Planets in Astrology - What they Mean in your Birth Chart

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planets in astrology

planets in astrology

You are much more than your Sun Sign!

Planets in your birth chart? The emphasis on Sun signs in newspaper columns may lead many to think there is nothing else worth looking at. Think again! The Moon in your chart may be much more prominent than the Sun. Expressing what the Sun symbolises in your birth chart, which must be done in order to live a full life in the world, then becomes an issue. The Moon may be good for a comfortable feeling at home with family, but for making our way in the world the Sun is more important. Then consider also Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The positions of all these planets in the birth chart provide clues as to how best to live in the world, what issues we are likely to face and how best to deal with them.

The planets have been likened to actors on a stage. In the drama they are performing some actors may help others, some may hinder others. So it is with the planets in our birth charts. Each is like a centre of energy which blends in different ways with the other centres. The task of the astrologer is to help the client find ways to encourage those planets which might be hiding from stronger forces, and to temper those which might be attempting to take over the whole horoscope.

Here is a page for each planet, describing its characteristics from an astrological point of view.

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