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compatibility horoscope

compatibility horoscope

The Compatibility Horoscope is one of four Astrology Reports available here.
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It's just brilliant. I did the interpretation for myself and my husband, Stan, and it hits the mark so accurately, it hurts. One day I'll tell you exactly how much this synastry program has done for our relationship. Jette Rybak

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Compatibility Horoscope love match analysis should always begin with an in-depth look at your individual birth chart. Astrology uses powerful methods to assess the compatibility between two people in a love relationship (or any other relationship), but the starting point should always be an assessment of the two lovers individually. Any difficulties that arise between two people can nearly always be traced back to differences in temperament, and such differences can be seen in the individual horoscopes.

I am delighted to offer this Compatibility Horoscope report, for which the text has been written by Adrian Duncan. The two column layout makes it easy to compare the two partners in the love match. As an example of the way this reports works, the Sun is first interpreted in each horoscope individually without reference to the other, the two texts appearing side by side. Only when that has been done are contacts between the Sun in one birth chart with the Sun, Moon and planets in the other birth chart interpreted.

Under the heading 'Your Soul Mate' the sign on the Descendant of each horoscope is interpreted, then aspects to the Descendant both within each chart and between the two are looked at. Each sign has a planet that rules it, and the report interprets that planet as showing what an individual seeks in another.

'Love and Sex' is another major heading, the focus being on Venus and Mars in each horoscope and between the two.

Adrian Duncan points out in his introduction to the report that difficult contacts between two horoscopes show compatibility as well as harmonious ones as far as a long-term love match are concerned. Compatibility is likely to be low if there are few contacts between the charts. 'Above all (he says) remember that if you have met and fallen for a person then that already shows compatibility, whatever your horoscope says. First listen to your heart, then use what you can learn from this report to improve on what you have.'

The Compatibility Horoscope is just one of four reports I offer. The others are the Natal Chart Report, the Career Horoscope and the Child/Baby Horoscope. You can read more about them here: Astrology Reports.

The cost of a Compatibility Horoscope report is (GBP) £14.90 or (USD) $23.80. However, I invite you to order, at the same time, a Natal Chart Report for either or both partners for (GBP) £7.45 or (USD) $11.90 each, which is half the usual price. All reports carry a money-back guarantee*.

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