected to play within the universal scheme or divine plan (call it what you will). Many of the painful situations we encounter in life are likely to be due to a failure to live according to this plan. It is often thought that the zodiac sign in which the Sun is placed in birthcharts says most about the person born at that time. Historically, astrologers believed that the sign rising at birth, and especially the planet that rules that sign, was thought to be more significant. If you have ever thought you and your sun sign disagree, it is likely that the ruler of the Ascendant in your horoscope is in a very different sign.

The Ascendant is the beginning of the 1st house of your chart. The chart has 12 houses, each of which signifies an area of life. Each house has a planet that rules it. Understanding the sign in which each house begins, and what the planet that rules that sign is doing in the horoscope, is central to the ability of astrologers to see how life may best be lived.

Astrologers, Astrology, Psychology and How to Live Your Life

To be truly psychological, astrologers must address the issues presented by the mind in ways that try to nurture the soul (psyche). Disturbing situations in life which the mind finds offensive are often signs that the soul is craving for attention. Astrology readings that support the psychology of the people who attend may therefore leave them supported in ways they don't expect. Ways of resolving conflict without addressing the soul's needs may provide a temporary salve, while the soul tries to find other ways of being heard.

But astrology is not just, or even primarily, about psychology. It can also show where difficulties are and how they can be avoided, or at least ameliorated. We can psychologise as much as we like about a certain area of life that is not going well, and it is often helpful to do so. But astrologers, by looking at the horoscope, can help even more, by showing what is avoidable and what is not, what the source of the difficulty is and where help may be at hand. Astrology can assist psychology, but it can also be very practical in a way that psychology cannot.

Horary astrology is a method that can be the most practical of all where you have a specific question to which you seek an answer. See Horary Astrologer for further information.

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