Child Horoscope for Britney Spears


This Child Horoscope is provided as an illustration of the kind of report you can expect if you order one for yourself. There is no intention to cast any aspersions on the character of the subject of this report.

Britney Spears
02 December 2022  01:30:00
McComb, Mississippi
Time Zone: 06:00 (CST)
Longitude: 090° W 27' 11"
Latitude: 31° N 14' 37"


This is an Astro-Analysis based on the exact time, date, and place of birth calculated on the details supplied.

It is not intended to predict a budding mega-star or a future world leader - the objective is to provide some insights into the psyche of Britney to give everyone concerned a better chance of understanding, and hopefully helping this special child through the difficult growing times that they will face.

The astrological Chart is a little like a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of a picture to follow. Some pieces are easy to recognise and they fit together beautifully. Another batch might fit well - but seem unrelated to the first "batch". Several straggly bits probably seem to belong to another world altogether, but that is the human psyche. The depths are immeasurable with many, many forms, faces, and dimensions.

Any Astrological chart will have seemingly several contradictions - again - just like human nature and our psychological make-up. But these apparent differences are all shades, shapes, and forms of the full picture. These "contradictions" should be seen as a balancing factor, knocking some of the edges off our sharp corners or, sharpening up the "softness" in the areas defined.

It should also be recognised that all of us have our own very personal lessons to learn in this life and these lessons unfold throughout the span of our entire life on earth. The learning experiences will not be systematic - they will be random episodes and experiences. Some interpretations of this Chart will give a glimpse of these very personal lessons that are an obvious part of this little one's character. Others may be so private or subtle that the child "learns" all by itself. And then there will be further lessons that will not have emerged or even seem significant yet.

It is hoped that the brief explanations throughout this analysis will help to explain the meanings and terminology of basic Astrology to give as much understanding as possible.

The two most valuable things that we can give to any child are our unconditional love and our time.


The following passages give a comprehensive summary of the character traits of this child and a brief description of each section explains the specifics. It has been kept simple deliberately because, as mentioned in the introduction, Astrology is a complex subject, and the intention is to clarify, not confuse.

Included are:

The Sun/Moon sign combination

The Ascendant, when the birth time is known

The Sun, Moon and planets in the Signs and, when the birth time is known, the Houses

The major aspects

The Balance of the Elements and Modalities

The strongest Signs, Houses and Planets

Nothing is quite like having a Chart done on a "one-to-one" basis, but this enormous electronic age has opened the way for anyone who is interested to have a closer look at this ancient science and benefit from its wisdom.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius

The "SUN SIGN" is the one part of the Astrological Chart that most people know. It is the inner core that drives and motivates us. It is our own true light. When we read and discuss our Sun signs we can easily recognise bits that fit, and maybe, question bits that do not seem to apply. The contrast noted is often related to the power of the other luminary - the Moon.
The Moon is our instinctive response. It reflects our earliest conditioning. The Moon governs our emotional responses, - our likes and dislikes - our innate sensitivities. Often the Moon sign is related to the maternal influence, or perhaps, the general home environment.
Both the Sun and the Moon are the two major players. When in a very different sign this does complicate the projected personality. This can be an essential but difficult learning curve that can be confusing for all concerned. Our Sun can try so hard to shine only to feel over-shadowed by a powerful, or competitive, Moon. Some of us will need to learn to accept and understand our emotional conditioning and allow the Sun the right to burst through, combining both strengths in a positive way.
This combination attempts to tie together both of these very significant forces and come up with a sharper, more focused picture.
Some signs are very compatible - others compete.

A combination of Fire and Air suggests a charismatic individual who will be a little like an electrical storm - spectacular, awesome and full of surprises. Britney will be full of confidence, the communication skills lively and clever, and capable of being highly persuasive. This is a real live-wire, constantly charged. However, life can be a little like a hot-air balloon ride, too - carried away at the mercy of the elements with little in the way of perspective or boundaries. These kids can be bombastic and insensitive to others. The nature is restless and dogmatic. Accepting commitment can be difficult; finishing off the bright ideas that flood the mind can be a struggle; practicality can be a difficult lesson to learn. Britney can become too much of an opportunist and, like the rolling stone, gather up a whole lot of experiences throughout life, but little in the way of tangible rewards.

Britney has the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius making for a truly independent child. The nature is warm and friendly, but this is a freedom freak. The sense of adventure will start from the moment of birth almost. Variety is the spice of life. Friends and interests can be short-lived because this child will struggle with commitment.

This vivid little character will have a clever way with words that will win over anyone. Britney can capture an audience's interest in no time at all, which is why this combination is most helpful for a politician or such. The dreams and the visions that are built, whilst rather utopian, can be sold convincingly. Up on a soapbox this kid can rule the world. Britney will seem to know what people want to hear and will deliver the message with expertise and conviction.

Britney is also very much a humanitarian who will go out fighting for the underdog. This is the sort of kid that will lead the revolution. However, the "fight" will be for a cause rather than a "one on one" personal grievance. This child is interested in the big picture. And there is a restless side to the nature as well. Britney can be passionate about an agenda one day and then lose interest completely the next. Britney will be a progressive thinker who can draw on the past, but leans towards the future. The search for truth begins early, and by maturity, Britney will have a philosophical outlook that becomes a tool to teach and enlighten others. This budding evangelist has the hallmarks of a fine teacher.

Britney is the sort of kid that leaves a lasting impression. There is something special in the nature that is so genuine and so brutally honest and up front. The grass, however, will seldom have a chance to grow under the feet of this restless spirit.

Britney combines the Moon in Aquarius with a Libra Ascendant so will be a very sociable and high-spirited child. Britney will be the life and soul of the party, but will not be as devoted as it may seem. There is a need to be involved, but without the responsibility of feeling totally committed. Friends can change frequently. Socially, Britney prefers not to put all the eggs in one basket.

These kids are easily bored and easily distracted. When under pressure they can be argumentative and quite awkward. The natural defence is to question the rules and question the person who is administering the rules. When in this sort of mood, Britney will take a dogmatic, superior stance, and will not give in easily. The stubborn and awkward side of the nature will emerge full blast in a heavy situation. The reasoning power is clever which makes it difficult to argue with this child.

Almost everyone with the Libra Ascendant is rather vain. This combination is no different. However, the taste will be dynamic and different. Britney is likely to be a trend-setter rather than a dedicated follower of fashion. This is a creative combination, but the result will lean towards the outrageous. Britney will love to shock, to knock the socks off the locals by leading the fashion stakes. However, that is not to say that it will be bad taste - just different. This is a unique kid, with unique ideas - with the sort of ego that enjoys standing out in a crowd.

The Aquarian Moon can suggest that the maternal figure is not your conventional "Mum". Often this can indicate a young Mother, or one who has rather different views, with a lifestyle that is not organised and regular. This person could be rebelling against the conventional, perhaps struggling to project authority, and so treats Britney as an equal and a friend rather than as a dependant. Alternatively, the maternal influence could be radical, highly intelligent and thus, be advanced and quite different. Britney could be respected as a mini-adult rather than as a dependant child. Britney could learn from infancy to get on with life and not fuss too much. Britney will come to identify naturally with conditions of equality.

Libra Ascendant

The Ascendant is the exact degree in the zodiac, which was rising on the horizon at the time of birth. The term Ascendant and Rising sign are the same. Every 4 minutes the degree of the Ascendant changes. This is why it is so important to know the exact time of birth. This is the starting point of the astrological wheel and defines the signs on each house cusp in an anti-clockwise direction.
The actual houses and their meanings are just as important as the signs on the cusp. The sign of the Ascendant is as important as the Sun sign, and its effects are often more obvious to other people. The Ascendant represents how the personality appears to others. Each sign has its own potential strengths, which should be developed, and weaknesses, which should be minimised through understanding.
Britney may run into problems if the rising sign is quite different in nature from the Sun sign. There will be conflict between an element of the inner self and the projected image. So, if any recurring social problems do occur, it is necessary to look within.
The Ascendant in the chart is very important. It indicates the ways in which we interact with the world around us, the energies we put out, and the energies we receive from others.
Aspects to the Ascendant indicate what kinds of interaction we experience with others, the impressions we make on people, and the areas of our life that most involve other people. Often these aspects tell us about ourselves.

The Ascendant or Rising sign of this chart for Britney is in the sign of Libra - the peacemaker, the arbitrator - the diplomatic. These kids are very sociable, gracious, and compatible. Libra the scales leans towards balance and judgement. These types will always see both sides of the story. Their conclusions will always be fair, although these kids do tend to say what "others wants to hear", rather than what they do actually think. These little diplomats hate to offend. They hate to cause ripples. Many political leaders have Libra rising, so do not be fooled - these kids strive to win - but nicely! Friendships and relationships and other people are of great importance, in fact, Britney may not like to be alone for any length of time.

Because of a real concern about getting along with people and being accepted, Britney will take the trouble to learn how. So, these kids will never be short of friends. In many ways they often get their own way, but instead of using force to persuade people, they use charm. Even in a sticky situation, Britney can get out of it by finding the right words, instinctively knowing how to calm ruffled feathers. This child will seldom truly offend anyone, which is just as well. These kids will not enjoy any sort of unpleasantness. It upsets them badly. This agreeable child, though, must learn to be sure not to compromise too much. Britney may need to learn to be more forthright, to not be afraid to speak out and oppose on important issues. Many people with Libra rising actually become quite competitive, once they have got over the stage of being so accommodating. So, Britney can learn to be a bit "tougher".

Even in the area of visual effect, there is repugnance with ugliness. These people will try improving by camouflage or adding their own bit of beauty. In this same spirit, Britney will like beautiful clothes or even flashy gear, although some element in the taste usually prevents these kids from dressing too gaudily. Obviously, the choice is to be surrounded by beautiful things. The expensive taste for art, music, and literature can emerge at quite a young age.

The home environment probably seems to run like clockwork to this child with the Libra Ascendant. Certainly, the parents, or at least one parent, will work very hard for what they get. Their practical approach will ensure that the family wants for none of the essentials. The Mother figure is probably very well organised. It is likely that she will have a career or at least lead a very busy life. This little one should want for nothing major, but would probably love a few more frills and luxuries than what they get. In fact, Britney may feel hard done by because the parents are not extravagant. But these children should feel loved and cared for. They will break their necks to grow up though, to be able to buy all those luxurious things that they will love so much.

Venus, the Planet of love and possessions and artistic ability is the Ruling Planet of this Chart for Britney, which will be an essential part of the personality. Pay special attention to the House in which Venus falls, as this is where the charm of Venus will flourish.

Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun in the Chart is our personal light. It is our vitality, our creativity, and our basic ego. It is the Sun that provokes and promotes emotional security. The Sun represents our individuality. Within the Sun sign is our reason for being, our sense of pride, and our confidence. This is the basis of the search for the real person within. The sign occupied by the Sun at birth describes the nature of these basic drives and patterns. It describes the desire to be important to the people that matter and the ability to be independent and self-reliant. It will give us an indication of the methods used to develop psychologically.
The House will describe the areas of life that will be important and play a major role in our lives. It is here that we have the tools and the gifts to use as they were intended. But we may have to learn some vital lessons before this happens.
Much more is revealed by the aspects to the Sun. Positive aspects (trines, conjunctions or sextiles) are good indicators of self-reliance, confidence and the ability to stand on one's own two feet. The difficult aspects (squares, oppositions, and inconjunctions) will suggest psychological problems which can have a profound effect on life. However, learning to deal with these difficulties ultimately produces strength and understanding of the self. The rewards of working through these problems are great. The efforts will be productive. Sure, work is needed, but it is worth the effort. However, whenever the planet, Saturn, brushes up against the Sun, it will suppress and depress the energy of the most exuberant Sun sign.
The Sun is the "self", the "life path", the "true" personality behind all the facades and defences we all put up.
The child will start to grow into the Sun sign during adolescence which can be another reason why these years can be so dramatic and traumatic - this is just another set of growing pains that we all have to endure. The actual Sun sign is often not fully developed until nearer 30 years of age, but the inner spirit will emerge and glimpses will be seen throughout the growing years.

Britney has the Sun in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius Sun child is enthusiastic, optimistic, and mischievous with a huge, bursting personality. These kids are very spontaneous in everything they do and say. They can be very blunt and to the point. They have a good sense of balance which is just as well, because at least one foot often ends up in the mouth. But offence is never intended. These kids are just in too much of a hurry, and the natural exuberance will get them through any sticky moments quite easily. With such a ready grin, it is hard to stay mad for long at this kid. Britney will be exceptionally truthful so will tell you as it is, without frills.

Britney will enjoy the outdoors, the wide-open countryside, the mountains, and the sea. These kids love animals and all sorts of people. The curiosity that fires this child is quite universal. This is the true free spirit. These kids prefer to be as free as the breeze both physically and mentally. Nothing dampens them more than being confined or restricted. If they have to be stuck indoors, they will want to get a gang of friends in and play "dressing up", or "go camping" in the garage or in the hall. As long as these kids are stretching their minds and imaginations, they are content. The little girl Sagittarius can be a bit of a tomboy.

Britney will take a few risks. These kids can be quite careless. They do not let fear get in the way of their adventures. This can also be a very competitive sports person. There is a whole lot of ability to do very well in team sports or activities because not only is this one a natural athlete but also a great motivator. Britney will also be quite happy to stand on the sidelines cheering on the rest of the squad. These kids have a great sense of fair play and will put every effort into the "team". If anyone is going to question the rules, it could well be the Sagittarius child.

These kids love to learn and love to share what they have learned. That is their main objective of learning - passing on their knowledge. In many ways, the sign of the Archer is an intellectual Robin Hood. They will glean every ounce of knowledge from anywhere simply to pass it on to the less informed. The Sagittarian child just loves life, and everyone loves the Sagittarian character.

If there are several planets in the signs just before or after Sagittarius (Capricorn or Scorpio), this character will be a little more subdued and serious.

Sun in Sagittarius, Sun in the Third House

The Sun in the 3rd House at the time of birth is all about learning skills and communications.  Self expression is the driving force. It also concerns the local environment and neighbourhood. This is emphasised even more if the little planet Mercury is in close proximity.

Britney has the Sun in Sagittarius in the 3rd house, which shows strong and powerful communication skills. There is a gift for saying the right thing at the right time that makes others sit up and listen. This ability is effective and will be a natural source of pride to this child. Britney will know that this is a very powerful asset.

These kids love to learn. The mind is quick and agile. It absorbs facts and figures and dates easily. Britney will just soak up information like a sponge. Often it is the controversial subjects that will fascinate this child, especially with maturity. They can get hooked into politics, religion or philosophy, often challenging the accepted norm. These types look at the bigger picture, seldom bothering with trivia. They are usually, however, well organised. These are the types that can make long term plans and see them through. But Britney has to be totally interested to take any topics seriously and will simply switch off if forced to engage in something that does not appeal. As soon as it all becomes tedious, the defiant streak will emerge. In many ways, these kids need the approval of the parents, so discussing the problems will show that you are genuinely interested in what Britney is up to. And this could be what has fired up Britney in the first place, stirring a restless desire to know.

Britney will chatter away to all and everyone and will be a popular source of information - and perhaps gossip - your own included. Be aware of curious little ears if you are discussing anything private, confidential, or embarrassing. This child does not classify its information or its audience. As long as someone is listening, this little chatterbox will give all the details and more to make a good story better. And if it just happens to be controversial, then that makes it all the better. This little one can cause a few arguments, especially in the home, but family is very important. There will always be a close family connection even if there is some sibling rivalry. These kids like to think that they rule the roost. They like to think they know more than anyone else in the whole wide world, so feel well equipped to act and speak for the family at large. This is the way that Britney "looks after" loved ones. And this is actually a generous soul who will have strong protective instincts towards loved ones.

There will have to be lots of books, games, and any other current learning tools on hand to keep this child happy. To sit and do nothing is the cruellest fate imaginable. Britney will also love scooting around the neighbourhood by any means possible. This will be a teenager who will be the first on the block to own a "set of wheels" - to be free to roam an even wider circle. There could be an attraction to speed and thrills. These kids know little fear and like to have a go at anything. Britney could be very interested in all modes of transport. Certainly the taste for travel will emerge as life unfolds. Britney will want to set off and explore the exotic lands of faraway.

The Sun in the 3rd House child will always have a wide circle of friends. No one will be a stranger for long as far as Britney is concerned. The communication skills being so exceptional, these kids can find a common denominator with anyone at all.  This will usually be the spokesperson within any group, and it is group activity where these kids feel good. However, they do like to be in control.

Britney will always have an affinity with children, which suggests a gift for teaching later in life. In many ways the Sun in this house retains a youthful exuberance all through life.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon is our instinctive, emotional response. It is the innermost feelings and sensitivities that stem from the subconscious. Our Moon will always be our natural reaction when our defences are down. The Moon reflects our early conditioning, our habits, and the automatic responses that come from our early environment. Often all of this relates directly to the "Mother" figure. It is perhaps the "child" in all of us.
In reading a child's chart, the Moon, in the house, the sign and the aspects, needs to be given special understanding. These are the indications on where Britney could need special attention very early, to cope with feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence, or a low self-esteem. Recognising these needs, and working through them, will help to produce a secure and confident adult.
The Moon often reflects the "Mother figure" in our lives, which is consequently why the Moon figures so strongly in a child's chart. The placement of the Moon often describes the relationship with the Mother, which is why the "Mother" is mentioned in many areas of the Moon explanations.
The Moon sign is the more noticeable personality trait in the formative years. We tend to "grow into our Sun sign as we develop and become the person we were meant to be. The Moon in the Chart signifies the unconscious attitudes and feelings and whether or not we feel supported and accepted. It is also the accumulated attitude reflected by our own past and the historical past. The Moon will echo values and instincts that are picked up from our early environmental experiences.
This luminary is the most important factor after the influences of the Sun and the Ascendant. It describes how we express our emotions and how well we deal with them. In some cases, the ever-important Sun can put up some defences against the Moon. When very different, we can struggle to assimilate our emotions and our reason. Like the other planets, the Moon has strong and weak points in any sign, and we should try to develop the strong points. If the Moon is in compatible company, we will express our emotions very easily and we will be sensitive to other people's needs and feelings. With competition, the Moon can mean that there can be difficulty letting our feelings flow. The Moon and the Ascendant can be of an awkward mix, making the projected personality, and how we actually feel inside, quite different. But, this is all a part of the character and we are well able to bind the differences and round off the disposition.
The Moon and the emotional problems it produces can sound negative but this is not so. This is a beautiful and fundamental part of our deepest psyche that we must all accept and use to its fullest advantage.

Britney was born with the Moon in Aquarius, and is a child who has dozens of friends and mixes in very well with others. However, although these kids genuinely enjoy all their friends and have no trouble at all attracting all the company that they want, they can be quite aloof and quite remote. They almost have an invisible circle around them that marks a private and sacred place where no one is allowed to go. That is "their" space. They will love group activities, but will like to leave the door open just in case they want to leave. Britney will be highly independent and demand a sense of freedom. In fact, any sort of restriction brings out the crankiness in this child. To feel as free as the breeze comes natural to the child with the high-flying Aquarius Moon.

This kid will have some difficulty with emotional outbursts - they simply do not do "emotional" that well. They will respond far better to a good logical reprimand that gives them a new angle and an objective view to think about. But a screaming match will just fall on deaf ears. Of course, Britney does need to learn a bit about the emotional side. This child will need to know that it is OK for the feelings to get out of control at times, but the natural reaction is cool logic. As these kids get older though, they will rationalise their own emotions and be quite open about what makes them tick. Again, logic rules.

Deep down, these kids do need to be praised and told how good and clever they are. They will seem to be so independent and so distant that it may seem that they do not need much encouragement. But they do.

This child with the Aquarius Moon is very stubborn. If they are forced to do anything that they do not want to do, they will dig their heels in. They can be very argumentative and will often toss in a provocative remark just to divert the attention. And then they will walk off leaving everyone else arguing about something that was never important anyway.

Britney will love to try new things and will experiment. These kids like to taste adventure and follow a natural curiosity. There will be a rebellious streak that will be hard to miss. Above all, Britney will work very hard to be "different". These youngsters are original, they like to stand out in a crowd, and they like to buck the system. They like to make a statement that is not just heard - it shrieks. They will love computers, modern technology and all the scientific objects that they can find. Britney will enjoy science fiction as much as science fact.

And there is a humanitarian here. Britney is one that could well bring home waifs and strays that need care, which includes animals as well as people. These kids will be likely to give away all that they have to someone whom they feel "needs" it more than they do. And their timing may not be all that good, because they are very spontaneous. Britney could give away the grocery money when that is all the money left to spare that week, because someone was "more hungry". This independent child really does care.

Moon in Aquarius, Moon in the Fifth House

Children with the Moon in Aquarius in the 5th House will express themselves through their feelings, and those feelings are strong and vigorous. These kids love to have fun. They like to entertain and they like to be entertained. They want to be in charge, rule the roost, and be on show. Britney will enjoy stories, television, and computer games - in fact, anything that stretches the imagination. This child will become totally engrossed in anything that they do - they will "be there", one hundred per cent. They will "live" what they are experiencing. But if these kids are not interested, they will switch off. Try to encourage using the imagination in a creative way. Mostly though, Britney needs to be noticed and made to feel very special. This is a magnanimous personality that needs to be heard and admired. If ignored, this child will become angry and aggressive and will probably head off towards company that does take notice of them. Britney may not be warm and cuddly, but will need to feel plenty of emotional and physical contact to feel whole. This whimsical kid wants to be involved and wants to interact.

This little one has few inner secrets. These kids will tell you exactly how they feel, and why. They want you to know. Later in life, in relationships, these people are the same. It is all or nothing. This is a romantic, but also an idealist. Britney will have very strong likes and dislikes and will never pretend for the sake of keeping the peace. The natural reaction is to put all the cards on the table and discuss all of the deepest feelings and issues. Being secretive is not a trait of this placement. However, these kids can be possessive and demanding. They can be officious and bossy. They know what they want and that is exactly what they expect to get. They can also flit from one source of interest to another. As an adult, it can be rather difficult pinning Britney down. Curiosity and boredom can be the enemy that makes relationships difficult for Britney. Ennui can result in a packed bag and a moonlight flit with no explanation.

These children can take a few risks because they like a bit of excitement, but often do not stop to think through the consequences. They get carried away with the anticipation, the adrenaline rush, and can be quite reckless at times. Britney will be impetuous and impatient. As an adult, Britney could be a gambler. Joining sports groups or the like can utilise the competitive streak, initiate a sense of responsibility, and run off a bit of that mental energy as well.

Britney can be one of the social butterflies. These kids are entertaining and also creative and artistic with a touch of the dramatic. The aim is to look the best, be the best, and be recognised as the best. Britney can be easily flattered.

With maturity, there will be an affinity with younger children. These people will enjoy taking care of smaller ones and the younger children will always look up to and respect this person. In many ways, the 5th house Moon never grows old.

Mercury in Sagittarius

The little planet Mercury is the mythical Messenger of the Gods.  This planet is never far away from the Sun, often falling in the same sign at the time of birth, so it does tend to add emphasis to our Sun Sign.  Even when Mercury is in the sign before or after the Sun, this is always considered a very personal planet.
Through Mercury, we learn all the basics in life.  It indicates how we communicate, because it is here where we begin to watch and copy the rest of the family.  This is the very beginning of questions and curiosity that fires up and fuels the learning process.  From that point, we move on to recognising the senses, and so our personal tastes and style develops.  We learn how to exchange ideas and show how clever we are. We start to question and analyse.  We learn to reason and classify what we have absorbed and then stretch for more information.
Mercury is our first experience of moving out into the world beyond the back yard, armed with all that we have learned.  Through this planet, our flexibility and dexterity is revealed.  This planet covers the intellectual stimuli but it also has a say in how clever we are with our hands and how well balanced we are physically.
Mercury is also associated with the nervous system.  This is a busy little planet at the best of times, and responsible for a big part of our intrinsic character.  When put under too much pressure, the nervous system buckles.  Mercury is indicative of our sense of humour, the body language we exude, and our powers of expression.  This is the planet of logic and reason.  So, Mercury is indeed a very important planet.  It might be tiny, but it is very potent.

This child with Mercury in Sagittarius has a mind that is very curious, independent, versatile and impulsive. These kids are direct, and also argumentative. They are not afraid to challenge. Britney will ask lots of questions and will want to know the complete answer to every question. Easy answers will not satisfy this inquiring mind. Be warned, there are likely to be some deep and complex subjects that will be aired, too. Often their interests will lean towards the bigger issues rather than the usual. Britney will not ply you with the everyday or the mundane questions that all other kids ask.

There will be an interest in universal subjects. Britney will want to understand the patterns of the world in general. Everything seems to interest these little people - philosophy, psychology, foreign cultures, or religion. This natural curiosity will be beneficial in school if this child can learn to find some discipline and take as much interest in minor details as they do in the whole picture. Being so impatient can result in disappointing results when it comes to the crunch. There is a strong need to learn to work and think things through more patiently - to take more care. An open learning environment will best suit the needs of this mentally agile child.

Britney can lack a tolerance for the views of others. There is natural tendency to say exactly what is on their mind with little concern for fact or reality. These kids are often downright blunt and good at jumping to conclusions, but they seldom mean to offend. Their natural instinct seems to be to "think" with the vocal chords, before actually thinking things through. It is just as well that Mercury in Sagittarius is physically agile because these kids do spend a lot of time with at least one foot in the mouth. Tact and diplomacy will need to be learned.

A wonderful imagination in this child will make for a natural storyteller. However, watch for the tendency of improving on the truth. Britney will like to make a good tale even better, and with such an expressive wit, this child can tell a grandiose version of a modest account. This budding little raconteur will be highly amusing collecting a clever collection of memorable "one liners". The sense of humour is indeed smart.

Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius helps the understanding, and provokes an interest in the difficult and deeper subjects. These youngsters love to test new ground and new theories, so they will pick up the challenge even when the topic is abstract and difficult to define. The mere fact that it is "difficult" will fascinate Britney. Every new idea will be taken as a chance to grow and expand the mind. However, be aware that this clever kid can be rather forgetful, too, in the irrepressible urge to move on to the next adventure.

Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury in the Third House

With the planet Mercury in Sagittarius in the 3rd House, Britney will be a witty and clever little soul, especially in the use of words. There will be an abundance of curiosity, so there will be loads of questions - these children will like to know what is going on, where, and why. This will probably be the one child that all the neighbours know and Britney will know all about the neighbours. And consider this as a fair warning - the neighbours could learn all about you from this friendly little chatterbox, too. This imaginative kid will not miss a beat and will be quite capable of bending the truth to make a good story better. A bit of juicy gossip will fascinate Britney.

Britney must be encouraged to use this natural talent for communication in some way. Writing skills will be expansive, clever and original. There will be a real gift of words and expression that can be put to good use. This should be nurtured and brought out. A very clever sense of humour will develop, suggesting a budding entrepreneur and raconteur. This kid can sell anything and keep a crowd amused for as long as it takes, and will also tend to argue any point just to hold the floor a little longer.

This youngster should be a good student at school as there is a natural love of learning. The mind is very receptive, but does not stick to any one matter for long. The thoughts wander far and wide over many topics. In fact, there is a danger that the short concentration span does not glean quite enough to learn any subject thoroughly. Britney will need a prod now and again to renew their interest in areas that need a finish line. These children are very easily distracted.

The activity is of the physical variety too. Being pinned down in one place for too long can be a nightmare for these youngsters. This includes sitting in the classroom as well as staying in their own backyard. The more they can move around, the better they like it. The grass will always seem greener on the other side of the fence as far as Britney is concerned. However, thinking about it will not satisfy this hunger. Britney will want to go check it out personally. Being cooped up will make this child feel frustrated and short-changed. They will be bursting to break free, in case they think that they are missing something.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus is the planet of love. This tiny planet is responsible for the stirring of the soft and sensual pleasures of nature. Venus opens the doors of appreciation to beauty, harmony, creativity, and of course, love, and affection. Venus arouses and stimulates our senses.
Venus is important because it shows how youngsters interact. It is where children learn to share and give. Venus shows how Britney attracts love and attention and also what and who Britney is attracted to. This planet will indicate whether the basic nature is warm and affectionate or whether there is some reserve attached.
Venus is also about our creature comforts and possessions - what we need in life to feel good. Venus indicates our creativity and artistic talents and the ability to appreciate beauty. Good, bad, or unusual taste will be seen through Venus.
The house that Venus is in indicates the area in which artistic talent is expressed. This is where the expressions of sensual understanding will be valid and utilised. It can also suggest where Britney may need special attention and nourishment, in order to learn how to interact with others.
For future reference, Venus in the signs, houses and aspects will be quite revealing about relationships with the opposite sex and matters of the heart.

With Venus, the planet of love and comfort, in the prudent sign of Capricorn, Britney will be quite reserved and rather timid. These children can be unsure of where they stand, as they seem to have been born with a fear of rejection. Reassurance needs to be given early, especially if they do seem a bit sullen or difficult to reach. These children need to be assured that they are OK, that they are loved - heaps. The controlled emotions do run deep, but are kept very private. Britney may not seem particularly cuddly, but these children do want and need the warmth and physical touches even if they do seem to resist. They find it hard to show affection, but they do feel deeply. And they do care.

These children are usually reliable, responsible and mature. But Britney will need respect. There is a need to be noticed and admired for the things that they do well - which is most things. These children will probably enjoy older people, or will gravitate towards company that is more serious. They make friends very slowly. But when these kids do trust and commit to friendship, and later, love, they are totally loyal, steadfast, patient and a tower of strength.

This little one will be quite ambitious and will carefully plan their moves and their life with caution. They will do most things in 'moderation' and will lean towards similar friends. These children do not like 'excessiveness' and find it distasteful in others.

Britney will be attuned to nature, the outdoors, and the elements. There is a sense of drama beneath this quiet exterior. A dry sense of humour and a gift for satire could materialise with experience and maturity. The sense of occasion that comes from the ballet or opera could rattle the senses of this serious child too.

Venus in Capricorn, Venus in the Fourth House

Britney has Venus in Capricorn in the Fourth House. This should be a happy little homebody. Or at least, a child to whom a happy home is very important. Being loved by the parents is of the utmost importance to Britney. This is the basis of an essential sense of security. If this nourishment is not provided, Britney will miss some important lessons on how to interact with others, particularly with the opposite sex when older - the nature can become selfish and stubborn and quite difficult to get along with. This child will become detached and difficult to reach. The emotions will be hidden away, robbing Britney of the warmth and natural ability to be able to love unconditionally. But with all the love and caring "on tap", Britney will be secure and emotionally content.

Britney will love to have the immediate environment looking and feeling like a million dollars. There is great taste here, and an eye for colour and balance with the ability to create an ambience even in the most humble abode. Often there is a family pet that Britney will care for passionately. These children might live in the usual mess that most of their generation seems to prefer, but there will be fastidiousness when it comes to hygiene. Britney will be big on cleanliness.

Childhood memories will always be held close to the heart, which makes it so important that this era be happy for Britney. Powerful sentiment attached to the home will always be a force that remains with Britney, including the early family life. Later in life, Britney will want a home that is warm, welcoming, and inviting. The ambition will be that no one will feel like a stranger within the walls of the hospitality that is offered. In many cases, these children will need a bit of a push to get them out of the nest when the time comes. Britney can get too comfortable and not want to "move on". Home is where the heart is.

With maturity, Britney may be a bit of a collector with a good eye for a bargain, especially antiques or collectibles. The taste may seem bizarre at times, but do not underestimate the clever eye and the strong intuition that goes with the territory here. Real estate could be a possibility. Often Venus in the fourth house suggests a business that is run from home - emphasising again how important the home will always be.

There is quite a lot of creativity here because the sense of vision is well co-ordinated, and the natural patience allows time to anticipate the end result.

Mars in Virgo

Mars is essentially the "I am" in us.  It is the "I -me -and -mine" - the basic, subjective ego.  It is our energy, our initiative, and our drive.  It is our aggression, our temperament, and our passion.  Mars is the physical side of our psyche.  A strong Mars makes for great sports people because they will be competitive with a real desire to win.  Later in life, Mars indicates our sex drive.
This is a fiery little planet, so a strong Mars is a "fiery" little person who runs on high octane - one who will never know when to stop.  The "water signs" can dilute this energy somewhat, or can perhaps drive the passion inward.  The "fire" will then not be so obvious.  However, once we get the hang of our Mars sign, it is an important part of us.  It is the fuel on which we run.

These children with Mars in Virgo work everything out to the last detail.  Britney is a perfectionist.  Every action will be considered thoroughly and every move will need to have some purpose.  This is reflected in the way Britney will work, which is carefully and systematically with great attention to detail.  These youngsters will take the time to do their "homework" before they start a project.  They like to have all the facts and all the options at their fingertips.  They can't be bothered wasting time or energy on anything foolish and hate to leave anything half finished.  This child will respect tools, and will enjoy working with all the latest gadgets.  There is the patience and the willingness to take the time to master difficult techniques.

Britney will not be particularly interested in physical team sports.  Individual type activities like gymnastics or skating, will appeal more because these kids are more attuned to "thinking."  They would enjoy the more intellectual "games."

As Britney grows up, a strong sense of responsibility will develop.  These children dislike irresponsibility in others as well as in themselves.  But try to encourage Britney not to be too critical of others.  Encourage a tolerant outlook and acceptance that everyone does not share their perfectionist abilities.  Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and social workers often have Mars placed here.  There is much associated with this placement that involves helping people.  Britney will need to feel needed but this can also be the classic workaholic later in life.

The adolescent years and the onset of puberty can disturb these youngsters.  Britney might not like the physical changes and girls, particularly, can get caught up in weight obsession or something similar.  These youngsters can be rather slow to warm to the opposite sex.  A petty hate session with the kid next door could be the sign of a budding romance.

Mars in Virgo, Mars in the Twelfth House

Britney has Mars in Virgo in the 12th House, which is not an easy placement for Mars. Childhood can be fraught with difficulty. The energy can be stifled in this house, or it can become inverted. These children may often be afraid to assert themselves, because they feel restrained or overpowered. They can feel defeated before they start, convinced that making any efforts to be seen, or heard, would be futile. Britney could express this by being tired all the time. This attitude may have resulted from being with people who have not encouraged Britney very much. Somehow the self-confidence needs to be built and the courage instilled, in order to disregard anyone that tries to inflict negativity.

These children tend to work in secret and to act behind people's backs - again often out of fear, apprehension, or a sense of inadequacy. Britney should be taught to avoid this. Unfortunately, this child can possibly be blamed for things for which they are not responsible, so always check the facts. This timorous kid will find it easier to play the martyr rather than cause a fuss or add to the fuel. A total lack of self-confidence can make Britney so afraid of direct action that the natural course is to do everything indirectly. But fundamentally, this can be a very strong little person. There are enormous depths and an abundance of inner strength. Britney will just need to get over these hang-ups. Or Britney will need to be fortunate enough that someone recognises early and starts to build up that confidence. Many athletes and surgeons have this placement so this is not a loser or a dropout. There is enormous potential and resolve that simply needs an opening. Adulthood can be far more rewarding than childhood for a Mars in the 12th House.

These children can work very well on their own, as they do not need supervision. They just do not need any one to discourage them or to put them down. As they mature, these kids will come to believe in themselves naturally. The child with Mars in the twelfth House has a tendency to "think" about what they want to do, rather than just getting on and doing it. This can cause some frustration. These youngsters "know" but they are reluctant to push themselves, or their efforts, or their ideas. Again, this is a lack of confidence. These youngsters will not deny their principles and their differences, but they may not openly express or explain where the feelings are coming from. Britney can find it easier to project an attitude or a mood to make a point rather than openly express the true depths from within.

The sensitivities in this child can run deep through to the psychic nature of things. Britney is likely to have very vivid dreams, astral travel and be highly intuitive. There is an instinctive knowledge that comes from deep within.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter is a slower moving planet that stays in the same sign for about a year. Its sign has a direct personal effect only when it is in close aspect to the Ascendant or Midheaven, or forms a strong aspect with one of the personal planets. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, and often, luck.
The house position of Jupiter relates to areas of life in which we will want to grow. It shows the area in which we are likely to think positively and optimistically. In a general sense, things work well for us in the house that Jupiter occupies. The keyword for Jupiter is expansion. That can be physically, mentally, or spiritually. Jupiter's position can relate to the expansion of assets relating to financial freedom, or perhaps, even, weight.

Jupiter in Scorpio suggests that Britney will just love mysteries. And by solving mysteries, these children will develop a great understanding of life. While young, they will ask a lot of questions. And will keep asking and searching until they get answers. The sheer persistence will be striking.

Any subject that interests Britney will be addressed with gusto, but not much attention will be given to the subjects that seem dull. Sometimes this placement shows a real interest in the supernatural. And when these children mature, they will be attracted to spiritual and mystical views of the universe. These can be deeply spiritual people but, equally, they can rely on drugs or alcohol as a prop at certain times in life.

Britney will never be satisfied with face value. There will always be the urge to look deeper for a truer meaning - even if there is not one. This child should be good at research because this is a scientific mind. These kids often develop an interest in how other people "work". They are quite natural psychologists and they learn a great deal through studying and watching. The only problem here is that these children may sometimes be reluctant to share their insights and knowledge. Especially while young, they can have trouble communicating what they know. And Britney might just enjoy being secretive. This can be a bit of a mind game.

But this child will be efficient, hard working and quite shrewd. In adulthood, there can be a critical flair for business. There should be sound financial judgement that will help them to excel. Britney will also be always willing to carry the full load if necessary to get the job done right, but will also be quite uncompromising.

Jupiter in Scorpio, Jupiter in the Second House

Britney has Jupiter in Scorpio in the Second House. These kids respond with their senses to all the sensual experiences. They will tune into music - probably loud music, enjoy nice smells, and appreciate soft toys. And, of course, taste. They will probably really enjoy their food, but they can be fussy eaters, going through fads from time to time. These kids do relish their creature comforts as long as their liberty is not in jeopardy. They rely on a solid home base that is reliable and safe - but they prefer to have their own front door key and telephone. They like to feel free to come and go at leisure. They want the best of both worlds.

Britney will be animated and friendly, wanting lots of attention and yet demanding personal space and privacy. These kids tend to gather up a lot of personal property, taking "ownership" quite seriously. They may compensate against their insecurities by amassing far too much. If they feel unloved, ignored or abandoned, belongings will be their comfort zone. The more insecure they feel, the more extreme this trait will become. It can be knowledge, books, videos or a music collection that Britney guards so jealously. Quite a selfish streak can emerge when this little one "feels" neglected or denied. But if love and affection and a sense of being included in family decisions is a natural thing, this will not be a problem. These kids will share what they have quite gladly - and can in fact be too generous.

The Second House deals with our sense of personal security. Usually this applies to our material values, but with Jupiter as the planet in question it can indicate that Britney will lean heavily on religion or philosophical knowledge to feel protected and content. It could be that to feel happy and safe the spiritual and the inner person need to be heavily nurtured. If this is the case, then the ability to share and teach the practical issues of faith can be a gift that Britney needs to utilise as life unfolds. There will be the ability to inspire and to lead with the knowledge gained. The gift of expression will be profound - almost hypnotic. However, personal views will always be taken very seriously.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd House can be creative, with a natural eye and imagination for balance, harmony and colour. These kids are often clever with their hands and capable of revamping any old object or article, transforming it into something quite wonderful. The artistic gifts can be unique and ingenious if encouraged. If Britney runs out of interest it can hamper results. However, Britney will patiently strive to perfect any serious objectives.

When older, Britney could work hard to earn the money to travel. There could be exceptional teaching abilities here, or law could be what attracts. As an adult, making money should be relatively easy, but these people are considered to be big spenders too. Everything they buy has to be rather extravagant and flamboyant. "If you have it - flaunt it" springs to mind. Jupiter in the 2nd House often indicates privileged finances and spending powers. As a child, these kids want everything they see - any pocket money will be spent in advance much of the time. What they buy may be hasty and a waste of money, but with maturity the sense of value and discretion improves.

Saturn in Libra

There are always two sides of Saturn - what is, and what can be. Saturn stays in the same sign for approximately two and a half years, so all of the children born around the same time as Britney will show the same characteristics. Saturn in the sign is therefore personal only when forming one or more aspect(s) with the personal planets, the Ascendant, or the Midheaven.
Read these aspects thoroughly to be more aware of Saturn and what it has to teach this child.
Saturn is all about progress, but it is the slow and sure progress - nothing happens quickly with this rather severe planet. This is where we learn the art of survival. Saturn makes us stop, look, and listen and not go rushing in. This is where we come up against brick walls, where we have to review the lessons learned and modify the next move. Saturn makes us accept responsibility, accept a challenge, and move forward. Saturn is the reason behind many of our fears, our sense of guilt and our sense of failure, but, again, when we beat these obstacles, we are so much wiser and stronger.
The House in which Saturn falls signifies the areas where life can be tough. Nothing seems to come easily, and yet the prospects are of significance. This is the area where our fears will have to be addressed, and where our confidence will need to be lifted. Discipline and patience will be badly needed here in order for us to gain control. It is where we must stop and think, but ultimately we learn from Saturn - he is a great teacher. Saturn is often related to the father figure, or the "authority" figure that influences Britney. Difficult aspects with Saturn often indicate problems in this area.
Saturn often sounds rather negative which is not accurate. Consider Saturn as a hurdle that is there to be conquered - not as an obstacle to fear.

Britney has the planet Saturn in the sharing sign of Libra. Libra will always weigh up all the options, and Saturn adds even more to this sense of caution. This child will need plenty of time to make decisions and will always want to know all the angles before drawing a conclusion. But once the big moment has come and a final decision has been made, it is usually right. It is important that Britney is allowed to have a say in things when old enough. These kids must learn to form their own opinions, develop their own lives, and expand on their own ideals. Saturn in Libra can end up rather narrow minded if not encouraged to mix and match ideas and draw personal conclusions.

Britney can seem reserved in friendships and relationships, but once committed this will be a very loyal friend. This child simply cannot sit back and allows wrongs to happen. This little watchdog will come out fighting for the cause if they think a friend is being badly done by.

Saturn here can delay marriage until later in life. Britney may simply wait longer than most, or this could indicate obstacles in the path of romance. A successful marriage will require a whole lot of patience. These people can be too giving and too compromising, but if confidence is instilled very early, this should not be a major problem. There can be fear of rejection that rules the emotions, but again, self-confidence will restore this before it gets out of control.

Saturn in Libra, Saturn in the First House

With Saturn in Libra in the First House, the projected personality can come across as solemn and very serious. These kids seem to be born with a sense of independence and a need to be taken seriously and treated with respect. This could be an eldest child - or perhaps one that is expected to take on more than a fair share of responsibility at a tender age. The parents and the family could lead very busy lives. There could be a health problem early in life that sets the scene for this intensity. Sometimes the parent(s) will go through hard times that will take a toll on everyone. But often these kids can feel robbed of a childhood for some reason. There can be an inferiority complex, which can stem from feeling unimportant or "invisible". This is usually a wise head on young shoulders. Childhood can actually be quite a lonely time. Britney will have a head full of ideas, but there is a heart that is just a little heavy because of feeling misunderstood or "in the way". These kids fear offending which is quite a handicap for a child.

However, through adversity comes the ability to gain a solid sense of what is important. Britney will learn many hard lessons throughout childhood, but the experience will seldom be lost. In amongst the seeming tough times there will be a subconscious need to achieve. These kids will want to reach for the impossible. Later in life, these people are highly disciplined and will be able to achieve a whole lot more than many others with the same chances. But the danger is that Britney can set the sights too high, subsequently facing frustrations and disappointments. Try to train this child early to be happy with good results. Having ambition and goals is great - but continually competing can take a lot of fun out of living and being a child. Placing too much responsibility, or expecting more than Britney can naturally give, could set a tone for life.

As life evolves, there will be times when the effects of Saturn will be felt. Britney will be reminded of the sense of inadequacy that was felt, at times, during the formative years. Those that are close at hand can feel shut out and unable to fill the void. However, with understanding - with accepting that this is life unfolding as per the heavenly teacher - Britney will emerge wiser and aware of the valuable lessons that will have been learned.

These kids will be prone to heavy moods and an awkwardness until they come to terms with an inner frustration. This is not an easy place for Saturn - life will seem like an obstacle race at times. People with this placement will wonder why, at least now and again, they cannot be in the right place at the right time. Somehow life never seems to run smoothly. But Saturn in Libra can break through and turn all this into positive and progressive energy.

A big bonus is that, as adults, these people age rather slowly. They hold their age well and often enjoy their later years a whole lot more than they do their childhood years. True self-respect, self esteem and success may be a long time coming - but it will come to Britney.

Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus is a huge planet that has the reputation for causing all sorts of chaos. Uranus has a mind of its own; racing around in space on its side and with an orbit that is unpredictable. Uranus is very difficult to spot with the naked eye. Similarly, the Uranian traits are quite difficult to 'spot'.
This 'cranky' planet brings change - unexpected, sudden and completely disruptive change. It can be the source of disasters or miracles. The function of Uranus is to disrupt our view of reality, and give us an alternative view beyond the known and the visible. Uranus provides sudden flashes of insight and creative genius, as well as practised eccentricity. Uranus has the ability to shake up the comfort of the 'norm' and catapult us into a rather scary future.
This planet stays in each sign for about 7 years so is considered one of the slow movers. The qualities that stem from the sign that Uranus is in will affect all of the children in the same era as Britney. As the slow moving planets move from sign to sign, the differences will be subtle, but they will loosely apply to the philosophy and the attitudes of the child concerned.
Uranus in the House is a whole lot more personal. This will be where Britney will display a uniqueness of character. It will be where the intuition is heightened, and the need to be 'different' will be apparent. It can be the area where Britney is subjected to major changes and disruptions over which there is no control. The issues that apply to the house that Uranus falls in can involve a lifetime struggle to conquer and understand.

Uranus in Sagittarius (1981-1988). Uranus is a planet concerned with sudden changes. Sagittarius is the sign of the intellectual who seeks truth. These children will be the philosophers who question the establishment and the monumental structures. They will challenge beliefs and traditions, being much more interested in the new and the innovative. The eye will be on future improvements rather than staying in the past. This bunch of children will be very much in touch with the modern age of technology and will love it. They will also be acutely aware of the inequality throughout the world. The eye will be sincerely on protecting our planet for the future and on the good of all 'mankind'. However, much as the dreams will be genuine and bold, they may not be practical. These children will be proactive and innovative, but the minor details, and workable solutions, could be a job for the next generation.

A sense of prophecy coupled with intuition and a "big" optimism could see a lot of energy being put into improving the lot of the under-privileged. Many of these people will have sound judgement - because they do look at the broad picture. But an important ingredient will be a need for total freedom of expression. True tenacity and dedication could be fleeting.

Many of these people will be drawn to the more modern religious sects rather than to the orthodox beliefs. However, faith will be strong within many of these people.

Uranus in the Third House

3rd House: This House is about early education. It is about mental stimulation that provokes learning through interaction and experience. And then using the lessons. The area for the child is the playground, playgroups and mixing with children the same age. It is about becoming familiar with the local environment and the neighbours. This is essentially the House that is all about communication at its best and its beginnings.

Britney has the unpredictable planet Uranus in the Third House. This gives a spontaneous, but original child that will be quite wilful and rebellious. This little one has an original and creative mind with ideas that are quite advanced. These children love to learn and will move on to new ideas and subjects with relish. They will dart from one topic of conversation to the next and ask a heap of questions. The attention span is not great. The attraction is to move on to fresh pastures. However, this child will absorb a lot more than seems possible. They may seem to 'switch off', but the retention is good and there will be the ability to scan the facts and still maintain a good understanding.

Britney will soon acquire quite an amazing word power and learn how to use this to great advantage. These children generally have a good sense of humour and express this humour by exercising a wit that is hard to match. This can cause a few problems with the immediate family; eventually Britney could feel a little isolated from any brothers and sisters. It is not that these children are all that 'different', but they do like to project this image.

Uranus in the 3rd House can suggest a sibling who is a little 'different' or even a family environment that does not quite fit the norm. This is the planet of the unexpected. This is the house of early development, so the early influences could be unorthodox.

Later in life, Britney will be quite a restless soul who will head off for trips on the spur of the moment just for a change of scenery. In many ways, these children will look for Utopia for a long time.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Neptune is a vast and remote planet believed to be a very watery place. This giant lumbers through the heavens slowly, so Neptune in the sign is considered very generational. All kids born in the same era as Britney will have this similarity. To take on any personal meaning, there needs to be a close affiliation with one of the personal planets, the Ascendant, or the Midheaven.
Neptune is a mysterious planet. It covers all areas of creativity, the imagination, illusion and also deception. Neptune casts a watery haze that can enhance the sheer beauty involved, or it can distort the picture entirely. Being associated with water and moving in the realms of the subconscious, Neptune seems to water down inner confidence. The strength that radiates is inner strength that is fine for the experienced adult, but it can seem of little use to the vulnerable child. Hence, escapism, drugs, alcohol, oppressive sects, and even isolated institutions are associated with Neptune.
Neptune in strong position enhances artistic vision and sense of imagery. It drives at all possible sensitivities in the highest degree.
When Neptune is in a strained position reality gets fuddled causing confusion and deception. The true value of Neptune dissolves old patterns for new, but this is quite an obscure occurrence with little logic to explain it. It is a deep and personal learning curve that slowly unfolds. It is the stirring deep within the subconscious.
Neptune in the House indicates areas of life that will experience the Neptunian lessons. It will be where we need to adapt on a practical level without losing the gifts of this mystical planet. It can be where we have to suffer in order to grow.
Neptune is idealistic, it is imagination and illusion, and it is mystical. This planet cannot be caught and captured. Neptune rules photography which explains its function well because it tends to take an image and put it in a different dimension. Neptune is imagery. For a youngster, this can be a very difficult energy to deal with because many of the courses it takes are unclear, vague, but powerful. But this planet is the rainbow that we are blessed with. It is elusive, but it is very beautiful.

Neptune in Sagittarius (1970 - 1985). Neptune is the planet of illusion, dreams and ideology. Sagittarius is the sign of the Sage, of wisdom, and of great learning. Through this era, philosophy will gather strength as opposed to traditional churches. The oppression inflicted by the former religious groups will be seriously challenged; the fight for equality will be launched. Truth will prevail over historical acceptances. This generation could well chase a path that is more realistic and less judgmental that before. Egalitarianism for all humanity will be the basis of the future creeds. This generation will be prepared to fight their cause on an intellectual basis and will not be afraid to speak out. There could well be some brilliant charismatic spiritual leaders evolve from this era.

Clairvoyant abilities are more common and accepted. Spiritual healing will become fashionable. The world becomes smaller and smaller as more people travel. Different countries and creeds will know and understand each other a lot better, and the old dictatorial habits will draw a powerful criticism.

Neptune in the Third House

3rd House: This House is about early education. It is about mental stimulation that provokes learning through interaction and experience. And then using the lessons. The area for the child is the playground, playgroups and mixing with children the same age. It is about becoming familiar with the local environment and the neighbours. This is essentially the House that is all about communication at its best and its beginnings.

Neptune in the Third House heightens the imagination, which Britney will show in all areas of creative communication. Neptune in this House often suggests dealings with the media or with advertising. Poetry, prose, - in fact any sort of inspired word will draw Britney. However, there can be a wee problem that needs to be sorted. These kids have to learn to separate truth from fantasy, separate what they want to believe from what they know to be true. Britney must be taught to identify the imagination, the logical, and the actual, and then deal with the differences of all areas on an equal footing.

This child, when young, will have some problems with stopping the mind from drifting and wandering. There can even be nervous disorders as there can be deep insecurities in the childhood years. Often there can be rifts with the family at some stage, which could attribute to this "nervousness". This could also attribute to the tendency to fabricate or expand on the truth. It is not always the case, but there is a strong possibility with Neptune in the third House, that lies and deceit do come easily.

These kids can put family members on an unrealistic pedestal rather than accept a less than perfect situation. There are many ways that Britney could actually feel deceived and in turn, become deceptive. Obviously, this sensitive kid needs to be taught to accept reality and opt for the inspirational world of fantasy as an adventure and a creative but productive part of the psyche. With this vivid imagination, these children can say a great deal to make others understand. Take the time to allow Britney to shake off the negatives and share the positives. Neptune in the third House shows a very intuitive mind, and sometimes, clairvoyant abilities. Britney can be too idealistic and quite gullible so must learn not to accept everything so readily.

Pluto in the First House

1st House: This powerful House is essentially the outward expression and obvious character traits. It represents the "I, me, and mine" - the ego and the subjective - the "I want" attitude. This House also shows the "I can do" attitude. This is about spontaneous openness, and the inherent qualities that drive the personality.

Britney has the powerful planet, Pluto, in the First House so will be very intense taking everything seriously. It is all or nothing - either something has to be so important that this child will have to throw themselves in 100% - or they simply will not bother at all.

Britney will have strong will power. The extremes to which this child can go can be quite scary for others who are more relaxed. The approach is full on and packed full of mental and physical energy. The actual presence will be quite powerful - if not over-powering. This child will always push the limits simply to see how far they can go.

Britney will need to realise the effect that the personality does have because there will be a strong magnetism. However, these kids have the ability to stir up intense feelings in others. The powerful attraction will be difficult to miss. But this can provoke as much strong dislike as it does respect. Britney needs to accept this ability and accept the responsibility. In many ways, these kids can be loners. Friends that are made will be deep and solid with a real base, but these friends will probably be few. Often there is a feeling of being misunderstood, but deep down this is a bit of an enigma. Generally, these are a gentle and very sensitive people. However, when provoked or panicked, there is enormous anger that surfaces.

Conformity is never easy with Pluto in the 1st House. There is often the gift to be able to look back and see the future quite clearly. This broody child will be private and deep. Britney will always be quite capable of handling life and all the lessons that are thrown in. The actual "image" projected will be private, but under the surface, there will be continual changing and growing. Britney will have the ability to lead but will have to take care to aim for objective results rather than be totally subjective.

Planets in Aspect


An explanation of the Aspects: These are very important in any natal chart. It is when 2 or more planets "make connection" with each other. To be of significance, the "orb" or degree of this connection, must be relatively close. All the Aspects are of significance, but some are more powerful than are others. And, of course, they all have different meanings.

All of the aspects that are relevant are automatically listed in order of strength. Obviously, the higher the strength the more relevant and potent the aspect.

Conjunction: A powerful and dynamic aspect. This is when two or more planets are sitting right next to each other and they will either back each other up, or compete against each other. Being in the same sign and same house adds up to a lot of weight.

Trine: A distance of 120-degrees between any planet forms a "Trine". These planets will be in the same Element so they will blend well and flow. The Trine brings comfort, ease, and benefit with little effort.

Sextile: The distance between any planets involved in a "Sextile" is 60 degrees. This aspect brings the opportunity to be productive or creative. But the energy of the Sextile must be used - it will not just "happen" Both planets will fall in either Masculine or Feminine signs, so they are compatible.

Square: There will be a 90-degree separation between any planets involved in a "Square". Here is an indication of obstacles and stress that need to be worked through. The planets "square off" against each other but - these are personal learning curves of life. These are hurdles for us to jump but through them we learn and grow. The lessons from Squares tend to be subjective. These aspects will be in signs of the same quality.

Opposition: As the name suggests, any planets that form an "opposition" will be smack, bang opposite each other at 180-degrees apart. This is where one learns to compromise and give a little. The opposition usually involves other people. These lessons are quite objective. Being in polar opposite signs of the zodiac, these planets mirror each other.

Inconjunct also known as the Quincunx: This is considered a "minor" aspect but is about our personal growth and long-term development in the area of the personality. It shows us our limitations and how we can expand a little. The distance between the two celestial bodies here will be 150 degrees apart. Being relatively minor, the orb used is generally rather tight. This aspect would be almost exact to rate in this interpretation.

Sun conjunct Mercury  (Strength:  5.39)

The conjunction adds emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets involved by the close proximity.

Britney has the Sun in conjunction to the planet, Mercury. This gives a good mind and a little person who will enjoy talking with anyone that has a minute to spare. A good chat means more to this child than anything does. They just love conversations. But Britney will feel very bad when challenged. These kids want to be right and take it all personally if criticised or proved wrong. They also have great difficulty stopping long enough to listen up. They either want to dominate the conversation, or if this is not possible, the mind will wander off the greener pastures. To a certain extent, this is a hallmark of this aspect. This person can have ears on the side of the head - just for decoration. But if they are made to be aware of this, and corrected, this should not be a major problem. Britney will actually learn more from reading, watching a video, or a film than sitting through tedious lectures.

Anything new is somehow more interesting than going over old stuff. This very active mind learns quickly and wants to continually be on the move. Any sort of repetition will be boring. Britney is likely to tune out and lose concentration.

This child will have a great need to express personal opinions and can get rather ratty when others do not take all these fantastic ideas seriously. But Britney has a very quick and a rather intellectual mind. Any communications will be colourful, enthusiastic, and enlightening. These kids think on their feet and do so exceptionally well. With maturity, they will be highly focused on their own ideas. There is the knowledge that the hard yards have been put in so there is no doubt that these kids know exactly what they are talking about.

Some children with this aspect can be rather creative and clever with their hands. Encourage this area, because this can be so good for Britney. It helps to develop the patience and tenacity. It also calms the nerves as these kids can be quite highly-strung and can develop some nervous habits in childhood.

Mars square Neptune  (Strength:  4.70)

The Squares are quite subjective.  Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.

Britney has the fiery planet Mars in square to the sensitive planet Neptune.  This can be a difficult aspect.  The problem for this child may well be not enough encouragement.  They will be so deeply sensitive, and will have trouble projecting what they want or how they feel.  They will feel that everything works against them and they just cannot win.  These youngsters can feel insignificant and unworthy.  The energy of Mars needs constructive expression.  These young people want to be accepted.  They want to be seen and heard.  And if the confidence is not built up, they are highly likely to resort to devious tactics to be noticed.

Britney can repress frustration, let emotions get totally out of proportion, and become very miserable.  Later in life, this aspect can signify a desire to escape from this world altogether - perhaps through drugs, or perhaps through strange cults or religions.  These poor kids can be very easily persuaded that they do not "fit in."

Puberty can be particularly difficult for Britney.  With emotional and physical changes that the hormone shift provokes, these young adolescents can feel vulnerable and fragile.  They can relate easily to the opposite sex, but can be afraid and suspicious of the new responses.  Feeling comfortable in a personal relationship with the opposite sex can be a huge adjustment for Britney.

Britney could suffer allergies or a tendency to minor illnesses.  This child should be very careful about the kinds of drugs are used, even under a doctor's care.  They may be more sensitive to drugs than are others, so real care and responsibility are needed.

From an early age, Britney must be taught to roll with the punches of life, to have the courage to accept both the good and the bad.  Britney must not be allowed to wallow in self-pity.  This child will need to develop its own abilities, and a willingness to accept responsibility when something goes wrong.  But Britney will need to receive all the encouragement possible in order to eliminate the inherent possibilities of this aspect.  If the negatives are recognised and not focused on, Britney will handle life with a whole lot more ease.

Venus square Pluto  (Strength:  4.15)

The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.

With Venus, the planet of love and comfort, in square to the intense planet Pluto, Britney will be capable of the deepest of emotions and feelings. There will also be a whole lot of difficulty attached to relationships and love. Many of the big lessons to be learned will come through interactions with others.

It is very important that this child learns to understand what makes them tick. Britney will need to accept and address that there are powerful feelings within that can be difficult to understand and handle. Much of the impulsiveness comes from deep within, which can be baffling and difficult to understand. These children are more intense than are most children. They can form unlikely friendships that are doomed from the start, but these children won't be stopped. They simply have something to learn from that friendship. Many lessons will involve pain and disappointment. Britney is all or nothing when it comes to love and friendships. When these children 'love', they give their all. They will be totally loyal. But they will also be quite jealous and possessive, which can cause problems. To ease some of this intensity, point Britney towards other areas of self-expression, such as dance, music, or art. Try to encourage this child to reach outwardly and share, rather than reach inwardly too much. Try to help Britney to release this deep passion. Try to teach Britney to accept some limitations. The sights can be set too high and so 'less than perfect' becomes a failure rather than a jolly good effort.

This is not an easy aspect at all, but the lessons to be learned are valuable. It should not be seen as negative - just difficult.

Mercury conjunct Uranus  (Strength:  3.55)

The conjunctions add emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets.

Britney has the expressive planet Mercury in conjunction to the erratic planet Uranus giving a mind that is bright, curious, and articulate.  The thinking here is intuitive, and original.  Their mind races to answer every question that arises.  This inquisitive nature probably surfaces early by taking toys apart to see what makes them work.  If nothing more exciting crops up, they will quite easily put the thing back together, too.  But if there is any distraction, the moment will be lost and greener pastures will be far more exciting.  These children are easily distracted.

Britney will learn very quickly, managing to understand the more complicated subjects with relative ease.  The thinking patterns lean very much to the world of tomorrow, making anything possible as far as these little ones are concerned.  However, the curiosity and the sheer speed that drives the intellect can mean that Britney will tend to glide over important points rather than delve deeply, and consequently, might neglect learn the facts thoroughly.  There can be many unfinished symphonies due to running out of interest.  Try to encourage Britney to learn to finish their current effort before racing into a new project.  And also very important, let Britney see and understand that even the brain needs some "down time."  The frantic pace that is set results in a very tired child that sometimes will be impossible to deal with.  And Britney will indeed have the ability to throw a wrench in the works on such occasions.  This can actually become a bit of a game and an "attention thing."

There will probably be a strong interest in electronic technology.  Science and the futuristic world will be a strong source of fascination.  Britney will be fascinated with any off- beat, unusual, or exciting field of study.  The intuition in this child is very strong too.

Venus trine Mars  (Strength:  3.29)

Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.

With Venus, the planet of love, in trine to the energetic planet Mars, this child will be especially warm, affectionate, and loving, with a happy disposition. Britney will always look for the best in everyone. The ability to mix and be accepted will be a huge asset because these children don't make demands. With such an easy disposition, they will be able to handle the most inflexible individual and bring out the best in them.

This is a fun-loving little person, who will enjoy company and enjoy a good time. There is an enthusiasm for life that others will find inspiring. These children are totally agreeable. But they will not compromise themselves in order to please. Britney will have plenty of confidence and this child will know that they are liked for themselves - not for being 'nice'. Britney will be quite natural.

Often this aspect indicates a strong creative drive, although not necessarily an artistic ability. These children are capable of the 'create something out of nothing' sort of thing, and they will love doing this. They have natural style, flair, and panache.

As Britney grows up, the attraction to the opposite sex will be quite intense. And it will be an all or nothing thing. Love at first sight springs to mind, but this youngster will not be interested in casual affairs. It will be the full bloom of romance, or nothing. They will not be interested in quick flings. And, Britney will always have the complete confidence to make the first move in a friendship or a romance.

Jupiter trine Midheaven  (Strength:  3.16)

Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.

Britney has the big planet Jupiter Trine the Midheaven. This child is blessed with a very positive attitude that will carry them far. It will help them find the right direction to take in life and add to the confidence.

Britney will work well within a group, being able to pursue personal goals and satisfaction without seriously treading on anyone else's toes. Friends, teachers, and mentors will recognise a strong sense of justice. These kids will always get along easily with authority figures. Adults will trust and give out responsibilities knowing that any trust will be treated with respect. These kids do not feel that they have to prove themselves. They may, deep down, believe that they are rather special, but they do not push this fact. They let those around them make their own judgements.

Britney will have plenty of energy and will hate to be idle. There is a need to have lots of projects on the go. Achievement and high standards hold high priority.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  2.95)

The conjunction adds emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets involved.

Britney has the big planet Jupiter in conjunction with the powerful planet Pluto. Pluto moves very slowly, so this aspect will affect all of the kids born around the same time as Britney. Unless either of these two planets gets reinforcement from a close contact to one or more of the inner planets, this should not be considered particularly personal.

These kids will often have a strong drive to achieve something of significance. They could develop a very strong and penetrating insight, and powerful leadership ability. This aspect does not guarantee fame, because it affects so many people at once, but it usually indicates that these people will achieve something in their own way. There will be ambition, determination, and maybe a bit of a ruthless streak.

Especially while these kids are young, they must learn to respect other people. There can be a tendency to ram their way through life with no thought to anyone except themselves. A sheer sense of ambition and single-mindedness can stir up strife.

These kids need to enjoy their childhood and their friends. They need to learn to relax and take time out. Save their ambitious energies for when they are older. Youth should not be a continual challenge.

Uranus sextile Ascendant  (Strength:  2.30)

Sextiles bring chances and opportunity. Effort is needed to realise the full potential.

Britney has Uranus sextile the Ascendant, so will be an outspoken and very independent child with strong and unique ideas - and is one who will demand to be listened to. These children do want to be taken seriously, but can easily get into trouble because of the very outspokenness of their nature. This trait often draws a big fat negative from adults. But this child will say it as they see it.

The mind is very active. Britney will like to learn anything new and will tend to think that if something is new - like an idea, or a thing, or a friend - then it has to be better than anything 'old', or 'established'; but these children will have to learn that progress has a start line somewhere. Britney will probably always like any new gadget that comes out. Novelty values will always be high on the list of attractions.

These children will like to be around exciting people who offer a challenge in a positive way. A 'best' friend could change frequently, simply to keep the flow of mental stimulation in motion. Later in life, Britney will be drawn to rather eccentric and offbeat-type people, and will steer clear of conventional straight-laced types. The latter sort of predictable company will bore these types to tears - especially as they grow up. Where no intellectual challenge is offered, there will be absolutely no interest.


The prominence of the Planets and the contacts that they make with each other define the strongest Planet(s) in the Natal Chart. Some planets make a lot of "noise" which you will see in the area of the "Aspects" whilst some are just waiting for something to happen. The following are considered the Powerhouse Planets and their meetings and positions add a further dimension to the attitudes and aptitudes of Britney.

There can be more than one "strongest planet" in which case the person will have a natural ability to dance to many tunes - they will be adaptable and versatile. But if one planet or luminary comes through as the absolute leader, then the person will be very specifically made up of the flavour of that celestial body.

Pluto Dominant  (Strength:  11.26)

Pluto is a little planet that is all power. It moves through the heavens in its own way and at its own pace, paying little attention to anyone as it tracks its elusive course. But this little planet knows exactly where it is going. Pluto is all about regeneration. Pluto takes old ideas by the scruff of the neck and shakes them violently until they have no further use. It finds a vague beginning for a brand new concept. Pluto rules volcanoes and the Plutonian changes are often of volcanic magnitudes. This is a rather cold planet. It is difficult to define. It is difficult to follow and difficult to penetrate, but underneath this chill is a deep and burning passion. Britney with a powerful Pluto in the natal chart will be all of these things. These kids will be secretive and often silent. They will be clever. They will work their way through enormous changes in their lives, going through passages of darkness alone and coming out the other end a brand new person. The result can be a total transformation. Only they will truly understand where they have been. And this child will not be particularly interested in explaining anything to anyone. Britney will be very private, very deep, but totally fascinating.

These kids do seem to have a certain knowledge that they exude but do not express or openly share. Others "feel" the power of this little person. They will be passionate in all that they do and their anger will be, again, volcanic. These kids will not be violent in their daily lives. In fact, they will be slow to anger but their depth of feeling is immeasurable.

Britney will be strongly motivated, very determined, very stubborn, and probably quite ambitious. It will be a rare occasion that will make this child admit defeat. They will plot their own paths and follow them with sheer determination. Much of the path though life will be very private, but this is the preference of Pluto.

Mercury Dominant  (Strength:  10.54)

Mercury, the mythical messenger, predominant in the natal Chart points to communication and the mind.  This strong influence makes for a youngster who is articulate, versatile, agile, and energetic.  The mind will dart from one subject to the next, but the ability to process and express what has been absorbed should be keen.  This busy little planet collects and classifies all the information that filters through the brain and the mind.  And it carefully discards what it does not need, or already knows.  This is how Britney will operate on such an intellectual level.  This child will just have to be able to express how they feel.  Britney will want you to know, understand, and listen.  Sharing all of that knowledge is at least half of the fun of learning.

Mercury also heightens the co-ordination, allowing flexibility both of the mind and the physical body.  When the influence of Mercury flows through a Gemini influence, the mental capacity will be very strong.  The warm and humorous side of this planet shines through.  When this energy comes from a strong Virgo showing, the dexterity will be the ability to use the hands to create.  Although the mind is clever and capable, it reflects the cooler side of Mercury - the analytical and the self-critical side.

All of these children will love to learn.  They will argue the point, make their thoughts known, and they will be expressive in their writing and oral skills.

Britney can also suffer from nerves as Mercury rules the nervous system.  It is highly likely that this child runs on nervous energy.  This Planet also covers the memory and the perception.

Sun Dominant  (Strength:  9.99)

The Sun is technically a star - a big, bold, invigorating star that essentially marks our individuality and drives our willpower. It is the light of our lives. When the Sun is predominant in the Natal Chart, the child will have an abundant personality that will literally be blinding. They have the natural ability to bring the sunshine into a room with them. Britney will radiate true warmth.

These kids will be natural, creative, and magnetic but can be puffed up in their own self-importance too. Self-esteem is all-important, and although Britney will have plenty of confidence, the ego is a hungry ego - it will be continually looking for nourishment. Like the sunlight itself, Britney can dazzle. But when the shadows fall, what you see and what you get can be two different things. These bright young things can promise but not be able to deliver, although the original intention would always have been honourable.

This child can also overheat at times and will blow the odd fuse but will never hold a grudge. They will cool down quickly. The Sun is closely associated with Leo, and the predominantly Sun person will want to be the Star of the show. Britney will want to shine. These are very warm-blooded creatures. They need to be able to give and receive love freely.

These proud kids command respect and wilt if seriously challenged or ignored.

Britney will be ambitious but will get there with dignity and charm rather than serious push and shove. These children will manoeuvre their way to stardom. They will be very fair and honest and will genuinely love people.


The Strongest sign often coincides with that of the Sun in the Natal Chart, because the planet Mercury is the Sun's closest companion - they are never far apart. The planet Venus can also stick quite closely to the mighty Sun. So, one or more of these planets are often in the same sign as the Sun at birth, adding further strength.

However, in many cases the "outer" planets can gang up and create a very strong, but quite a different, influence. This area of the Chart will either add more weight to the colour and personality of this Child or it could add a further hue to their approach and intensity.

If there is more than one "strongest sign", which is likely, the person will have various facets to their approach and abilities, and so will scatter their energies somewhat. If there is one singleton sign, which outweighs the rest, Britney will be more easily recognised by the attributes of the sign involved.

Sagittarius Dominant  (Strength:  140.39)

One of the stronger signs in this Chart is Sagittarius, the Archer or the Centaur. This child will develop both physical and mental strength and also, stamina. Britney will always love to learn. These kids can make excellent teachers later because they like to share their knowledge and their expressive ways make them entertaining and easy to listen to. These kids can improve on the truth to add a bit more flavour to an experience or a story they are telling. This is not done in a menacing way - Britney will simply love to tell a good tale. Often a strong Sagittarius influence shows strongly in sports teams. Britney will be competitive, well co-ordinated, and will have the ability to encourage and drive team efforts. The attitude is also very fair.

These kids are capable of quite profound thinking and will develop a strong philosophy as they grow up. Interests lean towards the more universal subjects. The "big issues" will fascinate Britney. Often the thinking goes way beyond "global".

Britney will probably love the outdoors, the wide-open spaces, and will be fond of all creatures great and small. Even as youngsters, these kids will really enjoy school camps or even family camping holidays where they can get in touch with nature. They relish the beauty of the planet, Earth, and the elusive wonders of the beyond. These kids can wear themselves out though as they will never admit that they are tired. They want to be on the go the whole time. There is just so much for them to see and do. These are generally very happy and contented kids; they see the best in everything. They are not usually petty and their optimism gives them a good outlook which is contagious. These kids are able to lift the low spirits of those around them, and if they cannot, they will move on. Britney will avoid moody people who try to dampen the atmosphere in any way.

This is the sign of the "traveller", and these children will be interested in different countries and different cultures. Britney will probably be keen to buy a backpack as soon as possible and head off the see the world. It will be to experience the world and its people rather than as the average tourist.

Libra Dominant  (Strength:  105.80)

One of the strongest signs in this Chart is Libra, which is symbolised by the Scales. Libra is all about balance, harmony, and creating the most pleasant atmosphere possible. Britney will be friendly, affectionate, and usually very courteous. There will be a sort of charisma that makes this child the darling of their "elders". They do like to please, and they like to look good. This child will learn how to use this natural charm very effectively from a very young age. Britney will probably like cool clothes, designer labels and will take more care about the personal appearance than most. These children will want to have all the latest gimmicks as soon as they hit the shops.

This child will always prefer to be with another friend or in a group. They do need the assurances that they get from company. They draw strength from others and have a great need to share all that they have and know. The Libra personality sees itself as one half of a whole. They need company to feel complete.

These kids will be very fair and will always come out in defence of the underdog. They will always listen to both sides and assume the role (very well too) of the arbitrator. Libra also signifies justice; the child who has this sign so strong will be a sound judge and jury if the rules are broken, or if someone is getting hurt in an unfair process.

A problem that Britney will have though, is trying too hard to please. This child can struggle to make a real decision. It is often better to make the choices yourself if a quick decision is needed. These kids will weigh up all the pros and cons and either say "you decide", or else will want to take both options. This diplomat will bend over backwards to please and will work very hard not to offend.

Libra is often described as "lazy Libra". These children can take a long time to get motivated, but when they are committed to a task, they will hang in there for as long and as hard as it takes. However, these kids do seem to "stroll" rather than rush.

Capricorn Dominant  (Strength:  70.54)

A strong sign in this Chart for Britney is Capricorn the Goat. If you look closely at the goat, you will see a wise, but wary, little beast that takes very sure steps. They seem to be quite content in their own company and at home with the elements, no matter how harsh. For their size, they have real tenacity and a quiet strength that marks them as a survivor. The goat will familiarise itself with the territory and in its own way, take ownership of their patch. They are not particularly aggressive, but they will defend their rights in a rather subtle way, biding their time. If they have to, they make a strong point. They will not give up, but the stubbornness will be mixed with subtlety. And this is the Capricorn personality.

Britney will be ambitious and will study hard. These kids take life and their future very seriously. They can be trusted to use common sense and sound judgement, so they often seem very mature for their age. Fortunately, there is the opposite effect as they get older - Capricorn people hold their years well. Personal standards will be set very high and the sheer dedication applied will often ensure that all these standards are in fact met.

Although self-assured, in many ways, the Capricorn child can be timid and quite afraid of being hurt. They are sensitive but create a protective wall to ward off hostility and bad feelings. Pain and feelings of hurt are often concealed. The Capricorn type is not easily offended because, being so independent, opinions of others do not matter a great deal. But, this child is no fool. A silent pride runs very deep. This child will not forgive or forget.

Britney will look for recognition for successes, as these kids do like to be noticed. They like their share of the limelight without having to fight for it. They want to be seen for their brilliance, not for foolishness. Many good actors have a strong Capricorn influence and so do many comedians. There is often a very dry, subtle and clever sense of humour that belies the serious exterior of this character. These people can laugh at themselves but they will not like to be made to look small or stupid.


The Houses in the Natal Chart are very significant because they indicate the areas where we have been born lucky or where we have serious work to do. The Houses define the areas in life where we expend our energies, where we find recurring issues with which we have to deal.

The basic Natal Chart is simply the blueprint of the Heavens at the exact time of our birth. But in reading a child's chart, there is a different emphasis. Obviously a child "reflects" its everyday environment during the formative years and this Natal chart for Britney acknowledges these reflections. In the case of a child, many of the attitudes and habits are reflections of the up bringing and environmental influences. Often work needs to be done to reach out for the opposite House to achieve a fuller picture.

Third House Dominant  (Strength:  140.39)

3rd House: This House is about early education. It is about mental stimulation that provokes learning through interaction and experience, and then using the lessons. The area for the child is the playground, playgroups, mixing with children the same age. It is about becoming familiar with the local environment and the neighbours. This is essentially the House that is all about communication at it best and its beginnings.

Britney has a lot of strength in the 3rd house. The 3rd House is all about early education, the local environment, brothers and sisters, and communications. It is the beginnings of 'standing on one's own feet'. It is the forming of opinions - getting to know people outside of the family home. It is discovering the mediums available that supply information, such as TV, Internet, telephones, newspapers, and using the good old vocal chords.

Within the home environment, Britney is likely to not only start talking early, but also, once started, may never stop. There will be a fair few arguments. This child loves a battle of wits, and sometimes being contrary is the best way to get the whole family talking. But guess who will always have the last word! And with age, this is likely to become a bit of a game, especially when it is assured of getting a reaction. These children will like to prove how smart they are and the best way they can do this is through their great word power.

Britney is bound to be very active in the local neighbourhood. This child will enjoy participating in any social activities, but will especially love talking to anyone that will listen. This is the sort of child who can brighten up a lonely person's day just by being friendly. So, in all probability you will have quite a well-known entity in your midst.

Britney is bound to be very curious and very active, but will get bored easily. This youngster will be continually looking for stimulation, looking for new things, new places, and new people.

This house is very concerned with speech, communications, and learning. A message to the child with such a strong 3rd House is to reach out to the opposite house, the 9th House, which involves higher learning. It is more about the big wide world. Perhaps the message is to use this gift of words to teach, to pass on what they have learned. It also suggests that this little one needs to learn to 'listen' rather than simply talk. It suggests a need for guidance and training to look deeper and not be content with superficial knowledge. And that way they will expand the ultimate learning and get recognition and respect for these natural talents.

First House Dominant  (Strength:  61.80)

1st House: The "I, me, and mine". The ego and the subjective. The "I want" attitude. Outward behaviour.

The 1st House has to be considered a powerful place in the chart because it takes in the all-important Ascendant which is how others see us. It is the projected personality, the self-awareness, and our basic approach to life.

Britney will have a powerful personality and a powerful presence. These kids will be noticed in a crowd because they will project their own image. They will certainly want to be seen. This child will be dogmatic and forceful in their speech. They will probably be heard quite easily above the crowd because theirs will be the only opinion that matters. There is bound to be a rather large ego. Britney will fight it out to be "number one" and will not give up easily. A lot of pride is at stake here and coming second does not have the sort of ring this kid wants to hear. This boundless energy and enthusiasm can all be a bit daunting to those who are not quite so competitive, but nothing will deter this little one as they rush through life.

A message to Britney with a strong 1st house would be to reach out to the opposite house in the chart, the 7th House. This house is about sharing and compromise within relationships and friendships. It will help to round out the character if Britney can learn to bend a little and be a bit more flexible and accommodating, consider how other people feel and what other people need, and use "collective" words, rather that ego-orientated words.

Fifth House Dominant  (Strength:  48.44)

5th House: Playing. Games. Creativity. Hobbies. Social life. Children.

This child has a crowded 5th House. The 5th house is leisure, fun, and sporting activities. It is all about enthusiasm, creative energy, and self-expression - and later, love-affairs. This is the House of learning to share talents, where we learn to entertain.

Britney will be sunny, happy, and very friendly and will probably have loads of friends. The social group (we hope) of planets in this house will suggest that it is very important that this little one does have a chance to develop their creativity. They need to be encouraged to have confidence in any ability in order to let real talents emerge. They need to be encouraged to be themselves and not become what they think is expected of them.

As they go through life, Britney will always be young at heart. But there will be a burning ambition to leave something of worth behind in this life. The aim will be to leave something for posterity. This child will feel robbed if they never have the chance to use their highly creative mind to its fullest ability. Probably, the "child" will always be alive and well in this person even when they venture into their adult years. This gives a real knack with children throughout life too. Britney will be able to communicate in such a way that is not patronising or condescending. These kids can do a lot of good "looking after" younger people. Britney will enjoy smaller children and "littlies" will just love Britney.

Help to guide this little one into reaching out to the opposite house, the 11th House, to learn how to work as part of a group. It will be good for Britney to learn to be less subjective and less passionate, to learn to get involved in a "sharing" capacity, rather than allowing the ego to rule.

Balance of Elements and Modalities


The four elements figure strongly in the definition and interpretation of the signs. The dominant element(s) can help to identify the personality type quite successfully. In many cases, there will be a combination of more than one, which indicates more flexibility.

It can be quite easy to spot the "fiery" personality, the "down to earth" type, the "head in the clouds" Air person, or the weepy and emotional water character.

Abundant Air

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air is considered quite intellectual, communicative, and friendly. These kids will be logical and will like to have a sense of freedom in all areas of life. Dominant Mercury or Uranus will add weight to the predominance of Air in this chart.

Air children are very quick and mentally active. They like getting around the place, meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying different things. Britney will need constant activity, and constant stimulation, because there is a tendency to get bored quite easily. These kids are innovative. They like to stretch the imagination. They will make up new themes to old ideas, change the rules to make the same old games "different" - in fact they will be right into anything that is fresh and new. Britney will enjoy study, usually like to read, and if all else fails, will just like to talk. The strongest talent is the ability to think and reason clearly and objectively. These kids do not let their emotions take control and distort the thinking. And there is usually evidence of a good, strong sense of humour. An abundance of Air can be rather out of touch with feelings and emotions, because they simply do not think "emotional". This can bewilder them at times. These kids can be out of touch with themselves so when logic fails them, they simply do not understand.

It is so important that the parents of air children train them to express the feelings and emotions freely. Britney should be encouraged to explore the imagination. Air people are very good at communicating and are good at influencing others by putting forward a strong argument. A parent should be aware of this ability to sway people, because these kids are convincing and manipulative in a clever way.

The Air people are usually popular because they know how to play to the gallery and please the crowd. They are bound to be refreshing company. And they will certainly be rather entertaining.

Lack of Water

When an element is "lacking", it can indicate a need to encourage the essentials of this "lack", to help round the character off a little. This often happens over time anyway, quite naturally. But watch Britney and you will see if any building needs to be done.
But rather than see this as a "weakness", it is preferable to accept that one or more of the other elements comes through more strongly. The apparent "lack" can also be compensated within the chart anyway. It only needs one powerful aspect to add some weight.
The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The absence of Water in the chart for Britney suggests that there may be some difficulty understanding the deeper meanings of issues. This little one could be a little lacking in emotional intensity. This is not to say that Britney will have no feelings, but it does mean that the emotions are not overly exposed and really do not run deep. These kids are not so apt to form extremely close friendships or relationships where they may feel smothered or threatened by strong emotional demands. They recover quickly from emotional bumps and scrapes. They never let disappointments get them down. So, depression is never likely to be a problem.

Many of the aspects of not having water signs are positive. But on the negative side, Britney should guard against becoming rather callous and cold. These kids can give the impression of being detached and unfeeling. Intuitive skills are not readily available to those with few planets in Water signs. This will not be a major problem because these types are not particularly interested in the realms of intuition or whatever. They do not trust intuitive knowledge anyway.


The "Modes" or the "Qualities" often indicate how we initiate our actions. The Cardinal types are firm, confident, and are better starters than they are finishers. The Fixed types are quite reluctant to step outside of the comfort zone. They prefer to stay with the tried and true. The Mutable people are flexible and adaptable but they can be flimsy.

But, again, in many cases there is a combination of more than one mode.


As adults, we look back on our youth and say, "if only I knew then what I know now". How many of us also, as we get older, "discover" a talent that has never been recognised and say "if only". If this Chart report simply indicates a talent that can be nurtured early in life, as opposed to laying dormant for too long a time, or forever, then the author's objective has been reached.

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