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pisces man

pisces man

If you feel the Pisces man you love is something of a mystery, then it may be because he has a problem firmly rooting himself in this world as it is, and you, being part of that world, are left wondering if he really sees you as you are. Until, that is, you find yourself in a situation in which compassionate support will be welcome, at which time he will either attend to you with great empathy (if you are fortunate), or fall into moodiness because you are less able to offer the support he feels he needs. That is the great dilemma for a Pisces man. He doesn't quite live in the real world, which is fine if he has a mature spirituality that can see beyond the mundane world at the same time as bringing his awareness down to enrich it, but is a liability if he is lost in dreamy fantasy and unable to come back to earth, leaving him like a victim needing your support, both practical and emotional, just to live from day to day.

Access to the spiritual dimension of life demands familiarity with feelings, and in a world that values the rational over and above other faculties this can be a challenge, especially for men who believe such familiarity implies an inappropriate softness, or who find the depth of the watery realm within them frightening. Such men may try to escape it by exhibiting a hard, bold determination and concise rationality that never, to the woman close to him, quite seems truly genuine. If you are all at sea yourself, such qualities may be what attracted you to your Pisces man in the first place, but you will soon find that they are not the real thing and your man does not give you the support you hoped for. Better, perhaps, to develop your own capacity for reason and for practical living, which will help to free the man you love to be more comfortable with his feelings. Emotional maturity on your part will help you to empathise with your man's fear of his own emotions, making it easier for him live comfortably with them - and with you.

If your man has a Pisces Moon or Ascendant, Pisces qualities are likely to be more obvious to you than if Pisces is his Sun sign. If he has the Moon or Ascendant in air signs such as Gemini or Aquarius, then the characteristics of these signs may be more apparent to you than his Pisces Sun sign, at least until you get to know him. If you know his Moon sign take a look at the relevant page below - I think you will see what I mean!

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