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Jupiter - the Sky's the Limit, just as well Saturn stops you!

Jupiter - the big planet that signifies something big, the desire to reach out beyond the limits we experience in ordinary life. It signifies, as does Sagittarius which it rules, religion, spirituality, philosophy, all the means by which we attempt to see our lives within a bigger framework to make sense of them. I once knew someone whose birth chart had Jupiter on the Ascendant, who gave out a real sense of being guru or spiritual guide to those she encountered. The trouble is, if Jupiter is that prominent in our charts, it can take us out of ourselves to such an extent that we lose touch with mundane reality, and even with common sense. Sometimes the minor aspects of living are considered unworthy of our attention (compare Pisces, which Jupiter also rules, with Virgo)!

In Greek myth, Zeus (Jupiter) was king of the Gods, always seeking a new adventure symbolised by his pursuit of ever new objects of desire, yet being married to Hera, a contractual arrangement that he experienced as a limitation. Hera was always jealous of Zeus' adventures, but she could never stop him. Paradoxically it is often the feeling of limitation that feeds the desire for new experiences - they are forbidden, hence more desirable. If you have an Jupiterian partner it may be best to lovingly let them be adventurous, for if they have no sense of being forbidden the broadening of their horizons, the likelihood of actual infidelity may be reduced.

Jupiter is associated with law and ethics as that which follows from a sense of the natural order of things. A strong sense of responsibility and justice flow from a belief in higher truth. Contrast this with Saturn, where a sense of responsibility is often imposed from without. Just think, if you have a strong moral code, does it stem from a love of justice (Jupiter) or from barely recognised parental injunctions (Saturn)? The latter is apt to masquerade as the former!

A well-placed Saturn in the horoscope can provide a healthy balance to an unrestrained Jupiter. Unlimited expansion is not conducive to a successful life in the world where we have to adjust to social reality. However, if Jupiter and Saturn are in conflict in the birth chart, we are likely to experience social restraint as a menacing set-back to our expansionist aims.

© Richard Hills

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Jupiter is the Ruler of Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and of Pisces Zodiac Sign