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career horoscope

career horoscope

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I have done a quick survey of free career horoscope reports available online, and the three I saw purport to give career advice based on Sun sign alone! It seems that in astrology, as in many areas of life, you get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing you get next to nothing.

The use of astrology to advise on career or professional prospects has a long history. The medieval astrologer studied the horoscope or birth chart in much more detail than is common amongst modern astrologers.

The texts for the career horoscope report I offer here have been written by Anthony Louis. The report analyses the birth chart in considerable depth. Here is a list of the interpretations you will get if you order this report. (Don't worry if it looks too technical - I simply want to show how much more there is than in the typical free career horoscope report):

The Ascendant and Cusps of the Vocational Houses:

Ascendant, Midheaven, Second House Cusp, Sixth House Cusp

Planets in Signs and Houses:

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn

The Three Outer Planets:

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

The Balance of Elements and Modalities - your psychological needs.

The Most Active Planets, Points, Signs and Houses - your dominant drives and desires.

The career horoscope is just one of four reports I offer. If you already know about the others and their prices (including half price offers) and wish to read no further then please proceed to order your career horoscope and any other astrology reports you require. Otherwise please see Astrology Reports for more information.

Anthony Louis writes an introduction to the report which you can read in full in any of the sample reports below. Here is a short extract:

This report interprets your birth chart from the point of view of career factors in the horoscope. The material is drawn from four sources: (1) the astrological literature, (2) Carl Jung's writings on psychological types, (3) scientific research on vocation and the planets (especially the work of French statistician Michel Gauquelin), and (4) the author's experience as an astrologer over many years.
This material is based on large statistical samples. Most people find that about 80% of the interpretations fit them closely whereas about 20% appear less applicable. If contradictory traits appear in the report, it is likely that both traits are aspects of your personality, but they are in conflict or vie with each other for expression. Astrology affords one of many perspectives on career potential. You should weigh the contents of this report with other sources of information such as your school record, job experience, vocational testing, your own sense of your likes and dislikes, and input from people who know you well. Astrology can guide you by suggesting options, but you alone have the ultimate responsibility to decide on a career path.

The Career Horoscope fee is (GBP) £14.90 or (USD) $23.80. However, for each report you order at the full price you can choose two more from any of the reports I offer, each at half price. The extra two may be for the same person or for other people. All reports carry a money-back guarantee*. Please see Astrology Reports for details of the other reports (Natal Chart Report and Child/Baby Horoscope) that I offer.

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