Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Characteristic Personality Traits Profile

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sagittarius zodiac sign

sagittarius zodiac sign

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This profile indicates personality traits you will have if the zodiac sign of Sagittarius is prominent, but not necessarily your Sun sign, in your birth chart. If Sagittarius is your ascendant or Moon sign or if Jupiter is prominent these characteristics are likely to show.

The positions of, and relationships between, the planets in your birth chart will show the predispositions you have and how best to use them successfully in life in the world.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign - Basics:

Element: Fire, Quality: Mutable, Ruler: Jupiter.

Characteristic traits

Sagittarius strives for what is beyond day to day human experience, whether it travel to distant lands, broadening knowledge by education or by exploring the spiritual dimension of life.


Sagittarius may look with disdain on those at home with earthy daily existence. If they consider themselves 'evolved' (ask them what that word means) may despise those who are not, or will attempt to educate them in spiritual matters and turn them into second-hand Sagittarians (advice to victims: stay true to yourselves).

A word of advice

If lost in the clouds come back to earth for a while, bringing any worthwhile experience with you to give meaning to everyday life. Don't use your spiritual aptitude as an excuse to avoid self-knowledge - you may be a danger to ordinary mortals attracted by your charisma.


As a Sagittarius your ideal mate won't mind at all if you say 'goodbye darling, I'm off exploring the Himalayas for a year, stay at home and look after the family'. In reality you might have to be more subtle than that! Being true to yourself includes care for someone you truly love. See Sagittarius Man or Sagittarius Woman for hints about your Sagittarius partner

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Sagittarius Star Sign - a Deeper Look

Sagittarius witnesses to the importance of deriving meaning from experience. From experience, that is, not from books, though reading the thoughts and searches for meaning of others can help in the quest. Consider the symbol or glyph for Sagittarius - a centaur. The rear half is that of a horse and the front half that of a human. The horse symbolises animal instinct - it isn't the rear half for nothing! The human symbolises the search for that which lies beyond animal instinct. The two are always together - meaning, philosophy, religion, are divorced from instinct at their peril. Then you get the philosophers and preachers who exhibit great powers of mind but cannot touch the heart.

Sagittarius follows Scorpio in the zodiac, and if there are significant planets in Scorpio in your chart, or if Scorpio is your Rising sign, or if Pluto (the co-ruler of Scorpio) is strongly placed, then you will know all about the necessity to live fully at the level of experience.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and like the other fire signs, Aries and Leo, needs freedom of movement. This need is particularly highlighted in Sagittarius by its emergence from the intensity of Scorpio. Sometimes the search for meaning out of experience manifests as an escape from a sultry swamp into more spacious territory! Travel is one traditional Sagittarian way of broadening one's horizons. If you are close to someone whose chart is strong in Sagittarian energy and wish him or her to remain faithful, then you are more likely to retain compatibility if you recognise this need to escape at regular intervals.

Significant planets, e.g. the Moon or Venus, in Capricorn in your chart would indicate that you are frequently drawn towards situations which you may find limiting in a way you experience as alien. Love relationships may be scenarios in which you feel restricted from living life to the full, with the freedom you may feel is appropriate to you. But such features in your chart would show that some part of your nature longs for containment of some kind, even the freedom to live life within safe boundaries for a time.

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