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capricorn man

capricorn man

Your Capricorn man (subject to other features in his horoscope) will be responsible, reliable and able safely to contain any emotional upheavals in your own life for which you want support. That will disappoint you if what you want is someone exciting who will sweep you off your feet into a fantasy world removed from the drudgery (if it is that) of your day to day existence. Of course, if it is what you want then you will be well satisfied. Maybe you are someone who needs that kind of practical realism since you frequently imagine the impossible and then equally frequently experience disappointment when the impossible, naturally, does not happen. This quality in a Capricorn man could be quite appealing to you in the long run if you have lacked a solid father-figure in your life who was able, with love, to contain and direct any enthusiasm exhibited by you that did not respect where the boundaries of the possible were.

The Capricorn man likes being the father-figure, and is normally a somewhat authoritarian one, which is not to say he cannot be benign and truly love you as well. If you have a strong independent streak which will not bend to any sign of authority then you will either have to learn how to adjust your requirements while honouring your need, or embrace a relationship with your man that is not too close.

The Capricorn man, especially if Capricorn is his Sun sign, can take a while to mature, so you may find the younger Capricorn man exhibits few of the qualities indicated above, having not yet developed an adult sense of responsibility. This is especially true if he had a weak father who could not direct the energies of an adolescent youth is such a way that his natural rebelliousness was fruitfully contained. Paradoxically you may, then, find yourself playing 'father' to your Capricorn man!

If your man has a Capricorn Moon or Ascendant, Capricorn qualities are likely to be more obvious to you than if Capricorn is his Sun sign. If he has the Moon or Ascendant in fire signs such as Aries or Sagittarius, then the characteristics of these signs may be more apparent to you than his Capricorn Sun sign, at least until you get to know him. If you know his Moon sign take a look at the relevant page below - I think you will see what I mean!

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