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The purpose of Gemini is to be one who gathers and conveys information. Gemini is to the human race as a whole what the nervous system (which Gemini rules) is to the body. If the body is in touch with a dangerous object, the nervous system carries a message to another part of the body which results in an impulse being generated which has the necessary effect of withdrawing that part of the body from the dangerous object. Or your senses may detect a pleasant fragrance coming from somewhere, a message signals that it might enhance your enjoyment of life if you move towards the source of the fragrance, and you might move towards it (especially if you have planets in Taurus in your birth chart - Taurus enjoys the physical pleasures of life!)

In order for the nervous system to be effective, it must be sensitive to many different types of stimuli, and this says something about the Gemini inclination. Gemini often takes an interest in many different things, in all sorts of information, so much so that it can fail to get an in depth knowledge of anything. Sometimes this is what is wanted - you can feed the information to others, and then they may be able to fit it into a pattern which is useful, even though it appears useless to you. You may be reading a book, and before you have finished it, be distracted by another book that takes your interest, and so never get to the bottom of what the first book was about. This can lead to criticism from others who value the virtues of persistence, but ultimately it may work toward the Gemini aim of providing as much information as possible to the collective in the hope that some of it may be of use somewhere.

Gemini is an air sign, and as such puts great value on the mind and its thinking function, to the extent that emotional experiences may be regarded as complications that are best avoided. Psychologically, air is attracted to water, but air finds the emotions difficult to deal with as they don't fit in with its concept of an ideal world. But emotions must be dealt with for the mind to be effective. Have you noticed how an emotional catharsis can clear the mind and help you think more effectively? This conflict may be apparent time and time again if you have significant planets (e.g. the Moon) in water signs in your birth chart. Compatibility issues may abound in love relationships. For instance, if the Moon is in Scorpio in your chart you will find yourself drawn towards emotionally complex situations, perhaps entanglements in relationships, which you have to live with at the same time as the Gemini in you is trying to be rational about them. Not an easy task, but the combination of emotional complexity and the ability to examine rationally what is going on can be a very fruitful one, can make you a deeper person, one who is sought out because of the experience you have.

The above is just a brief sketch of the sort of qualities Gemini should be aiming for. If you are experiencing difficulties on the way, the rest of your birth chart will indicate where these difficulties are, and a consultation would very likely provide clues as to how to deal with them. All aspects of our nature, as represented by the planets in signs and houses of our charts, need to be honoured and respected.

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This page indicates qualities you will have if the zodiac sign of Gemini is prominent, but not necessarily your Sun sign, in your birth chart. If Gemini is your ascendant or Moon sign or if Mercury is prominent these characteristics are likely to show.

The positions of, and relationships between, the planets in your birth chart will show the predispositions you have and how best to use them successfully in life in the world.

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