Child Horoscope for George W Bush


This Child Horoscope is provided as an illustration of the kind of report you can expect if you order one for yourself. There is no intention to cast any aspersions on the character of the subject of this report.

George W Bush
06 July 2023  07:26:00
New Haven, Connecticut
Time Zone: 04:00 (EDT)
Longitude: 072° W 55' 43"
Latitude: 41° N 18' 29"


This is an Astro-Analysis based on the exact time, date, and place of birth calculated on the details supplied.

It is not intended to predict a budding mega-star or a future world leader - the objective is to provide some insights into the psyche of George to give everyone concerned a better chance of understanding, and hopefully helping this special child through the difficult growing times that they will face.

The astrological Chart is a little like a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of a picture to follow. Some pieces are easy to recognise and they fit together beautifully. Another batch might fit well - but seem unrelated to the first "batch". Several straggly bits probably seem to belong to another world altogether, but that is the human psyche. The depths are immeasurable with many, many forms, faces, and dimensions.

Any Astrological chart will have seemingly several contradictions - again - just like human nature and our psychological make-up. But these apparent differences are all shades, shapes, and forms of the full picture. These "contradictions" should be seen as a balancing factor, knocking some of the edges off our sharp corners or, sharpening up the "softness" in the areas defined.

It should also be recognised that all of us have our own very personal lessons to learn in this life and these lessons unfold throughout the span of our entire life on earth. The learning experiences will not be systematic - they will be random episodes and experiences. Some interpretations of this Chart will give a glimpse of these very personal lessons that are an obvious part of this little one's character. Others may be so private or subtle that the child "learns" all by itself. And then there will be further lessons that will not have emerged or even seem significant yet.

It is hoped that the brief explanations throughout this analysis will help to explain the meanings and terminology of basic Astrology to give as much understanding as possible.

The two most valuable things that we can give to any child are our unconditional love and our time.


The following passages give a comprehensive summary of the character traits of this child and a brief description of each section explains the specifics. It has been kept simple deliberately because, as mentioned in the introduction, Astrology is a complex subject, and the intention is to clarify, not confuse.

Included are:

The Sun/Moon sign combination

The Ascendant, when the birth time is known

The Sun, Moon and planets in the Signs and, when the birth time is known, the Houses

The major aspects

The Balance of the Elements and Modalities

The strongest Signs, Houses and Planets

Nothing is quite like having a Chart done on a "one-to-one" basis, but this enormous electronic age has opened the way for anyone who is interested to have a closer look at this ancient science and benefit from its wisdom.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra

The "SUN SIGN" is the one part of the Astrological Chart that most people know. It is the inner core that drives and motivates us. It is our own true light. When we read and discuss our Sun signs we can easily recognise bits that fit, and maybe, question bits that do not seem to apply. The contrast noted is often related to the power of the other luminary - the Moon.
The Moon is our instinctive response. It reflects our earliest conditioning. The Moon governs our emotional responses, - our likes and dislikes - our innate sensitivities. Often the Moon sign is related to the maternal influence, or perhaps, the general home environment.
Both the Sun and the Moon are the two major players. When in a very different sign this does complicate the projected personality. This can be an essential but difficult learning curve that can be confusing for all concerned. Our Sun can try so hard to shine only to feel over-shadowed by a powerful, or competitive, Moon. Some of us will need to learn to accept and understand our emotional conditioning and allow the Sun the right to burst through, combining both strengths in a positive way.
This combination attempts to tie together both of these very significant forces and come up with a sharper, more focused picture.
Some signs are very compatible - others compete.
Never underestimate the complexity of all the things of which we are made.

George has the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Libra, which suggests both a romantically sensitive child and one who has powerful ambition. Here we have a combination of Air and Water. This is an effervescent and bubbly mix that is a lot of fun, a lot of soul and highly original. These kids can intoxicate like champagne or shock you like an involuntary sneeze. These kids are imaginative, expressive and compassionate. The mind is quite mystical and can seem rather airy-fairy. George will be an idealist rather than a practical realist, and will be theatrical and cryptic at times. The intellect and the subconscious work together in mysterious ways much of the time. So although George feels in tune with the world, others may fail to grasp the logic. For this reason these kids can feel quite isolated, thinking that no one really understands the profound thought patterns that filter through. These kids think in pictures - vivid pictures, which can be difficult to portray in words. They are tuned in to the past and the future - above and below - life and death. This is a complex child who recognises abstract better than concrete. Understandably, George can feel misunderstood from time to time. But, the nature is gentle and kind. The aim is to do good works and rid the world of all the bad. These kids want to be loved and adored, but they also want to be free. They learn to exercise passive control by defining the line that separates the ego from the soul. George can seem moody and restless and hard to please at times.

The Cancerian Sun is shy, even withdrawn, but the Libran Moon will not risk getting left behind by being too bashful. The Cancerian Sun will be quite emotional, whilst the Libran Moon is objective, and quite capable of handling any situation beautifully. George will have a way of winning, but this is done with a quiet strength that will be "felt" rather than serious push and shove. It is all positive stuff, but this combination can be just a bit deceptive.

George will enjoy company and prefer being with friends, rather than being alone, but there will be a sense of privacy too. These kids hurt badly if they feel they have been rejected or overlooked, but being part of the crowd is almost a camouflage. They don't want to miss out, but they don't want to feel bogged down by commitment either. These kids like to be in control, and a part of this includes being able to make an exit if there is any discomfort. In many ways these kids cope better being part of an informal group rather than thrust in on a one-to-one basis. The outer show of confidence is not always as deep as it seems.

The sensitivity will run deep and George will find it almost impossible to stay put in any sort of hostile environment. A bad atmosphere does not suit the look or the temperament of this child. The panic button will activate in an instant and George will make a hasty exit. Often the true feelings frighten this child so rather than expose the vulnerability and bear witness to any upheaval the natural reaction is to retreat.

George has a fiery Leo Ascendant together with the Moon in the much calmer sign of Libra. Although George will thoroughly enjoy company and friends, there is an independent streak as well. These kids prefer not to feel totally committed. It is not beyond George to be selective in who is to be graced with this charming presence. There can be a quick eye and a quick mind that calculates the merits of choice where company is concerned. These kids can easily manipulate the best option for just that reason - it will make George look even better. But whilst George can pick and choose, George will find rejection very difficult to deal with. This child will want to win, will try to win, and definitely prefers to be on the "winning" team.  But popularity is quite important too. The art of manipulation does come naturally but will not be used in a brutal way.

There should be strong leadership abilities because respect will be easily earned. Besides, the charm and diplomacy that is used here will be difficult for anyone to resist. George will seem to get what George wants most of the time in the nicest possible way.

The Libra Moon Mum is probably a romantic idealist, but one who feels as though life never quite comes up to the standard that is expected. George could well fill the gap for all the dreams that Mother dreamed and so become an adored and indulged child. There could be dissension in the family that needs to be dealt with from an early age. George could learn very early to play the role of the peacekeeper between parents or family members, and so quickly slip into the role of using charm and persuasion to establish normality. Essentially, trust can be put to the test very early in life, so these kids develop their own form of camouflage.

Leo Ascendant

The Ascendant is the exact degree in the zodiac, which was rising on the horizon at the time of birth. The term Ascendant and Rising sign are the same. Every 4 minutes the degree of the Ascendant changes. This is why it is so important to know the exact time of birth. This is the starting point of the astrological wheel and defines the signs on each house cusp in an anti-clockwise direction.
The actual houses and their meanings are just as important as the signs on the cusp. The sign of the Ascendant is as important as the Sun sign, and its effects are often more obvious to other people. The Ascendant represents how the personality appears to others. Each sign has its own potential strengths, which should be developed, and weaknesses, which should be minimised through understanding.
George may run into problems if the rising sign is quite different in nature from the Sun sign. There will be conflict between an element of the inner self and the projected image. So, if any recurring social problems do occur, it is necessary to look within.
The Ascendant in the chart is very important. It indicates the ways in which we interact with the world around us, the energies we put out, and the energies we receive from others.
Aspects to the Ascendant indicate what kinds of interaction we experience with others, the impressions we make on people, and the areas of our life that most involve other people. Often these aspects tell us about ourselves.

The Ascendant or Rising sign in this Chart for George is Leo. Leo the Lion is the "Royal" sign - the King of the Jungle. These regal kids like to grab the attention. They like to be noticed. They are open and active. They will put on a smiley face when all is going well, but they can also be moody. Pride is so important to George. Even when the feelings have been hurt badly, George may act as if nothing is wrong - just give a pompous sniff and make a dramatic exit, leaving many things unsaid. In fact, generally, these children do not handle adversity all that well.

These kids are popular, as they are "fun" people, seemingly full of confidence - they are spontaneous and always ready for action. George will have a fine sense of drama. This will be quite an entertainer with a real knack for making memorable entrances and exits depending on the occasion. George will also be very stubborn. This child can say as much with body language as they can with their mouth.

The Leo personality is seldom wrong. Or, rather, this personality will have great difficulty admitting error or fault. It is more likely to simply indicate that maybe, there could be a collective problem and maybe - this little soul could have been partly responsible. But, one thing is for sure, these kids are always honest. If you ask a direct question, you will get a straight answer.

George will like to be the leader, and can be a good and charismatic leader as long as it is remembered that leadership is not simply a matter of "being in charge". It is also a responsibility as well as a power and a privilege. These kids can enjoy the power and the glory of being the "leader", but forget about the troops. They will not give respect to anyone unless it has been earned. These children are realistic. They are totally honest and people have to prove themselves. But when a real trust has been established, George will be very loyal.

These kids like bright colours, bright company, bright lights, and they can be snobs. They like rich and elegant things. A hefty price tag will impress this little person. People who have Leo rising are often very impressive looking, which is a powerful asset. As they grow up, they will develop a strong presence that will make others notice and respect them. Much of this comes down to that enormous pride and dignity.

There is probably a lot of quiet competition within the home environment and some very powerful personalities for George to contend with. This child can feel many things are not explained - not talked about - that seem like heavy secrets. It could be that one parent is simply very private and very deep - or perhaps very nervous and highly-strung. This child may feel shut out and feel rejected. It could be that one parent is psychic perhaps, or involved with matters that they feel would be too complicated for the child to understand. But in some way, this child may well feel there are things they need to know. The feeling of being excluded in some way could be why the Leo Ascendant tries so hard to be entertaining, and creative. It could be why they get such a kick out of role-playing and projecting such a strong personality.

The Ruling Planet of this Chart is The Sun - the ruler of Leo. Pay special attention to the vibrant Sun, as the virtues of the Sun will be strengthened through being the Ruling Planet, and have a strong affect on the personality. The House it is in will indicate where the Sun will shine the brightest.

Sun in Cancer

The Sun in the Chart is our personal light. It is our vitality, our creativity, and our basic ego. It is the Sun that provokes and promotes emotional security. The Sun represents our individuality. Within the Sun sign is our reason for being, our sense of pride, and our confidence. This is the basis of the search for the real person within. The sign occupied by the Sun at birth describes the nature of these basic drives and patterns. It describes the desire to be important to the people that matter and the ability to be independent and self-reliant. It will give us an indication of the methods used to develop psychologically.
The House will describe the areas of life that will be important and play a major role in our lives. It is here that we have the tools and the gifts to use as they were intended. But we may have to learn some vital lessons before this happens.
Much more is revealed by the aspects to the Sun. Positive aspects (trines, conjunctions or sextiles) are good indicators of self-reliance, confidence, and the ability to stand on one's own two feet. The difficult aspects (squares, oppositions, and inconjunctions) will suggest psychological problems which can have a profound effect on life. However, learning to deal with these difficulties ultimately produces strength and understanding of the self. The rewards of working through these problems are great. The efforts will be productive. Sure, work is needed, but it is worth the effort. However, whenever the planet Saturn brushes up against the Sun, it will suppress and depress the energy of the most exuberant Sun sign.
The Sun is the "self", the "life path", the "true" personality behind all the facades and defences we all put up.
The child will start to grow into their Sun sign during adolescence which can be another reason why these years can be so dramatic and traumatic - this is just another set of growing pains that we all have to endure. The actual Sun sign is often not fully developed until nearer 30 years of age, but the inner spirit will emerge and glimpses will be seen throughout the growing years.

George has the Sun in the sign of Cancer. Cancerian children are highly emotional. They are very sensitive and can be very moody. This child is like the crab in a rock-pool. They are very content in their own environment. They have their houses on their backs so that they have somewhere to retreat if they want. If they feel that their territory is being threatened, they give a good sharp nip and then scuttle away. The Cancerian child does not like direct confrontation but will not be afraid to defend what is theirs. This will apply especially if a situation threatens their space or creature comforts of the home environment. George can get moody and tearful when in a strange situation with new people. The tendency will be to cling to Mum in a big way until the scene has become more familiar. It will always be best to let this child get to know a "sitter", or a new school, or new group rather than just expecting resilience. George is far more likely to get awkward and emotional.

George will be ultra sensitive, picking up a sharp look or remark in an instant. These kids will react to a heavy atmosphere, taking every move on-board and probably taking everything very personally. They need lots of emotional support. They want lots of warm cuddles. These kids need encouragement and love in order to feel confident within. This is particularly important in the area of the Mother figure. George will absolutely need to know that Mother loves and cares no matter what. This child will need to know that the home is safe and sound and will always be there. There is a great need for a permanent and solid base. Emotional security to this child is a strong and healthy base from which they can grow.

When these basic needs are fulfilled, these children are so giving and caring. They will be there for anyone who needs comfort or shelter because they are naturally very loving little people. They are so maternal that they will never let a chance go by to "mother" anyone or anything. But, when the basic personal needs are not met, these kids do become withdrawn, sulky, very subjective, and, quite selfish. They simply, do not function properly. They need all the love and caring but will need a "quiet time". George will always need that private place, that little safe haven, to go to gather the deep and private thoughts.

These kids tend to get very attached to favourite toys or books. Some things will never be tossed out being just too precious. Some of these possessions will be kept to pass on to their own children. George will cling to memories that are associated with the past, and as adults, will cherish the good times that is the childhood memories. In many ways, the real Cancerian has a powerful link with history especially their own, so here is your ideal person to start a family tree. Your little Crab would really enjoy that.

If there are several planets in the signs on either side of Cancer (Leo or Gemini), George will be a lot more independent and extroverted.

Sun in Cancer, Sun in the Twelfth House

George, with the Sun in Cancer in the 12th House, will probably be a very private and quiet child that is difficult to understand. These kids are so sensitive, but they hide their emotions and their vulnerability. This little Crab will take refuge within that tough shell and will seem to be sulking - but this is often confusion and hurts that drive this little one inwards. It is likely that there will be powerful dreams - or nightmares. These will seem so real in a young head. Often these kids benefit with a soft night-light and the minimum of excitement before bedtime. These little ones can get to fear the night and the shadows of the dark hours. You will notice that George, even as a baby, will be carefully observing everything that the family does. This intuitive kid will miss nothing and divulge even less.

Often the Sun here hides a painful experience when young, with which these kids do not come to terms. To the rest of the family, it might be quite a minor incident, but this sensitive kid will take it all on board and take on the guilt and the despair. If it was a "loss", George will be petrified in case history repeats itself. So with this in mind, if there are any traumatic experiences, make sure that this little one understands. Encourage this very sensitive child, when old enough, to discuss any incidents, just in case it becomes a phobia without anyone realising it. Never underestimate the powerful imagination here, especially if Neptune also figures strongly in this chart. Experiences can get quite exaggerated and out of hand.

These kids have a wonderful sense of fantasy and probably spend a lot of time with friends whom only they can see. George will simply love the realms of make-believe and feel quite at home in this space. Books or visual "stories" will hold the interest for a long time. When the imagination is fired, George is likely to toddle away and relive all the wonderful stuff that has flooded the mind and imagination. It will be embellished and given personal meaning.

George could be extremely talented in one of the arts. The word power should be creative, poetic and exceptionally good. The intuition is acute. And of course, the imagination is vivid. This should be encouraged. This can be a positive outlet for expression and gaining self confidence. Or simply as a communicative tool.

Being a rather shy child, George will prefer to be in the crowd rather than in the spotlight. It will never be easy for George to meet new people and feel totally at ease. The nature is generous to a fault, but the subjectivity can cause difficulties. Sometimes these little ones expect too much and bring on their own disappointments. This compassionate kid does not want to rule the world, but will want to be a part of helping to make a difference. Often these kids do gravitate towards a career that involves caring for others, rallying for a cause to protect the under-privileged or other means of "good works".

The Cancerian Sun falls in the shadows here in the 12th House. But the true nature does want to be seen, recognised and appreciated. Drama classes could be an ideal way of allowing George to share the gift of expression and accept the core of the inner person. Staying out of sight, being robbed of recognition, will produce a sense of failure and dampen the spirits significantly. There is an abundance of inner strength driven by a compassionate soul, but it needs to feel the light to be given life. George could easily become reclusive and wallow in martyrdom if a sense of identity and a love of the self is not established, which is not necessary.

In many ways, George will seem a little "different". But there is the kindest person here. George will be so very gentle, possibly very talented, and quite likely, very psychic with clairvoyant gifts.

Moon in Libra

The Moon is our instinctive, emotional response. It is the innermost feelings and sensitivities that stem from the subconscious. Our Moon will always be our natural reaction when our defences are down. The Moon reflects our early conditioning, our habits, and the automatic responses that come from our early environment. Often all of this relates directly to the "Mother" figure. It is perhaps the "child" in all of us.
In reading a child's chart, the Moon, in the house, the sign and the aspects, needs to be given special understanding. These are the indications on where George could need special attention very early, to cope with feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence, or a low self-esteem. Recognising these needs, and working through them, will help to produce a secure and confident adult.
The Moon often reflects the "Mother figure" in our lives, which is consequently why the Moon figures so strongly in a child's chart. The placement of the Moon often describes the relationship with the Mother, which is why the "Mother" is mentioned in many areas of the Moon explanations.
The Moon sign is the more noticeable personality trait in the formative years. We tend to "grow into our Sun sign as we develop and become the person we were meant to be. The Moon in the Chart signifies the unconscious attitudes and feelings and whether or not we feel supported and accepted. It is also the accumulated attitude reflected by our own past and the historical past. The Moon will echo values and instincts that are picked up from our early environmental experiences.
This luminary is the most important factor after the influences of the Sun and the Ascendant. It describes how we express our emotions and how well we deal with them. In some cases, the ever-important Sun can put up some defences against the Moon. When very different, we can struggle to assimilate our emotions and our reason. Like the other planets, the Moon has strong and weak points in any sign, and we should try to develop the strong points. If the Moon is in compatible company, we will express our emotions very easily and we will be sensitive to other people's needs and feelings. With competition, the Moon can mean that there can be difficulty letting our feelings flow. The Moon and the Ascendant can be of an awkward mix, making the projected personality, and how we actually feel inside, quite different. But, this is all a part of the character and we are well able to bind the differences and round off the disposition.
The Moon and the emotional problems it produces can sound negative but this is not so. This is a beautiful and fundamental part of our deepest psyche that we must all accept and use to its fullest advantage.

George has the Moon in peaceful Libra, so will have a "make love, not war" attitude. This youngster will try to make life as beautiful and as harmonious as possible. They will overlook people's faults in order to keep the peace. These kids are warm, affectionate, and loving, but they do tend to give in too often and can be naive. George will need to realise that not everyone is as nice as they should be, so teach this child to be a little more assertive - to learn to say "no" if that is how they feel. Or speak up if they disagree.

These kids do not just enjoy company -- it is a vital need in them. They will break their neck to get to nursery school, and later to "big kids" school, so that they can be with all those other people. In fact, these kids have a lot of difficulty in coping alone. They will be bored and awkward, and not seem to be the usual bright, sunny natured child that they are. George will need another person to interact with. No amount of books, toys, or puzzles will compensate for a lack of company. And yet, these children do prefer a "best friend" rather than a group of friends. In a close knit group, the child with the Libra Moon will be settling the arguments, making sure that everyone is getting a fair deal, and making sure that everyone is happy, simply by doing what George will do so well - being the diplomatic mediator. These kids love this role, but they also like to "enjoy" the interaction of friendship too. The choice of play will be the more gentle activities rather than a whole lot of rough and tumble and sliding in the mud stuff. These kids are quite refined and from an early age, they like to "look nice".

George will love the activity and the verbal exchange within a group, but chatter tends to dry up a bit in the company of strangers. It can take a little longer for these kids to feel, with confidence, that they are accepted. They will probably want music lessons, dance lessons, art lessons - all those gentle outlets, but it can be a bit of a problem to motivate these kids to do "real" work. Again, it is the company they seek, rather than a passion to be brilliant.

Watch out for the charm when it comes to their share of the chores. George will wander off and forget to come back until the boring stuff has been done. Or will gladly pay a brother or a sister to do the mundane stuff. Often it is said "lazy Libra", and for good reason. These kids figure that if they rush, they may sweat, and that does not look good and does not feel that good. In a work situation, anyway. But, of course, they must learn to pitch in - life is not entirely social.

This child will be the true romantic. The charming manner is a great asset. George will use this charm to get out of any difficult or unpleasant situation in a diplomatic and clever way. Often a beautiful and winning smile will have done half of the persuading anyway.

Never give this child a choice of two things if you are in a hurry. They will not be able to make up their minds. Indecision is their major problem, along with a real fear of offending.

Moon in Libra, Moon in the Third House

With the Moon in Libra in the Third House, the instinctive responses experienced by George are so strong that it can be difficult, or even impossible to make an objective decision. The moods can change quickly. The spirit is independent and free. This unpredictable little soul will flit from one source of interest to the next. The main aim is to be the star of the show, so if this spot is too heavily contested, George will look elsewhere.

These kids can change their minds in an instant, making the thought process confused. The words come out wrong. If they answer someone without thinking about what they are saying, they tend to say things that do not fit the situation. This is an expressive and dignified Moon, which magnifies this problem. These kids get frustrated if they are not understood and can lose the plot entirely. Care and patience are needed to get George to slow down. This little one does need to know that you are willing to wait, because this child badly needs to be understood. An advantage that George has is the ability to make firm and accurate judgements. It simply takes time to spit it out. There will be a powerful intuition, and a healthy imagination, which can confuse the head even more. Often these kids try to say too much in their quest to communicate effectively. They can almost try to be "too clever and precise".

These kids have no problem discussing their feelings. If they are troubled, give them the time to explain where they are coming from and they will tell you. George can describe the problem well enough for somebody to help and will love to be given the opportunity. At least these kids can get problems off their chest - they don't want to hide their innermost thoughts and feelings. It is the emotional responses that they can get wrong. Vocalising uncertainty helps to unravel the complicated thought process and these kids love to talk.

George will also take on board the opinions and attitudes of others very quickly. Often these kids will regurgitate opinions and ideas that "sound good". The natural desire is to sound informed and know a bit more than everyone else, so they will grab whatever ammunition is on hand to achieve this. George loves to teach and loves an audience. But these kids should be encouraged to express the very clever and original ideas that are their own. This budding little raconteur is actually building on a variety of stories and ideas that will become very interesting "tales" for future use. A good life, to George is an interesting life, full of exciting people and colourful experiences.

George will have a good memory. The mind will be filled with a whole lot of useless information that people enjoy. The easiest way of learning for this child is by listening. However, dominating the conversation and the attention can make this more difficult than it would seem. Unless absolutely fascinated, listening quietly is not an easy option.

There will be a strong emotional attachment to brothers and sisters, if there are any. But, there are bound to be a whole lot of arguments, in spite of the close bonds. This is just a way of cementing the feeling of familiarity and total involvement with loved ones. George will learn that there is a deep need for the family and will fret when the family is not around. Often the Moon in Libra in the 3rd House shows an affinity for children throughout life, which can suggest a teacher of some sort. There is certainly the suggestion that George will always retain a youthful vigour that stretches throughout life. This is an eternal student who will want to keep up with modern trends and technology in order to continue to be well informed.

Mercury in Leo

The little planet Mercury is the mythical Messenger of the Gods.  This planet is never far away from the Sun, often falling in the same sign at the time of birth, so it does tend to add emphasis to our Sun Sign.  Even when Mercury is in the sign before or after the Sun, this is always considered a very personal planet.
Through Mercury, we learn all the basics in life.  It indicates how we communicate, because it is here where we begin to watch and copy the rest of the family.  This is the very beginning of questions and curiosity that fires up and fuels the learning process.  From that point, we move on to recognising the senses, and so our personal tastes and style develops.  We learn how to exchange ideas and show how clever we are. We start to question and analyse.  We learn to reason and classify what we have absorbed and then stretch for more information.
Mercury is our first experience of moving out into the world beyond the back yard, armed with all that we have learned.  Through this planet, our flexibility and dexterity is revealed.  This planet covers the intellectual stimuli but it also has a say in how clever we are with our hands and how well balanced we are physically.
Mercury is also associated with the nervous system.  This is a busy little planet at the best of times, and responsible for a big part of our intrinsic character.  When put under too much pressure, the nervous system buckles.  Mercury is indicative of our sense of humour, the body language we exude, and our powers of expression.  This is the planet of logic and reason.  So, Mercury is indeed a very important planet.  It might be tiny, but it is very potent.

With the inquisitive and chatty little Planet Mercury in Leo George will have a very dramatic attitude, will be quite dogmatic with a tendency to be opinionated. But this is a born entrepreneur. George will also have the gift of the gab, the optimism to shine through adversity and the confidence to always seem to be in control.

George will have a charismatic nature that others give into so easily. The word power is eloquent, expressive and colourful. The ideas will be spontaneous and bold. But, the charm and the seemingly benevolent nature can sometimes turn to arrogance because these youngsters do get a little carried away with their own self-importance. They seek the limelight, they like their own ideas and they are confident. But, they do not readily accept opposition or criticism. These kids are stubborn. They get a set idea or opinion and will refuse to budge. George, like the family cat, will yawn, give a scathing look and take a haughty walk out of the door if the competition gets too hot. There is the tendency to take any disapproval or conflict very personally.

These children can easily accept new ideas as long as they "think" it was their idea - and as long as no one is seemingly applying any pressure. The mood can quickly change when George is challenged because this hits the pride in a big way. This is when the "acting" skills will emerge. There can be a major struggle to ever admit being wrong. However there is an underlying honesty that will also be noticed and respected. There can be some exaggerated stories and gestures to push a point to its limit, but this is all part of the dramatic affect that George will try to perfect. This budding raconteur learns very early to "think" on its feet and have a ready answer at hand for any diversity.

As a youngster, George will go to great lengths to be the centre of attention, and this entertaining little soul will put on a royal performance if someone else tries to steal their thunder. Discipline may be needed to train this little one not to be quite so pushy, but this needs to be done with care. This is an integral part of the nature, so to knock this child back will wound it to the core. Try to delicately explain that it is not nice to hog the scene all the time. George will need to allow others to be seen and heard now and again. Try to appeal to the very fair and generous nature within, rather than put this little character down. George has to learn to see conflict as a learning tool, not a major embarrassment. Like the little lion, the pride is strong and easily hurt.

Leadership skills will develop naturally because the integrity and ability that George exudes will be obvious. The persuasive eloquence gives a natural ability to coerce and convince the many followers that George will gather. This is just as well, because George will seldom be short of ideas, will naturally assume the role of "team leader" but can lack the skills or the tenacity to deal with the finer points.

Mercury in Leo, Mercury in the First House

With Mercury in the 1st House, George will be difficult to miss. This is not a shrinking violet. This voice will always be heard loud and clear. These children will usually say whatever is on their mind, whether or not anyone really wants to hear about it. George will always have an opinion - and this is the natural way to be included in any activity. George will not like to be ignored. The personality is very eloquent, very witty and quick. All forms of communication will be expressive, but the leaning will be distinctly towards the subjective.

These youngsters can be very impatient. Boredom with routine or repetition will set in very quickly. This child likes fresh stuff to deal with. A bit of discipline early on can help this, because George does have to learn to finish off. When things become tedious, teach George to take a glance over the shoulder now and then rather than always rushing off to the next point of interest and leaving a trail of half-finished projects.

George will do best in a learning environment where freedom of ideas and speech are expected and accepted, rather than in a strict, dogmatic type of system. This quick mind should help the learning abilities enormously. However the impetuous and impatient nature can hinder this. Discipline to pay attention must be slipped into the natural habits from a very early age. Train this little one to listen and let it be seen that so much can be learned by hearing other people out.

This lively little mind might need a bit of encouragement to slow down, but it also needs plenty of stimulation and exercise. George will be physically quite restless and fidgety and being stuck in one place can be frustrating, which can cause a few disruptions. This youngster should be encouraged to burn up the energy in a productive way - as in sports, for example. Later on, George could be fascinated with fast cars. In many ways these kids treat life a little like a roller coaster ride, seeking thrills and excitement in a quest to cram in as much experience as possible.

This animated and enthusiastic persona will always relate well to children, and will probably remain young at heart throughout life.

Venus in Leo

Venus is the planet of love. This tiny planet is responsible for the stirring of the soft and sensual pleasures of nature. Venus opens the doors of appreciation to beauty, harmony, creativity, and of course, love, and affection. Venus arouses and stimulates our senses.
Venus is important because it shows how youngsters interact. It is where children learn to share and give. Venus shows how George attracts love and attention and also what and who George is attracted to. This planet will indicate whether the basic nature is warm and affectionate or whether there is some reserve attached.
Venus is also about our creature comforts and possessions - what we need in life to feel good. Venus indicates our creativity and artistic talents and the ability to appreciate beauty. Good, bad, or unusual taste will be seen through Venus.
The house that Venus is in indicates the area in which artistic talent is expressed. This is where the expressions of sensual understanding will be valid and utilised. It can also suggest where George may need special attention and nourishment, in order to learn how to interact with others.
For future reference, Venus in the signs, houses and aspects will be quite revealing about relationships with the opposite sex and matters of the heart.

With Venus, the planet of love and comfort, in the sunny sign of Leo, George will be warm, loving, and very demonstrative. These children are strong willed. They are honest, frank and generous, and they love to entertain. They are very social and thrive on company. This child will always want to look good, smell good, and feel good. They like to be noticed, to be the centre of attention. They like to be admired. Consequently, George will be attracted to friends who reflect back this flamboyant nature, preferring to steer towards the 'in crowd' who enhance the image significantly. There could well be great acting ability, as this little one loves to dramatise, especially when there is an audience.

This flamboyant child will love bright colours and all the glitz available. There is a real party animal in the making here and a whole lot of work will be put into learning how to set the right scene and maintaining the spotlight.

George will be very loyal to friends. Once a friendship has been established, this child will stand behind that person, no matter what. However, if a buddy lets them down, this child might turn very quickly and terminate the friendship with little or no explanation. Pride is at stake here, and George will not accept being made a fool of. In friendships, this child will need to learn to compromise. They do tend to dictate and make all the rules. A few gentle lessons will do the trick because although they do not like to be wrong in anything, they need to be totally accepted. George will accept any help that will make the personality seem even more charming and more 'loveable' than ever. The message will get through. The basic warmth, friendliness, and infectious smile will ensure that George is a winner in any company. This is a totally sunny child.

Venus in Leo, Venus in the First House

George has Venus in Leo in the First House, suggesting that this will be a complete little charmer. As this child develops you could well have a crowd stopper in your midst. Physically these kids are usually very attractive even when nature hasn't been totally generous. They naturally look good. The aura that engulfs the entire personality and psyche is radiant and very infectious.

These kids are socially outgoing with a happy outlook on life. This attracts an abundance of friends and admirers. The demeanour will be bold, optimistic and confident. But George will put a lot of subtle effort into personal appearance as life unfolds. These charismatic kids will work hard to create "drop dead gorgeous" or outrageously different, which will apply right throughout life. There is a vast degree of vanity that goes with Venus in Leo in the 1st House.

George will love bright and colourful objects that are nice to look at and nice to touch. These kids will want all the quirky and faddish things the minute they hit the shops. Anything that enhances the image will have a "must have" tag. There can be artistic tendencies, which should be explored because there will be a natural appreciation of beauty. This can be the beginning of expensive tastes and a hankering for luxuries.

The natural magnetism and ability to win friends and influence people can be cute in a child, but George will need to learn to give as well as take. Charm can turn into manipulation when misused, which is not nearly so attractive. There can be a tendency to be a bit selfish which can mar this child's otherwise lovely nature. But George will usually try to be as honest as the demeanour suggests. With Venus in the 1st House the ego is hungry and demands to be fed.

George will use the natural resources of tact and diplomacy rather than aggression or hostility to hold the moral high ground. But this is no pushover either. This rather confident kid will not give in easily. When the mind is set, this child will dig the heels in to get its own way. Even while young, George will know what buttons to push to win.

This child will be dazzling and exciting and hard to resist, but could need to learn to be a bit more "solid" to be totally credible.

Mars in Virgo

Mars is essentially the "I am" in us.  It is the "I -me -and -mine" - the basic, subjective ego.  It is our energy, our initiative, and our drive.  It is our aggression, our temperament, and our passion.  Mars is the physical side of our psyche.  A strong Mars makes for great sports people because they will be competitive with a real desire to win.  Later in life, Mars indicates our sex drive.
This is a fiery little planet, so a strong Mars is a "fiery" little person who runs on high octane - one who will never know when to stop.  The "water signs" can dilute this energy somewhat, or can perhaps drive the passion inward.  The "fire" will then not be so obvious.  However, once we get the hang of our Mars sign, it is an important part of us.  It is the fuel on which we run.

These children with Mars in Virgo work everything out to the last detail.  George is a perfectionist.  Every action will be considered thoroughly and every move will need to have some purpose.  This is reflected in the way George will work, which is carefully and systematically with great attention to detail.  These youngsters will take the time to do their "homework" before they start a project.  They like to have all the facts and all the options at their fingertips.  They can't be bothered wasting time or energy on anything foolish and hate to leave anything half finished.  This child will respect tools, and will enjoy working with all the latest gadgets.  There is the patience and the willingness to take the time to master difficult techniques.

George will not be particularly interested in physical team sports.  Individual type activities like gymnastics or skating, will appeal more because these kids are more attuned to "thinking."  They would enjoy the more intellectual "games."

As George grows up, a strong sense of responsibility will develop.  These children dislike irresponsibility in others as well as in themselves.  But try to encourage George not to be too critical of others.  Encourage a tolerant outlook and acceptance that everyone does not share their perfectionist abilities.  Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and social workers often have Mars placed here.  There is much associated with this placement that involves helping people.  George will need to feel needed but this can also be the classic workaholic later in life.

The adolescent years and the onset of puberty can disturb these youngsters.  George might not like the physical changes and girls, particularly, can get caught up in weight obsession or something similar.  These youngsters can be rather slow to warm to the opposite sex.  A petty hate session with the kid next door could be the sign of a budding romance.

Mars in Virgo, Mars in the Second House

George has the energetic little planet Mars in Virgo in the Second House. These kids will be very interested in creature comforts and will set about amassing as much as possible. When they see something that they want, they will want it very much. And they will work hard to get it. George will probably be great at saving pocket money, and will then spend those savings in an instant. This child will insist on having complete control over their spending power. Any interference will be met with disdain, because George will have very set views. However, budgetary advice early will serve a good purpose. Without this there will be a tendency to have an eye on assets with little understanding of how to cover the costs. The adult with Mars in Virgo in the 2nd House can be ruthless in their pursuit of self-gratification.

George will need to be taught early to look beyond viewing acquisitions as a competitive edge or consolation. This impulsiveness to "own" can become a big problem. Precious energy can be used entirely on over-indulgence, which will be instrumental in creating a shallow perspective of life. George will probably always have a very strong sense of ownership and anyone who challenges this will stir up a real anger. Moderation and an analysis of why possessions are so important should be addressed. This is a lesson better learned while young.

These children may not be absolutely selfish, but they will want to share only on their own terms, not because they have to. If a brother or sister takes something without asking, this youngster will really blow up. And there will be real fireworks if someone damages something of theirs. George may be careless, but no one else can be. This will particularly apply to personal belongings. Help George to learn to be less possessive. Otherwise the attitude can cause belongings to bring more pain than pleasure, keeping George from fully appreciating the pleasure, the responsibility and the privilege of "ownership". This can include key relationships throughout life.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter is a slower moving planet that stays in the same sign for about a year. Its sign has a direct personal effect only when it is in close aspect to the Ascendant or Midheaven, or forms a strong aspect with one of the personal planets. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, and often, luck.
The house position of Jupiter relates to areas of life in which we will want to grow. It shows the area in which we are likely to think positively and optimistically. In a general sense, things work well for us in the house that Jupiter occupies. The keyword for Jupiter is expansion. That can be physically, mentally, or spiritually. Jupiter's position can relate to the expansion of assets relating to financial freedom, or perhaps, even, weight.

George has Jupiter in Libra. These kids have a great love of beauty and harmony and they do need a "nice" environment in which to grow. They will seem to have been born with an eye for elegance.

Friends and relationships will always be important. There is a need to interact to develop personal growth. It is important for these kids to know how much they do need their friends and not to take them for granted. Even friendships that may not seem quite right have a purpose and there will be learning through any adversity.

George will always be very fair and will always be able to see both sides of any issues. This is the arbitrator. The preference is for balance rather than discord and this child will work hard to restore a bad atmosphere. These kids are outgoing and popular. They are likely to meet many people throughout life who will help them and encourage them because of a very receptive attitude.

There could be success in business in adulthood as George does have a good business head sitting on those young shoulders. There is the ability to instil confidence and bring out the best in others. There is also the ability to be able to persuade and sway public opinion.

Jupiter in Libra can suggest legal problems being of significance at sometime during life.

Jupiter in Libra, Jupiter in the Third House

George has Jupiter in Libra in the 3rd House. These kids will be very curious, asking loads of awkward questions in a quest to learn as much as possible. They are witty and cheerful. The speech is colourful and expressive, but they can get quite agitated if not understood, or not listened to. There can be a nervousness attached to the energy that can lead to bouts of depression. These kids will need a lot of mental stimulation, with fresh and new things to investigate and do. George will love to trip around the neighbourhood in search of new people and new stuff or simply to explore. Anything but to sit still and be bored. Quite often Jupiter in the 3rd House signifies a great love of travel later in life. And if these people cannot actually travel to exotic destinations, they will enjoy reading and learning about faraway places and cultures. It could be that the formative years involve many changes of residence or perhaps domestic arrangements that are continually evolving or moving in different directions.

Throughout life, George will want to be free to make personal choices and judgements. These kids are quite dogmatic - they enjoy expressing their own opinions that are seen as the only opinions worth considering. They do not enjoy being "talked at" but they can certainly be guilty of this trait themselves. They want to interact and put in their own theories and opinions. This expansive mind understands easily.  It digests information with relative ease and, often, with alarming speed. There could be linguistic talents because anything foreign or "different" is likely to appeal and be easily mastered. Both the oral and the written word should be clever, charming and persuasive.

George should cruise through life with the ability to get along with anyone, knowing instinctively the "right" words to say. This friendly child will know everyone there is to know and will feel comfortable in any company at all. George will want to keep in touch with the relatives and extended family as well. As these kids grow up, they are likely to receive lots of support from such people. Jupiter in the 3rd House can indicate influential friends who are instrumental in refining and easing a path to success. A brother or a sister may be very helpful in this little person's development - maybe simply as a role model, but maybe in the area of direction or opportunity. There should be a good relationship with siblings - who could be many. But, George could simply take on board many friends and acquaintances that are seen as "family".

The communication skills should be superb. The range of interests and the talents are wide and diverse. Here is the mark of a great teacher or lecturer who exudes confidence and flair. Perhaps there is a political life up ahead. These kids can be musical, or at least develop a love of music that will remain throughout life. This is potentially a cultured mind. The options are many.

Saturn in Cancer

There are always two sides of Saturn - what is, and what can be. Saturn stays in the same sign for approximately two and a half years, so all of the children born around the same time as George will show the same characteristics. Saturn in the sign is therefore personal only when forming one or more aspect(s) with the personal planets, the Ascendant, or the Midheaven.
Read these aspects thoroughly to be more aware of Saturn and what it has to teach this child.
Saturn is all about progress, but it is the slow and sure progress - nothing happens quickly with this rather severe planet. This is where we learn the art of survival. Saturn makes us stop, look, and listen and not go rushing in. This is where we come up against brick walls, where we have to review the lessons learned and modify the next move. Saturn makes us accept responsibility, accept a challenge, and move forward. Saturn is the reason behind many of our fears, our sense of guilt and our sense of failure, but, again, when we beat these obstacles, we are so much wiser and stronger.
The House in which Saturn falls signifies the areas where life can be tough. Nothing seems to come easily, and yet the prospects are of significance. This is the area where our fears will have to be addressed, and where our confidence will need to be lifted. Discipline and patience will be badly needed here in order for us to gain control. It is where we must stop and think, but ultimately we learn from Saturn - he is a great teacher. Saturn is often related to the father figure, or the "authority" figure that influences George. Difficult aspects with Saturn often indicate problems in this area.
Saturn often sounds rather negative which is not accurate. Consider Saturn as a hurdle that is there to be conquered - not as an obstacle to fear.

George has the planet, Saturn, in the sensitive sign of Cancer. The sensitivity is often even deeper than usual here. There needs to be a whole lot of emotional security invested. This little one needs a solid family base and a home that feels safe and secure. George will be almost terrified of major change or perhaps of being abandoned for some reason. These kids need someone to turn to who is always available and ready to listen and reassure this nervous kid. It is especially important that these kids know they are loved and supported unconditionally. Otherwise, a very deep- rooted insecurity will come through. George can find it impossible to trust anyone at all. The natural reaction will be to clam up and not say a word, never exposing those deep hurts and fears. You can have a brick wall. This little one can feign illness for attention and will actually become quite ill in the process.

Home and family weigh heavily on this child. Later in life, many of these kids will give up personal opportunities to respect obligations to the family in some way. Family is both a bond and a burden. This child actually yearns to nurture - but will also yearn to be nurtured as well.

Often, there is a lack of closeness and warmth within the family. Positive interaction between George and the parents can be lacking. This little person does love these parents very much but has a whole lot of difficulty showing these feelings, especially if the environment is not naturally warm and affectionate. But often this sensitive kid simply needs more than is possible in the circumstances anyway.

Saturn in Cancer, Saturn in the Twelfth House

George has the planet Saturn in Cancer in the Twelfth House. This can be a lonely and scary house for Saturn to be in until it is understood. It can certainly be difficult in the young adult years. These kids are so easily discouraged - they will beat themselves up for no particular reason. There is a natural sense of inferiority, with the feeling that they do not measure up - and no one listens. They often feel that they are not particularly well-liked, and in many ways, they feel "unlovable". The imagination runs wild. No matter how hard friends or family try to convince them that they are great, these kids just cannot accept it or believe it. George can reject all offers of help no matter how sincere and loving. Often this attitude can be the result of upheavals or instability that can be traced back to very early experiences. There could have been an isolated and minor episode which, however, was enough to break the trust of this small child. The subconscious carefully stores all the experiences and memories, which can surface at anytime at all.

George will need to be guided carefully and lovingly through the basis of this inadequacy. It usually lies within and so has to be extracted out into the open. With maturity, these problems will lessen and this child will become more secure and self-confident. But somewhere along the line, the door to the closet will have to be opened to let the ghosts fly free - and then watch all fears fly away. But often these poor kids will need a bit of a helping hand to find the courage to open that door.

Sometimes this placement can indicate a chronic illness of some kind that has to be lived with, which will never suggest an easy life. But Saturn in the 12th House more often indicates an inner battle that needs to be fought in some way, shape, or form.

Turning Saturn into a positive can reap great rewards. George, with inner strength accepted, will have the ability to realise all the soul-nourishing dreams. The imaginative and sensitive gifts can be remarkable, and with the solid help of Saturn, these gifts can materialise into a real rock-solid worth. George has the gifts to firm-up illusions and to perceive that which many miss.

As life evolves, there will be times when the effects of Saturn will be felt. George can feel abandoned and totally misunderstood. The confidence and the energy will drop. The nerves get shaky and life can just seem too heavy and too negative. However, by accepting that the most valuable lessons are often the hardest, and that those lessons are what the heavenly teacher has in mind, George will emerge wiser and stronger.

Uranus in the Eleventh House

11th House: School friends, acquaintances, and any interaction with groups outside of the family environment. The developing of skills within social and sports clubs where expanding and sharing ideas and ideals is the issue. This house includes influential peer groups and help received along the way, which includes Hopes and inspiration.

George has the unpredictable planet Uranus in the Eleventh House. This child will gravitate towards very unconventional friends and groups. This is a non-conformist with strong and powerful goals. These children will mix in very easily with any types of people because they will be quite non-judgmental. Different cultures, minority groups - even 'social outcasts' - will attract George, who will strive to understand the differences. But these children can be quite remote and cool. They will love company, and would never be considered a 'loner'; however, freedom is very important too. George will not like to feel hemmed in or restricted in any way. But this is a very fair person who will always go out in support of the underdog.

George can have quite an outrageous attitude and may try hard to shock the more conventional types. In many ways, this person can be quite traditional but will prefer to be seen as "different". George could join groups later in life simply to mix in with unusual types with unusual interests and then be happy to go home to a rather conventional home life. Perhaps the leaning could be towards people who are interested in astrology, astronomy, philosophy or, maybe, the scientific side of occult. The unpredictable influence of Uranus does suggest that interests, friends, and groups can change in an instant.

Life's goals and ambitions can change course in sudden and erratic ways. These children can have some difficulty in making up their mind and settling into a career. Even when this path has been established, unusual changes can occur. George could well set out in one direction and then change course on the spur of the moment. And so end up in a totally different area altogether. But a lot of ground will be covered, making for an interesting and enlightening life.

Neptune in the Third House

3rd House: This House is about early education. It is about mental stimulation that provokes learning through interaction and experience. And then using the lessons. The area for the child is the playground, playgroups and mixing with children the same age. It is about becoming familiar with the local environment and the neighbours. This is essentially the House that is all about communication at its best and its beginnings.

Neptune in the Third House heightens the imagination, which George will show in all areas of creative communication. Neptune in this House often suggests dealings with the media or with advertising. Poetry, prose, - in fact any sort of inspired word will draw George. However, there can be a wee problem that needs to be sorted. These kids have to learn to separate truth from fantasy, separate what they want to believe from what they know to be true. George must be taught to identify the imagination, the logical, and the actual, and then deal with the differences of all areas on an equal footing.

This child, when young, will have some problems with stopping the mind from drifting and wandering. There can even be nervous disorders as there can be deep insecurities in the childhood years. Often there can be rifts with the family at some stage, which could attribute to this "nervousness". This could also attribute to the tendency to fabricate or expand on the truth. It is not always the case, but there is a strong possibility with Neptune in the third House, that lies and deceit do come easily.

These kids can put family members on an unrealistic pedestal rather than accept a less than perfect situation. There are many ways that George could actually feel deceived and in turn, become deceptive. Obviously, this sensitive kid needs to be taught to accept reality and opt for the inspirational world of fantasy as an adventure and a creative but productive part of the psyche. With this vivid imagination, these children can say a great deal to make others understand. Take the time to allow George to shake off the negatives and share the positives. Neptune in the third House shows a very intuitive mind, and sometimes, clairvoyant abilities. George can be too idealistic and quite gullible so must learn not to accept everything so readily.

Pluto in the First House

1st House: This powerful House is essentially the outward expression and obvious character traits. It represents the "I, me, and mine" - the ego and the subjective - the "I want" attitude. This House also shows the "I can do" attitude. This is about spontaneous openness, and the inherent qualities that drive the personality.

George has the powerful planet, Pluto, in the First House so will be very intense taking everything seriously. It is all or nothing - either something has to be so important that this child will have to throw themselves in 100% - or they simply will not bother at all.

George will have strong will power. The extremes to which this child can go can be quite scary for others who are more relaxed. The approach is full on and packed full of mental and physical energy. The actual presence will be quite powerful - if not over-powering. This child will always push the limits simply to see how far they can go.

George will need to realise the effect that the personality does have because there will be a strong magnetism. However, these kids have the ability to stir up intense feelings in others. The powerful attraction will be difficult to miss. But this can provoke as much strong dislike as it does respect. George needs to accept this ability and accept the responsibility. In many ways, these kids can be loners. Friends that are made will be deep and solid with a real base, but these friends will probably be few. Often there is a feeling of being misunderstood, but deep down this is a bit of an enigma. Generally, these are a gentle and very sensitive people. However, when provoked or panicked, there is enormous anger that surfaces.

Conformity is never easy with Pluto in the 1st House. There is often the gift to be able to look back and see the future quite clearly. This broody child will be private and deep. George will always be quite capable of handling life and all the lessons that are thrown in. The actual "image" projected will be private, but under the surface, there will be continual changing and growing. George will have the ability to lead but will have to take care to aim for objective results rather than be totally subjective.

Planets in Aspect


An explanation of the Aspects: These are very important in any natal chart. It is when 2 or more planets "make connection" with each other. To be of significance, the "orb" or degree of this connection, must be relatively close. All the Aspects are of significance, but some are more powerful than are others. And, of course, they all have different meanings.

All of the aspects that are relevant are automatically listed in order of strength. Obviously, the higher the strength the more relevant and potent the aspect.

Conjunction: A powerful and dynamic aspect. This is when two or more planets are sitting right next to each other and they will either back each other up, or compete against each other. Being in the same sign and same house adds up to a lot of weight.

Trine: A distance of 120-degrees between any planet forms a "Trine". These planets will be in the same Element so they will blend well and flow. The Trine brings comfort, ease, and benefit with little effort.

Sextile: The distance between any planets involved in a "Sextile" is 60 degrees. This aspect brings the opportunity to be productive or creative. But the energy of the Sextile must be used - it will not just "happen" Both planets will fall in either Masculine or Feminine signs, so they are compatible.

Square: There will be a 90-degree separation between any planets involved in a "Square". Here is an indication of obstacles and stress that need to be worked through. The planets "square off" against each other but - these are personal learning curves of life. These are hurdles for us to jump but through them we learn and grow. The lessons from Squares tend to be subjective. These aspects will be in signs of the same quality.

Opposition: As the name suggests, any planets that form an "opposition" will be smack, bang opposite each other at 180-degrees apart. This is where one learns to compromise and give a little. The opposition usually involves other people. These lessons are quite objective. Being in polar opposite signs of the zodiac, these planets mirror each other.

Inconjunct also known as the Quincunx: This is considered a "minor" aspect but is about our personal growth and long-term development in the area of the personality. It shows us our limitations and how we can expand a little. The distance between the two celestial bodies here will be 150 degrees apart. Being relatively minor, the orb used is generally rather tight. This aspect would be almost exact to rate in this interpretation.

Mercury conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  11.01)

The conjunctions add emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets.

George has the busy little planet Mercury in conjunction to the deep and probing Pluto.  These children want to understand and will ask incessant questions in order to satisfy this need.  There is a great cryptic ability and George will like to look for a hidden meaning even if there is not one.

George will have a fascination for the supernatural, ghosts, and any other of the great mysteries of life.  The "unknown" will hold a very natural curiosity.  These youngsters like nothing better that a riddle or a puzzle that needs untangling.  This is the hallmark of a little sleuth, but George will tend to take too much interest in matters that are not of personal concern.  This inquisitive kid can poke and pry into areas that are off limits. While being very defensive of their own ideas and theories, these kids do tend to need to know everyone else's business.

George will have high principles and strong opinions.  The expression will be forceful and profound with little tolerance of the views of others.  This aspect often brings nervous impatience and irritability.  These youngsters hate to have anyone challenge their views.  But they will refuse to budge once they have made their mind up so they can be rather over-bearing at times.  There is a real need to curb this dogmatic and inflexible attitude. Fortunately, George will learn with maturity.  These kids can influence others in such a subtle way that others do not even notice.  They can be very manipulative.  Even while young, this child will be an expert on figuring out how to "read" the intentions and inner thoughts of others.  George might even head in this direction in adulthood because the area of psychology will always fascinate.  There is a natural understanding of the workings of human nature with this aspect, which can be used as a blessing or a curse.  Using the ability to "help" others can be rewarding but using this ability as a manipulative tool can be destructive.

Moon conjunct Jupiter  (Strength:  10.22)

The conjunction adds emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets involved by the close proximity.

With the sensitive Moon and big, warm Jupiter cuddled up in a nice cosy conjunction, George has been blessed with one of the nicest aspects in the book. Generally, these kids are popular, congenial, and optimistic with an attitude that people love. They feel good in themselves most of the time and they make others feel good too. They can blow away the darkest clouds, and if this kid ever does get depressed they keep it to themselves - no one would know. Even when things are not going well, George will see the funny side of the situation and will wait for the moment to pass. However, this little one can feel bullet-proof, and take some big risks. The reactions are spontaneous, so little thought will go into danger, or the sensibility of whatever catches the eye. George just wants a part of any action that is available.

The Mother figure will play a big role in this child's life, and this is important. She will have a strong influence on this child's attitudes and life as a whole. Usually, with this aspect, the influence from the Mother figure is positive and helpful.

George is a generous child, tolerant and quite non-judgmental. In fact, these kids enjoy all people, no matter who they are. They thoroughly enjoy anyone who is a bit different, people from another culture, or walk of life. Those who belong to the most diverse minority group will fascinate rather then repel. George will want to know all the ins and outs of the "differences" and add it to the vast menu of experience that life offers.

This is a fun-loving person who enjoys good times and likes to be happy and live in a happy world. Play will always appeal more than work, so this could need some serious attention. It may be hard for this child to settle down and do what has to be done. Or the need to just have fun could leave them totally exhausted, and quite forgetting the chores or the mundane things that have to be done. There can be a bit too much of a good thing and a tendency to neglect the fact that discipline does come into the equation.

Often having this aspect shows an adult who will find jobs working with the underprivileged in rehabilitation programs, or a similar type of occupation. George will enjoy working for a cause, trying to make a bad situation better in a humanitarian way. This is such a giving person and George will find success because of this.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  8.88)

The conjunctions adds emphasis to the power, the energy and the vitality of the planets.

George has Mercury, the planet of communication in conjunction to the Ascendant. An obvious part of the personality will be talkative to say the least. Even while these children are young, talking and exchanging ideas with others is a very important part of their life. They are very curious so will ask questions of everyone they meet. The mind is very active but does not work best when alone. George will need others to give ideas and stimulate the thinking. These kids just love company.

In school, this chatty nature can cause problems. It is hard for this child to be quiet once the mind is running full speed. They have to learn to control their minds and vocal chords just a little. They need to learn to use their ears as well. George will enjoy games, especially ones that involve the mind and the thinking powers. Anything which will help the learning, the personal growth, and intellectual development.

Ideas can change course very quickly. These kids will dart from idea to idea. It can be too easy for them to become a person who knows a little about lots of things, but not enough about any one subject. They must learn to use this good brain to its fullest by learning to slow down. Learning to concentrate to avoid becoming an intellectual "Jack of all trades". George will need a bit of discipline here. In maturity, this restlessness will probably lead to wanting to travel a lot, although not necessarily over long distances.

Pluto conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  7.82)

The conjunctions add emphasis to the power, the energy and the vitality of the planets.

George has the planet, Pluto, in conjunction to the Ascendant: This aspect is very intense and makes for a very intense little person. These kids will have a lot of difficulty taking the light or easy approach to anything. This includes friendships, relationships, or any basic situation. It is all or nothing here - in fact, "fanatical" can spring to mind rather easily.

George will have highly charged emotions and throughout life will go through heavy and difficult psychological changes. This process will be rather private, but George will seem to emerge as quite a different person. While going through these phases, George will be very touchy, grumpy, and prone to rather wild outbursts of emotion. But these kids thrive on the process of change and accept the pain that is attached. The rest of the family just has to be patient and understanding.

With maturity, this aspect is more concerned with power and control. The older George will want to be in charge and will be rather dominating and dogmatic but will also be very capable. However, these kids must learn to work with others. If this powerful unit becomes a control freak, it will be met with a lot of resistance. But with learning to use these powerful abilities as a collective energy, George will be very effective. The ambitions will be realised along with a whole lot of respect - all of which will be gained with ease.

Jupiter trine Uranus  (Strength:  4.94)

Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.

George has the big planet Jupiter in Trine to the erratic planet Uranus. Uranus moves very slowly, so this aspect will affect all of the kids in the same age group as George. Unless there are other aspects between these two planets and the more personal planets, this aspect should be looked at in a rather general way.

These kids will generally love their freedom, will be independent, and hold a strong set of principles. They like to see that everyone gets a fair break. They will make it their business to "do something about it" if they do see any sort of injustice or unfairness within their midst. These kids can make this their mission in life.

These youngsters will accept the rules but they will also ask for justification if they feel that practices are questionable. They can rather resent custom and tradition. These kids are quite visionary and are quick to see fundamental changes that are needed in the establishment. These are tomorrow's kids. They believe in progress.

Moon trine Uranus  (Strength:  4.00)

Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.

With the emotional Moon in trine to the cranky planet Uranus, George will have a strong need for personal freedom. These kids want to do things their way. They want to be free to make their own decisions. They want to choose their own friends. Probably their choice of friends will be questionable, but they will gravitate towards the more individual and unusual sorts of people.

These kids are not acutely rebellious. They can seem quite straight, but they are "different". They will be attracted to anything that seems odd or unusual. Sometimes the emphasis is on "different" rather than because of any genuine interest. George will simply like to take a stand to firmly stamp the mark of individuality.

There can be many changes in this child's life, change of residence or change of family situations, but George will adjust quickly and easily. These changes will be seen as exciting and fun, not debilitating. This restless kid thrives on movement of any sort.

George will be very non-judgmental accepting everyone on face value. These kids make up their own minds, have their own opinions and will resent any form of segregation or double standards. There is a powerful sense of fairness here.

George will be mentally alert and able to absorb knowledge easily. There is a powerful ability to win any argument because these kids are always well armed with the facts. The colourful expression is original, spontaneous, and imaginative.

George will probably have a lot of unusual experiences throughout life and the lessons learned will be many.

Neptune sextile Ascendant  (Strength:  2.83)

Sextiles bring chances and opportunity. Effort is needed to realise the full potential.

George has the planet, Neptune, sextile the Ascendant so will be very sensitive to the needs of others. These kids will always want to be there to help anyone in need. If anyone is hurting, physically or emotionally, George will want to heal the pain. This intuitive child is so finely tuned in to the spiritual and is likely to be very psychic.

George may pick up strong vibes from the environment and especially while young, can be ridiculed and not believed. These "things" could be labelled as childish fantasies or lies even - so always check this out. This child will feel confused anyway and will feel thoroughly wretched if accused of lying as well. They will need for their family and friends to try to help them understand what they see and feel, not inflict further confusion. George will love anything mystifying, incredible, or eerie. George wants and needs to tune into the spiritual and unseen world of the psyche.

There can be a real creative person here with an amazing ability to draw on unique and inspirational sights. Help to bring these gifts out into the open to be shared. George will love to be understood and accepted for the deep and unique "difference" that marks this child.

Saturn square Midheaven  (Strength:  2.72)

The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.

With Saturn square the Midheaven, George could have problems dealing with authority. These kids feel that teachers, even parents, do not accept them and are just out to make life hard. Often this child will feel very much alone and that no one really cares about them, so they withdraw. But this is not usually true. These kids get a bee in their bonnets and make it impossible for anyone to get close to them.

George needs to learn to co-operate and fit in. It is also possible that this little soul is not getting the emotional support and love they need. It could stem from the home where affection is not a part of life or perhaps too many burdens are put on for some reason. Maybe expectations are too high. Somewhere along the line, this little one does need to go out into the world and find people who are warm and loving. Friends who care, share, and offer support. The bottom line is that George needs to feel "good" within - to develop some confidence in the ability to achieve, and to be totally accepted by friends and peers without even trying.

It will be too easy for this child to simply retreat. If this problem of loneliness and non-acceptance is left for too long, it will be so difficult to shake. The loneliness will become a way of life which will diminish the ability to interact in any way at all.

Even in a warm and loving home environment, these kids can still prefer to remain aloof and isolated. They can actually simply prefer to be alone and feel comfortable within. This can be quite OK, but it is imperative that this is a personal choice rather than a whole set of hang-ups that have driven this child away.

Sun square Moon  (Strength:  2.38)

The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.

The Sun is "squared off" against the Moon in this chart. This can cause a few problems for George. This aspect is often a sign of a child who seems to have an on-going battle with the emotions. The real problem is the lack of self-acceptance. This is the lesson that will have to be faced throughout life - to accept the self. The only thing wrong with these children is that they think something is wrong with who they are. Try early to assure this little one that nothing is wrong. Try to maximise the good features, the things that they do well, their talents and the personality. Try to avoid personal criticisms.

Often this aspect indicates that there is some friction in the home. The parents could have very different ideas or have very different natures, or simply they may not have a relaxed relationship. George is highly sensitive and will probably feel like the meat in the sandwich.  The poor kid will try hard to please both parents and not really know how to achieve this. This is often the beginning of the inner confusion of not having a clue on how to act naturally. They become totally afraid to let their own light shine through. The childhood can be difficult, but George will actually learn a whole lot. During these years, George will learn to deal with life and all its little problems. But this does not help the isolation that may be felt as a young child. Often this aspect signifies difficulty with the opposite sex in adulthood. But if childhood resentments are minimised and addressed, this will not be a major issue.

These kids have the capacity to challenge themselves from within. They can question, examine, and accept change and growth. They will constantly reach for new heights and new goals and so stretch their capabilities naturally and in a healthy way.

Venus trine Midheaven  (Strength:  2.29)

Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.

Venus, the planet of love, in trine to the Midheaven shows a gentle natured child who will seem to be born with an abundance of creative gifts. In fact, later in life, George may well have a career in art, crafts, decorating, or some field that involves beauty or 'beautifying'. Do encourage this area very early in life.

These children have a charming and caring nature. They will be very social, and will enjoy company and friends. They will like to have a good time. There will be little aggression in this child. They will much prefer to go with the flow and apply diplomacy, rather than get involved in an emotional scrap. George will recognise the ability to use the natural charm effectively and will not be afraid to use this ploy. Winning with a smile and keeping everyone happy will be a very useful and enviable tool. Love and friendship rate high on the list of priorities; this is a 'make love, not war' child. The strength of character that George displays will earn a whole lot of respect.

These children will prefer being with company than being alone, and can struggle to amuse themselves if they are left to their own devices. When they are older, they will always seem to be in a 'relationship' because, again, they don't like to be alone. However, this should never be a problem. With a nature as lovely as this, George will never be short of friends and admirers.

The relationship with the parents should be very positive. The early life should be very pleasant. This will instil confidence, which allows these children to get along well with the authority figures in their lives. In adulthood, George will have good memories of the childhood years and the family.


The prominence of the Planets and the contacts that they make with each other define the strongest Planet(s) in the Natal Chart. Some planets make a lot of "noise" which you will see in the area of the "Aspects" whilst some are just waiting for something to happen. The following are considered the Powerhouse Planets and their meetings and positions add a further dimension to the attitudes and aptitudes of George.

There can be more than one "strongest planet" in which case the person will have a natural ability to dance to many tunes - they will be adaptable and versatile. But if one planet or luminary comes through as the absolute leader, then the person will be very specifically made up of the flavour of that celestial body.

Moon Dominant  (Strength:  26.52)

The Moon is actually a satellite of planet Earth, so this makes it a very powerful connection. The Moon waxes, wanes, and goes through many phases each month; the true Moon person expresses these phases as moods. The Moon has no light of its own. It absorbs the Sun's rays and bounces a shadowy beam. The true Moon person absorbs and reflects.

George will reflect the "Mother" image. The family bonds will be very strong and the nurturing nature will be sympathetic and very caring. These children will remember everything from their very earliest childhood, with their feelings and their sensitivities. The Moon can cast some beautiful images and some distorted shadows. George, with a predominant Moon influence, can be difficult to gauge. But these kids can also have quite a lot of difficulty understanding how the mind works. Consequently, the image that is projected is rather mysterious.

A predominant "Moon" chart has a rare sense of beauty and a deep sensitivity. George can also pick up the wrong end of the stick. This child can take a totally subjective stance and hang on to it, blindly refusing to admit that they are wrong. They will revert to their emotions, get moody and broody, and probably sulk, rather than reach for logic. The Moon to a large degree, is the base personality, our instinctive emotional response. The Moon  is the part of us that others feel. The Moon is the vibration through which we feel. But this satellite of Earth is also highly intuitive. These kids must learn to trust their instincts because these instincts are very accurate. The Moon often indicates a psychic ability.

George will be emotional, will be easily hurt, and will be moody. But George will also be loving, loyal, and very genuine.

Jupiter Dominant  (Strength:  23.94)

Jupiter is the big benevolent planet of expansion, self-improvement, and knowledge. A predominant Jupiter can be very fortunate. Jupiter expands on all it touches - even the waistline through over-indulgences. George will be optimistic - cheerful with a winning smile. There will be a thirst for knowledge. George will probably be the eternal student who will know something about everything, being especially interested in the "bigger" issues. The global issues, the universe, politics, the legal system, and the law. Often a strong Jupiter type will set themselves up as judge and jury on matters of principle. They can state their case clearly and in the most persuasive way. These kids soon learn that they do emit a power, which they will enjoy. Equally, they will gravitate towards powerful and inspirational people from whom they can learn. The "idols" that George singles out are likely to be in the realms of a world leader rather than the latest pop star.

These kids will have magnetism. Just their sheer sense of joy will carry them, and others, to dizzy heights. However, they can get carried away with their own self-importance and not take anyone else's opinions into consideration. They can easily miss the wood for the trees when they get up on their soapbox. This does not make this child selfish, as they do not relate to the futile and small notions of human nature. They simply get too pumped up to stop and listen.

Jupiter is a huge planet but astrologically it is also seen as relatively light and agile. It simply will not allow itself to get bogged down.

Some Keywords for Jupiter: Opportunity. Expansion. Enthusiasm.

Negative: Fanatical. Indulgent. Smug.

Mercury Dominant  (Strength:  20.07)

Mercury, the mythical messenger, predominant in the natal Chart points to communication and the mind.  This strong influence makes for a youngster who is articulate, versatile, agile, and energetic.  The mind will dart from one subject to the next, but the ability to process and express what has been absorbed should be keen.  This busy little planet collects and classifies all the information that filters through the brain and the mind.  And it carefully discards what it does not need, or already knows.  This is how George will operate on such an intellectual level.  This child will just have to be able to express how they feel.  George will want you to know, understand, and listen.  Sharing all of that knowledge is at least half of the fun of learning.

Mercury also heightens the co-ordination, allowing flexibility both of the mind and the physical body.  When the influence of Mercury flows through a Gemini influence, the mental capacity will be very strong.  The warm and humorous side of this planet shines through.  When this energy comes from a strong Virgo showing, the dexterity will be the ability to use the hands to create.  Although the mind is clever and capable, it reflects the cooler side of Mercury - the analytical and the self-critical side.

All of these children will love to learn.  They will argue the point, make their thoughts known, and they will be expressive in their writing and oral skills.

George can also suffer from nerves as Mercury rules the nervous system.  It is highly likely that this child runs on nervous energy.  This Planet also covers the memory and the perception.


The Strongest sign often coincides with that of the Sun in the Natal Chart, because the planet Mercury is the Sun's closest companion - they are never far apart. The planet Venus can also stick quite closely to the mighty Sun. So, one or more of these planets are often in the same sign as the Sun at birth, adding further strength.

However, in many cases the "outer" planets can gang up and create a very strong, but quite a different, influence. This area of the Chart will either add more weight to the colour and personality of this Child or it could add a further hue to their approach and intensity.

If there is more than one "strongest sign", which is likely, the person will have various facets to their approach and abilities, and so will scatter their energies somewhat. If there is one singleton sign, which outweighs the rest, George will be more easily recognised by the attributes of the sign involved.

Libra Dominant  (Strength:  180.21)

One of the strongest signs in this Chart is Libra, which is symbolised by the Scales. Libra is all about balance, harmony, and creating the most pleasant atmosphere possible. George will be friendly, affectionate, and usually very courteous. There will be a sort of charisma that makes this child the darling of their "elders". They do like to please, and they like to look good. This child will learn how to use this natural charm very effectively from a very young age. George will probably like cool clothes, designer labels and will take more care about the personal appearance than most. These children will want to have all the latest gimmicks as soon as they hit the shops.

This child will always prefer to be with another friend or in a group. They do need the assurances that they get from company. They draw strength from others and have a great need to share all that they have and know. The Libra personality sees itself as one half of a whole. They need company to feel complete.

These kids will be very fair and will always come out in defence of the underdog. They will always listen to both sides and assume the role (very well too) of the arbitrator. Libra also signifies justice; the child who has this sign so strong will be a sound judge and jury if the rules are broken, or if someone is getting hurt in an unfair process.

A problem that George will have though, is trying too hard to please. This child can struggle to make a real decision. It is often better to make the choices yourself if a quick decision is needed. These kids will weigh up all the pros and cons and either say "you decide", or else will want to take both options. This diplomat will bend over backwards to please and will work very hard not to offend.

Libra is often described as "lazy Libra". These children can take a long time to get motivated, but when they are committed to a task, they will hang in there for as long and as hard as it takes. However, these kids do seem to "stroll" rather than rush.

Leo Dominant  (Strength:  165.67)

One of the strongest signs in this Chart is Leo. This is the regal sign. This is Leo, the King of the jungle. George will have an optimistic attitude. This child will seem quite fearless and will like to be in command. These kids are outgoing, they love to have fun, and they love other people to have fun too. George will like to act, to perform, and to entertain. These children are very social. They love to have centre stage. They like to be noticed. And they need to be liked and respected.

This personality can seem to be quite bossy and dictatorial. But like their jungle friends a lot of this is bravado. If the Leo character is cornered, or put in a position where they feel threatened, they will probably roar or give a royal sniff and make a very majestic exit. They will feel mortally wounded. Their pride will be in shreds, but they will go off to a very private place to lick their wounds. No one will know how deep those wounds have gone. The proud Leo will not allow that sign of weakness to show. So, in effect, George will not accept defeat well at all, and will not let the defences slip in a noticeable way either. These kids are too proud for that, but deep down, that bold exterior evaporates and so does the confidence. Fortunately, these sunny-natured kids seldom hold a grudge. They are too social for that and they enjoy life too much to be angry or bitter for long.

These children are not very good on their own for prolonged periods. Later in life, as adults, they can have a very special way with children. The Leo spirit will always be young at heart.

Cancer Dominant  (Strength:  135.75)

One of the strongest signs in this chart for George is the sign of Cancer, the crab. Cancerians can be a lot like the crab in the rock-pool. They will nestle under the sand where they can see what is going on, but feel safely "hidden". The crab has its house on its back, wanting nothing more than to stay just where they are - forever. Everything will be peaceful and content until someone puts a careless toe in the wrong place. And then the crab will make its presence felt, - no matter the size or might of the intruder. The crab will then scuttle away having been felt, but probably, not seen. The Cancerian influence is not aggressive, but it is crabby, it can nip, and it often omits to explain where it is coming from. The "fight" involves minimum confrontation but it can cause a heavy atmosphere. This is the "Cancerian" way of getting noticed. The Cancerian does tend to sulk. The Moon rules Cancer so the Moon phases will affect the temperament of this child in quite a big way. So, obviously, George can be very moody indeed. These little ones can change their mind and their opinions in an instant and then give no explanations as to why.

But George can be a psychic sponge soaking up the atmosphere. These kids respond through their emotions. They are very sensitive and will be easily hurt. Often their shell conceals their vulnerability. These kids will have a mind of their own and are well able to make their own decisions. They can seem to be quite tough. But in other ways, they can be quite clingy and dependent on others.

Often the Cancerian child will be interested in history, especially family history. They do like to be able to identify with their roots and their heritage. The little Cancerian is firmly attached to the home and very territorial - fiercely protective of the family environment and all those that are dear to them. This is the little Mother of the Zodiac who will like nothing better than looking after anyone that will let them.

Cancer rules the stomach, the digestion, and these kids can be real worriers that bottle up the feelings and hurts. And then end up with tummy cramps, or simply go right off their food altogether. But caring, listening and loving will be of enormous help to George in times of stress. A big warm cuddle will do wonders.


The Houses in the Natal Chart are very significant because they indicate the areas where we have been born lucky or where we have serious work to do. The Houses define the areas in life where we expend our energies, where we find recurring issues with which we have to deal.

The basic Natal Chart is simply the blueprint of the Heavens at the exact time of our birth. But in reading a child's chart, there is a different emphasis. Obviously a child "reflects" its everyday environment during the formative years and this Natal chart for George acknowledges these reflections. In the case of a child, many of the attitudes and habits are reflections of the up bringing and environmental influences. Often work needs to be done to reach out for the opposite House to achieve a fuller picture.

Third House Dominant  (Strength:  194.55)

3rd House: This House is about early education. It is about mental stimulation that provokes learning through interaction and experience, and then using the lessons. The area for the child is the playground, playgroups, mixing with children the same age. It is about becoming familiar with the local environment and the neighbours. This is essentially the House that is all about communication at it best and its beginnings.

George has a lot of strength in the 3rd house. The 3rd House is all about early education, the local environment, brothers and sisters, and communications. It is the beginnings of 'standing on one's own feet'. It is the forming of opinions - getting to know people outside of the family home. It is discovering the mediums available that supply information, such as TV, Internet, telephones, newspapers, and using the good old vocal chords.

Within the home environment, George is likely to not only start talking early, but also, once started, may never stop. There will be a fair few arguments. This child loves a battle of wits, and sometimes being contrary is the best way to get the whole family talking. But guess who will always have the last word! And with age, this is likely to become a bit of a game, especially when it is assured of getting a reaction. These children will like to prove how smart they are and the best way they can do this is through their great word power.

George is bound to be very active in the local neighbourhood. This child will enjoy participating in any social activities, but will especially love talking to anyone that will listen. This is the sort of child who can brighten up a lonely person's day just by being friendly. So, in all probability you will have quite a well-known entity in your midst.

George is bound to be very curious and very active, but will get bored easily. This youngster will be continually looking for stimulation, looking for new things, new places, and new people.

This house is very concerned with speech, communications, and learning. A message to the child with such a strong 3rd House is to reach out to the opposite house, the 9th House, which involves higher learning. It is more about the big wide world. Perhaps the message is to use this gift of words to teach, to pass on what they have learned. It also suggests that this little one needs to learn to 'listen' rather than simply talk. It suggests a need for guidance and training to look deeper and not be content with superficial knowledge. And that way they will expand the ultimate learning and get recognition and respect for these natural talents.

First House Dominant  (Strength:  111.14)

1st House: The "I, me, and mine". The ego and the subjective. The "I want" attitude. Outward behaviour.

The 1st House has to be considered a powerful place in the chart because it takes in the all-important Ascendant which is how others see us. It is the projected personality, the self-awareness, and our basic approach to life.

George will have a powerful personality and a powerful presence. These kids will be noticed in a crowd because they will project their own image. They will certainly want to be seen. This child will be dogmatic and forceful in their speech. They will probably be heard quite easily above the crowd because theirs will be the only opinion that matters. There is bound to be a rather large ego. George will fight it out to be "number one" and will not give up easily. A lot of pride is at stake here and coming second does not have the sort of ring this kid wants to hear. This boundless energy and enthusiasm can all be a bit daunting to those who are not quite so competitive, but nothing will deter this little one as they rush through life.

A message to George with a strong 1st house would be to reach out to the opposite house in the chart, the 7th House. This house is about sharing and compromise within relationships and friendships. It will help to round out the character if George can learn to bend a little and be a bit more flexible and accommodating, consider how other people feel and what other people need, and use "collective" words, rather that ego-orientated words.

Twelfth House Dominant  (Strength:  95.75)

12th House: This is a rather abstract House. It is the place of retreat and rejuvenation. It is the dream world. It is where and how the child escapes. This is the House where learning and getting in touch with the inner self occurs. This House can harbour fears and phobias. In many ways, the 12th House can be a lonely place, but many lessons are learned from this area and many talents emerge. The realms of the deepest imagination are touched through this House.

George has quite a lot of weight in the 12th House. The 12th house is the place of quiet retreat. It is a place of reflection and catching up strength when it has been sapped. It is the escape route. It can harbour phobias and fears.

George will need to be drawn out and encouraged more than most children. There will be a need for someone special and caring to 'reach in', because these children have a whole lot of difficulty reaching out. They will struggle with their ego and find harshness and criticism hard to take because they will feel inadequate.

Often a highly active 12th house indicates a difficulty in childhood of some sort. George will take any problems or upheavals very personally. This child will feel responsible for circumstances that are way out of their control. They can take on guilt so easily and are so very sensitive and vulnerable, that this can slip by unnoticed.

George will enjoy solitude, preferring to take a background position. This little one will probably seek solace in their own little patch, like their bedroom, or in a 'private' place outdoors, a place where they can escape the rigours of the world and dissolve into their fantasies. George could have strong dreams that can be quite disturbing. Again, there could be a reluctance to expose and share these experiences. A real fear can fester and grow.

These children are usually very eager to please. They will always be willing to help wherever they can. However, they should not be taken for granted because of this. These children are more than willing, but can actually become a self-imposed martyr as they grow up. As they develop, that willingness can become a burden that they could use almost as a crutch. It can become an excuse for getting a life and taking on any personal responsibilities.

The gentle and imaginative nature should be nurtured to help this child get in touch with the talents that they may have. There could be a whole lot of creativity that should be used constructively. If there are positive aspects from this 12th House gathering of Planets, these gifts can be very useful. Insecurity and a sense of isolation can be a fertile breeding ground for amazing gifts.

This little one does need to reach to the opposite 6th House, being willing to look for some returns from all that they give so readily. They need to recognise, accept, and use their gifts in a tangible way. George needs to be encouraged to 'expose' these talents, not store them up, or bury them. This gentle child will need to put the onus of difficult events in their life on to others, or where it belongs. These children need to feel free to evaluate, and not just accept, all the blame themselves.

George could also be very psychic.

Balance of Elements and Modalities


The four elements figure strongly in the definition and interpretation of the signs. The dominant element(s) can help to identify the personality type quite successfully. In many cases, there will be a combination of more than one, which indicates more flexibility.

It can be quite easy to spot the "fiery" personality, the "down to earth" type, the "head in the clouds" Air person, or the weepy and emotional water character.

Abundant Fire

The Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire is all about impatience, enthusiasm, and energy. These kids will want to be involved in everything possible - and well as "impossible", at times. There will be a passion for life. A dominant Sun, Mars, or Jupiter will add to the predominance of fire characteristics in this chart.

These children are high-spirited, energetic and impulsive. They can have very quick tempers. They can be domineering and can be argumentative, but will not usually hold a grudge unless there is a good and valid reason. Fire signs are a little like a tropical storm, - a cloudburst, and then glorious sunshine. And then these volatile youngsters will genuinely wonder why everyone around them can be left quite wounded.

George will be independent, self-willed and self-motivated. This child can be a handful and will certainly need some discipline, but this needs to be administered carefully. After a heavily emotional confrontation with a fire child, the best time to discuss the situation is when the energies have cooled down (parents have to be saints at times). George will no doubt argue, but if the timing is right, will take any reprimands on board - but - do not expect any admission of being wrong. This kid will never go that far.

If any authority figure cracks the whip and overwhelms this child with no explanation, they will simply react even stronger and louder. The fire will intensify. If George gets the feeling that adults always use power arbitrarily, without rules or accountability, it will make George a fighter against the authorities.

George will be open and forthright, preferring to act out in front where the world can see. If you encourage honesty you will get just that. It may be coupled with a brutal frankness and a seeming insensitivity, but this would seldom be intended. These kids just do not stop to think.

George could find it difficult to cry or show emotions because it will be difficult to admit that something is wrong. The aim will always be to appear so strong and independent. It is very important that these children do learn to expose their feelings more. But remember - the aim with the predominantly Fire child is to tame them - not to break the valuable spirit.

Lack of Earth

When an element is "lacking", it can indicate a need to encourage the essentials of this "lack", to help round the character off a little. This often happens over time anyway, quite naturally. But watch George and you will see if any building needs to be done.
But rather than see this as a "weakness", it is preferable to accept that one or more of the other elements comes through more strongly. The apparent "lack" can also be compensated within the chart anyway. It only needs one powerful aspect to add some weight.
The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

A lack of the Earth element in this chart suggests that this child may have some difficulties dealing with practical and mundane issues. In fact, it may be said that they are not really at home on the planet Earth. George may seem to be somehow lost in space and unable to get the feet on the ground. Because of this, these kids may reject responsibility. They can have trouble getting organised and following through on a task. Often there can be a childish inability to handle boring, but necessary tasks. George could be one of those kids who need help to accomplish the simplest chore. Material matters and money may be secondary concerns. These types may not be particularly interested in earthly possessions or any sort of material gain. Sometimes expressing a compulsive trait toward neatness and detail compensates for the absence of the Earth element. Or, perhaps the compensation comes through as a major concern for organisation.

More often, the absence of earth signs means good old-fashioned common sense may not be a strong suit. George should be encouraged to spend time outdoors with nature, to get in touch with the basic practicalities of life, and to learn to be more accountable and to take responsibility.


The "Modes" or the "Qualities" often indicate how we initiate our actions. The Cardinal types are firm, confident, and are better starters than they are finishers. The Fixed types are quite reluctant to step outside of the comfort zone. They prefer to stay with the tried and true. The Mutable people are flexible and adaptable but they can be flimsy.

But, again, in many cases there is a combination of more than one mode.

Abundant Cardinal

The Cardinal signs are the first sign of each of the four segments - Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. These signs are rather assertive, and like to take the initiative.

These are the self-starters - the self-imposed leaders. For this reason, it is sometimes difficult for cardinal-sign people to co-operate and compromise easily. Libra is a bit of an exception being so "agreeable" in many aspects of life, and being so willing to please. But the strong Libran will often take the initiative in starting a friendship. It is in this area that these particular (Libran) people will take the initiative. Unfortunately, the Cardinal signs may not finish what they have started.

George will enjoy the role of the leader, but may not take it very well if forced to take a secondary role. If these kids are not calling the shots, they may well lose interest altogether. It can be easier for them to avoid group activities rather than take the more submissive role of watching someone else run the show.

In a difficult situation, George will usually prefer a direct approach charging right into the situation to resolve it as quickly as possible. Ideas may be good because there will be a natural aptitude at solving problems, but a major problem is lack of persistence. These kids get discouraged easily and need a great deal of support to help them stay with a project. George will work well if taught to set goals and then be given heaps of praise when achievement has been recognised.

George will thrive on constant activity with efforts directed at the here and now. The ambition will be strong and the instincts reactionary. Positively expressed, the Cardinal signs produce constructive initiative, but this imbalance can easily produce a lot of wasted energy that gains little.

Lack of Mutable

The Mutable Modes are made up of the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

A chart that is nearly void of the mutable element suggests that George may have difficulties with changes in life. These kids will be very cautious about trying new things and prefer to remain loyal to the status quo. Because changes threaten the feeling of well being, George can stay stuck in a rut. The inflexibility is not necessarily due to stubbornness or ego (although both may contribute in this case), but stems from a desire to maintain order and stability. Because George does not adapt very well, it will be too easy to stay on an obviously wrong course of action rather than call it quits. Or this kid will sense failure eventually and will give up in despair. Try to instil some drive and accountability. Encourage George to try new things and meet new people.


As adults, we look back on our youth and say, "if only I knew then what I know now". How many of us also, as we get older, "discover" a talent that has never been recognised and say "if only". If this Chart report simply indicates a talent that can be nurtured early in life, as opposed to laying dormant for too long a time, or forever, then the author's objective has been reached.

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