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Prices: (Money back guarantee!*) Compatibility Horoscope: (GBP) £14.90 or (USD) $23.80. A Natal Chart Report report may be ordered for either or both partners at the same time for (GBP) £7.45 or (USD) $11.90 each - half the usual price

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*Money Back Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

1.) This guarantee applies to one report only per order.
2.) Your application must be made no more than 30 days after receipt of your report. I shall consider that you received the report on the day that I sent it.
3.) If your order was for more than one report and the reports in excess of one were supplied at a discount, the report for which you are claiming a refund will be considered to have been supplied at the discounted price.
4.) The refund will be made via Paypal via the transaction used to make your payment.