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Moon in Capricorn - Personality Traits

A Capricorn Moon suggests you learned to take responsibility at an early age when others were out having fun and games. You feel strongly but keep a hold on expressing your emotions because you learned early on that such freedom of expression was not welcome. Now you believe that showing your feelings is unseemly even amongst those close to you. Taking time off at home is difficult for Moon in Capricorn as there is, so it seems, always something to do, some duty to perform. If there is nothing to do you'll create something, or bring work home with you and confine yourself to the home office you've set up.

In your career you a likely to be ambitious, to be regarded as reliable, seeing it as your responsibility to see a task through to its conclusion. As a boss you expect the same sense of responsibility from others, but you may not notice it if those others need some inspiration to get them moving. For a Capricorn Moon it's just a question of duty, for them a vision of how the world will benefit from a job well done could be the motivating factor. Indeed your sense of duty could well lead you to live a life full of activities you do not want to do. You may even see that as a virtue, failing to recognise the joy given to the world by those who choose activities they enjoy and relish doing them.

Having the Moon in Capricorn, in your relationships too you may be seen as a solid rock that can be relied on to stay the course when all around you is falling apart. You may use responsibility towards your children as an excuse to stay in a marriage that has lost whatever joy it had, failing to recognise that children suffer when living with parents who do not get on with each other and may not know why they suffer or even that they are suffering - it just seems normal to them. You will teach your children to be self-sufficient and responsible, but find it hard to give them the warmth they need when life is tough. Your home may reflect your desire for security and stability, but you may eschew luxury, making do with essentials. Probably you will have a conventional lifestyle, seeing those with a more modern outlook as rather unusual while being a little jealous of their freedom to enjoy what you do not.

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