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pisces moon

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Moon in Pisces - Personality Traits

A Pisces Moon suggests your main concern in life is to dissolve the boundary that exists between yourself and all that is blissful, harmonious and divine. Life in the everyday world can be a struggle, and deciding how to live it, given that you do live in a skin and that it's not going to disappear this side of death, may be something you feel you shouldn't have to do. The pain that you feel when you experience that the wealth of your emotional life cannot be appropriately expressed in the world as it is may lead you to be very protective of your feelings, hiding them even from those closest to you. This can lead to depression which may be lifted by spending time with more cheerful companions.

Having a Pisces Moon you pick up easily the feelings of others, and this can lead you either to be even more protective of your own, or to have considerable empathy with them, to the point of doing anything you can to lift them out of their distress. Your ways of doing so may not be very practical, or, rather, they may appear to be practical and even be beneficial, but make you the victim of other people's needs. Then you may relinquish your sense of self and end up wondering 'who am I and what do I want in life?'. A Pisces Moon cannot be on call for others all the time without harm and you therefore need time alone in peace and quiet to redefine who you are and to separate out your own feelings from those of others. You have more to give when you can do so cheerfully, knowing what your own needs and wishes are and that you can make a space for them when overwhelmed by those of others.

Having a keen sense of beauty you may be a lover of art for its ability to lift you out of the concerns of daily life. So your home may have several beautiful objects in it, but it may not be very tidy, for you may feel tidiness is a materialistic concern that does not bother you.

Pisces is the most forgiving of signs, indeed you may forgive others without enquiring deeply enough what there is to forgive. This is not meant to imply you should set limits on your acceptance of others as they are. Rather, it is that you may be able to serve them better if you help them to identify where it is in their own lives that healing light is required.

If you are a mother with Moon in Pisces you may be very good at being there for your children in times of emotional need, giving them all the warmth and empathy they could hope for. You will be less inclined to provide a reliable structure into which to grow, or the discipline which is sometimes required. You may also have an extended family of stray animals, other people's children and needy neighbours who seek you out for a shoulder to cry on.

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