Astrology Reports: Two types of Natal Chart Report, and Career and Child Horoscopes

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Order your Reports Here

A personal consultation with an astrologer is usually the best way to gain an understanding of your birth chart, with the potential for greater self-knowledge and guidance as to how best to live your life. Astrology reports such as the ones I am offering do not have the benefit of live interaction between you and the astrologer, through which indications in the birth chart may be applied directly to your present circumstances. However, in a personal consultation the particular issues in your life which concern you at the present time may lead to such a focus on particular features of your birth chart that other valuable ones get overlooked.

Any of the reports I offer here may touch on a particular issue, providing an insight you hadn't expected.

The text of these reports is not seamless. Rather, it consists of portions of text, each interpreting a particular feature of your birth chart, put together in a logical sequence. It is in the very nature of this method that some portions of text may contradict others. For instance, if your Ascendant is Capricorn and your Moon is in Aries, this indicates two contrasting aspects to your temperament, one seeking physical security and the other disdaining it. Consider carefully and you will recognise both within yourself. Other parts of the report may guide you in dealing with the tension.

I offer four different astrology reports:

1.) Natal Chart Report

I have written the texts that make up this report myself. My aim in writing them has been to analyse the temperamental and personality traits your natal chart reveals, and indicate how these may be incorporated into your life in such a way that they assist rather than inhibit personal fulfilment.

See Sample Reports and Prices.

For further information about this report please see Natal Chart Report

More details:
Natal Chart Report

2.) Classical Astrology Report

Your natal chart as it might have been interpreted by the great masters of the Twentieth Century, including Alan Leo and Charles Carter, using quotations from their writings. These are the precursors of modern psychological astrology, and their interpretations tend to be somewhat more blunt than is the general rule nowadays.

See Sample Reports and Prices.

For further information about this report please see Classical Astrology Report

3.) Career Horoscope

This is a birth chart report which aims to give career guidance, written by Anthony Louis. It is, of course, particularly suitable if you are wondering what career to pursue, or if you are dissatisfied with your current career and want ideas for a new one. It may also help if you simply have spare time on your hands and want to know how to make good use of it. I am offering this report as I am impressed with its range and depth. The range may seem too large at times - numerous career possibilities are mentioned and, as indicated above, some may contradict others. I believe the best way to read this report is in a meditative state, being open to the possibility that it may speak to you, that something in it will resonate deep within you, setting you on the path to your true vocation.

See Sample Reports and Prices.

For further information about this report please see Career Horoscope

More details:
Career Horoscope

4.) Child/Baby Horoscope

This is a child's birth chart report, written by Marise Payne, aimed at the child's parents or others responsible for the child. This is a carefully written but very readable report which will guide you as to particular needs your child is likely to have and what you can do to meet them. Adults may also find this report helpful for their own birth charts - after all, we all have the child within us! Since August 2010 an improved version of this report has been available, and I am happy to offer this at no extra cost. The sample reports below have been updated to the new version.

See Sample Reports and Prices.

For further information about this report please see Child/Baby Horoscope

Please note that none of these reports is a ‘forecast’. There is no guidance as to particular issues that may be in your life at the present time, nor any predictions as to what may happen in the future. I do not know of any forecasting software comprehensive enough to enable analysis of the birth chart to the depth required to produce an acceptable forecast report. Examples of forecast reports I have seen are, in my view, unsatisfactory, and I have therefore decided not to offer them.

Sample Reports here

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The cost of one report is (GBP) £14.90 or (USD) $23.80. For each report you order at full price you can order two more at the same time for half price: (GBP) £7.45 or (USD) $11.90 each. The additional reports may be for the same person or for other people. All reports carry a money-back guarantee*.

Your total costs will be:

One Report
(GBP) £14.90 or (USD) $23.80
Two Reports (on the same order)
(GBP) £22.35 or (USD) $35.70
Three Reports (on the same order)
(GBP) £29.80 or (USD) $47.60

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You will be asked to give the date, time and place of birth of the person or persons for whom you wish to order reports. The accuracy of these reports is sensitive to birth time so please state the time as accurately as possible. If you do not know the time the order form allows you to state this. In this case I will follow the common practice of setting the chart for sunrise, but please be aware that the report will not be as accurate, though should still be helpful. If you have a specific question to which you seek an answer, then Horary may help you as birth data is not necessarily required.

Your reports will be prepared in PDF format for which you will need the free Adobe reader available here if you do not already have it. If you prefer a different format you can request it on the order form.

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