Personal Profile for Michael Caine


This Personal Profile is provided as an illustration of the kind of report you can expect if you order one for yourself. There is no intention to cast any aspersions on the character of the subject of this report.

Michael Caine
14 March 2023  10:10:00
Rotherhithe, England
Time Zone: 00:00 (GMT)
Longitude: 000° W 02'
Latitude: 51° N 30'


It can be rather disconcerting to be told, in a report such as this, that ‘you are assertive, outgoing and courageous’ when it seems very clear to you that you are not any of those! This report is not a seamless text. Rather, it is a collection of delineations of features of your birth chart such as planets in signs, planets in houses and aspects between planets. The challenge in writing the delineations that make up this report has been to put them together in such a way that clarity is given to contradictions. If, for instance, Mars in your birth chart is closely associated with both Jupiter and Saturn, then boldness and timidity are both likely to feature. However in most cases I have not written a delineation that takes account of both associations within a single portion of text. In the case of aspects between planets a numerical value for the strength of the aspects is given. Where delineations appear contradictory you will probably notice that the aspect with the greater strength is more noticeable in your life. (As a general rule a strength of 4 or more is strong, less than 2 is weak.) Also, if you read the descriptions of the sign and house positions of each planet, you should recognise the areas in your life where each of the apparently contradictory traits operates. In a few cases the same delineation may appropriately appear in two different place in your report, and in such cases you may see it repeated.

This report has two principle aims.

1.) To help you to recognise that your temperament and personality traits are just fine the way that they are - you do not need to change them. Over the years, I have found that one of the main benefits clients gain from a consultation is the relief that their personality traits are confirmed by their birth charts. For instance, someone who prefers to make decisions based on a kind of ‘gut instinct’ may look on with envy at someone who prefers a more rational or ‘common sense’ approach. An introvert surrounded by extroverts may feel under pressure to change, as if introversion was an inferior way of being. The birth chart can recognise these traits and affirm their validity.

2.) To help you, given that your temperament is as it is, to recognise patterns in your life that may be holding you back from all that you have it in you to be. Such recognition may help you to make choices about how you live your life that will result in breaking through those patterns. I hope you will also find in the report indications as to sources of help for the challenges you face.

In pursuit of these aims I have constructed this report according to a sequence that should guide you into greater depth as it proceeds. The components of the sequence will be described briefly here and in greater detail during the report:

1.) Ascendant or Rising Sign and its Ruler

This is the zodiacal sign that was rising at the moment of your birth. It says much about what primarily motivates you in life, which may have to do, for instance, with freedom of expression or with the meeting of physical or emotional needs. Together with planets aspecting the ascendant, planets in the 1st house (about to rise at birth) and the planet ruling the ascendant, this traditionally shows the quality of what might be called your ‘life force’.

2.) The Moon

This shows how you instinctively respond to events in your day to day life, and where you wish to escape to when taking time off from your main purpose in life. It shows where you seek safety and security. Together with the Ascendant it is the main indicator of temperament.

3.) The Sun

In contrast with the Ascendant and the Moon, this shows where some conscious effort is normally required in order to find and fulfil your purpose in life. This does not come instinctively, it has to be worked for, and you will not feel complete without it.

4.) The Planets

Together with the Sun and the Moon each of these is a significator for some tangible or experiential aspect of your life. Throughout this report reference to planets may include the Sun and the Moon unless the context indicates otherwise.

Each planet in your chart falls in a sign and in a house. The sign in which a planet is placed influences the way in which it acts in your chart. The house shows the area in your life, e.g. money, relationships and career, in which it operates. In addition to the house in which a planet falls, that planet may rule one or more other houses, linking the matters governed by those houses with the house in which the planet is placed. I go into more detail about this towards the end of this report.

Each planet is considered dignified (well-placed) in certain signs and debilitated (poorly placed) in others. The two principal levels of dignity are rulership and exaltation, those of debility are detriment and fall. A dignified planet will add benefit to the matters of the house in which it is placed and to that which it rules. A debilitated planet will make the matters of those houses more challenging. If a planet has any of these four levels of dignity or debility in the sign in which it falls, I will say so in this report.

In addition, each planet may form an aspect with one or more other planets, indicating ways in which these planets could work together to your advantage, or where you may have to struggle to reconcile different experiences in your life. The major aspects are the sextile, square, trine and opposition. Minor aspects also covered in this report are the semi-square and the sesquiquadrate. A planet may also be conjunct, that is, close to, another. As mentioned above, this report will indicate the strength of each aspect in your chart. Any score of 4 or more is strong, less than 2 is weak, but do not ignore any of them.

Gemini Ascendant

In an age in which one’s Sun sign is pedalled as of over-riding importance, as indicated by the preponderance of Sun sign columns in popular newspapers and magazines, it may seem strange not to start this report with a description of yours. The reason is that your ascendant says something far more basic about you than does your Sun sign. It describes your primary motivation in life. Some people, having a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) rising, are motivated primarily by the desire for freedom of action; others, having an air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) rising by the desire for freedom of movement; others, having an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) rising by the need for physical security; others, having a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) rising, by the need for emotional security. Planets aspecting the ascendant or in the 1st house, especially any in the same sign as the ascendant, influence the primary motivation. The planet that rules your ascendant shows, by its sign and house position, the way in which you attempt to achieve your primary motivation. It does not make sense to look at your Sun sign until we have looked at what motivates you at a more instinctive level. That is why we will even look at your Moon before we look at your Sun (unless your Ascendant is Leo in which case the Sun is your chart ruler).

Your Ascendant is Gemini, an air sign, indicating a strong desire for freedom of expression and movement. Your desire to be free to move is in order that you can gather as much information as you can and then pass it on to whomever may wish to hear (and maybe some who may not). You may be curious about many things and will learn only as much about them as will satisfy that curiosity. Finding out enough to make a difference is more challenging - probably another interest will absorb you and your fascination with the first will cease. Half-finished books may be scattered about your home as each will not sustain your interest for long enough to finish it. The best way to deal with this may be to deliberately choose two or more different projects to run concurrently and move around between them. Your adaptability and flexibility can then make you well informed about many things (but maybe master of none), and this quality can win your friends who share your interests. Your tendency to approach life with the intellect rather than with the heart can lead to difficulties in areas of life which require you to engage with your feelings. The depth of feeling which others show may fascinate you, but your own feelings may be characterised more by intensity than by depth, with a longing to be able to feel at home with such depth.  You long for a partnership which will quieten your restless mind at the same time as leaving you free to think and act independently. Your chart may show two sides to your personality and you think you need two partners to satisfy each, when loyalty to one would be better while seeking other outlets for your versatility.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is therefore your chart ruler and will be described next after aspects to your Ascendant and planets (if any) in your 1st House.

Moon trine Ascendant  (Strength:  2.54)

Whatever your primary motivation (Ascendant) in life is, your safety and security needs (Moon) are in harmony with it. This tends to give you a likeable personality with a willingness to adapt to other people where appropriate.

Sun square Ascendant  (Strength:  1.10)

Check the house occupied by the Sun (commonly the 4th or the 10th). Your purpose in life as indicated by that house goes against the grain of your personality, what you instinctively go for in life, leading to some stress. Other people, seeing your personality, may be surprised when they discover what your aims in life are. Take care to see that you allow time both for what your Sun strives for and your Ascendant seeks.

Ascendant Ruler and Dispositor

Gemini is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury in Aries and in the Eleventh House

Your Mercury sign indicates how your mind works, the way you think and perceive things, whether, for instance, you do so intuitively or in a rigid and set way. It also indicates how you communicate, and how you gather and pass on ideas and information. The house occupied by Mercury shows as area of life that occupies your mind and where you might be able to change the way you experience that area by the way you think about it. Planets aspecting Mercury affect the way your mind works and your approach to matters that interest you. As ruler of your Ascendant Mercury is especially important in your chart.

You are inclined to think quickly and express an opinion before an idea is fully worked out in your mind. If quick thinking is called for you can excel, but sometimes matters need to be more carefully assessed before deciding on a course of action. You will pursue any new interest with enthusiasm but may not take it to a conclusion before another interest diverts your attention. In your haste you may miss important information.

You can be strident in the way you use your voice, expressing opinions with such vigour that others hesitate to oppose you even when they can easily see flaws in your argument. You enjoy debate and argument and may pick a row just for the fun of it. A sharp tongue can land you in trouble and it would be as well to learn some tact. Even if you are not angry your tone of voice may suggest you are. If anyone has a cause to promote you are a good person to have on board as you will be a strong champion for it in debate.

You benefit through sharing information and learning in a group setting. Your knowledge is enhanced by the contribution members of the group make, and likewise their knowledge is enhanced by what you share. You may wish to join a campaign group working for the advancement of a belief or cause, often connected with improving the lot of people within their communities. You may have a group of friends with whom you connect in such ways without any deeper intimacy - you might have this with one or two particular friends whom you see apart from the group.

Aries is ruled by Mars which therefore influences Mercury in your chart, especially if they aspect each other. See the description of Mars in this report for further guidance as to how Mercury operates in your chart.

Moon in Libra

Your Moon sign shows how you instinctively respond to events in your day to day life, and your means of escape when taking time off from your main purpose in life. It shows how you seek safety and security. The house occupied by your Moon shows the area of life where you seek solace, and in which changes can significantly affect your mood. A planet aspecting the Moon colours your feeling nature and your instinctive responses to circumstances in your life.

You have an ideal of justice and harmony in all your dealings with others, especially in close relationships which are very important to you. You never want to rock the boat, and fear that any display of strong emotion will do so, therefore you tend to hide your feelings until you find it impossible to contain them any longer and a sudden outburst can break the harmony. Alternatively you may walk away from a long-term relationship leaving your partner amazed because you had never expressed any dissatisfaction.

Your appreciation of harmony extends to your approach to art and music, all forms of which conform to your aesthetic sense you probably enjoy. Discordant sounds and many of the more garish forms of modern art you avoid. Your home is likely to be tastefully decorated with beautiful ornaments, with everything arranged in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye.

Anger, aggression and assertiveness are alien qualities to you, therefore you have difficulty asserting your own wishes and in making decisions as to what is the right way forward in any area of life, especially if you feel there is a risk that anyone will be upset. You may excel in situations where diplomacy is required, especially amongst close family and friends. Others may come to you to help resolve disputes and negotiate compromises in such a way that all parties will be satisfied with the outcome. You may even be professionally involved in this area.

If you are a mother you will wish to maintain a good relationship with your children and mediate in any quarrels between them. Being too young to be civilised they may remind you of the more instinctual sides of your own nature and this may feel uncomfortable. You’ll want to clear up any mess. You also encourage any artistic inclinations.

Libra is ruled by Venus which therefore influences the Moon in your chart, especially if they aspect each other. See the description of Venus in this report for further guidance as to how the Moon operates in your chart.

Moon in the Fifth House

When you want to relax you go and play a game, whether a sport or the game of love. You revert to the child in you, and if your childhood was a time of contentment, this can be particularly satisfying for you. Otherwise you may feel your sense of playfulness is restricted and attempts to relax in this way are frustrated. You probably enjoy having children around you. Many forms of creative expression may appeal to you, and these may include artistic, including musical, forms of expression. To relax you may sing or play a musical instrument. A problem may be that the game is more important to you than the other players, you seduce another only to dispose of him or her when the immediate game is over, or you gamble or take other risks without due regard to possible adverse consequences.

Moon opposite Uranus  (Strength:  5.84)

The Moon signifies emotional and security needs in which Uranus has no interest, so this combination is a difficult one to live out with contentment. Uranus was discovered at a time when new discoveries were being made, new knowledge acquired, about the world and the universe which upset the way things had been looked at for centuries past. Translated into personal terms, your need for security and connection with others is compromised by ideas you have about the way life ought to be, and this leads to a tussle between what you need to feel secure, and a desire for the independence necessary to explore new, perhaps unusual, ventures. Your childhood may have been characterised by an ignorance or denial of your emotional needs which were therefore not met, resulting in painful memories when such needs are triggered by events in adulthood. If these needs are repressed the danger is you will cut off from your emotions altogether and flee into a lifestyle characterised by complete freedom of movement and independence but with an underlying dissatisfaction because you find it impossible to get close to anyone. This can be most unfortunate in personal relationships where intimacy is required. Ideally you will find a partner who respects your need for freedom and with whom you will therefore feel more secure and find safety to open up to emotional needs. You probably make a good friend where it comes to sharing ideals and common interests, but you keep your distance if a friend tries to cling to you or seek your empathy over some emotional distress (if you find the attempt to talk him or her out of it unsuccessful). (The emotional and security needs of the Moon in an air sign like Libra are more compatible with Uranus then those of the Moon in other signs. However, any tendency to cut off from a deep feeling connection with others will be enhanced.)

Moon trine Midheaven  (Strength:  3.84)

Whatever your activities in public life you want to feel you in a place where you belong, as if in a harmonious family (which is probably where you would rather be anyway). You might do well in a position that requires you to be responsive to the needs of the public, for you are sensitive to them. Your role in an organisation might be similar to that of a mother in a family, the one who attempts to hold things together as the organisation grows and reaches out into new areas.

Moon trine Ascendant  (Strength:  2.54)

Whatever your primary motivation (Ascendant) in life is, your safety and security needs (Moon) are in harmony with it. This tends to give you a likeable personality with a willingness to adapt to other people where appropriate.

Moon square Pluto  (Strength:  2.50)

The emotional security you seek comes at a price. This involves delving deep into your psyche to uncover the roots of what motivates you in virtually all areas of life. You may wish it didn’t require this, but the inevitability of it will probably strike you when you pause to consider. You want intensity in your home and emotional life, but that intensity can lead you to feel hurt when it impinges on uncovered roots, hence you also need space to explore and recover. Otherwise you may feel invaded and controlled, although it is unlikely anyone is actually trying to intrude. Alternatively you may try to preserve your sense of well-being by trying to keep control over others lest unexpected deeds or words of theirs trigger unresolved conflicts within you. Either way you could have a turbulent home and emotional life, for you have a habit of forging a path through life that encounters circumstances that challenge you to know yourself in depth. Once you do uncover the roots of your own insecurity and come to terms with them you could make a good counsellor or therapist, for you have insight into another’s conflict and can help the other to be free rather than try to control lest your own security be threatened.

Moon semi-square Neptune  (Strength:  1.09)

You have very personal emotional and security needs but you are inclined to deny them, or to be unaware of what they are. Your desire to feel connected to others is strong, and this can lead you to acts of self-sacrifice in looking after the needs of others. Such behaviour can arise out of a genuine feeling of love and compassion, but is just as likely to be motivated by a feeling (perhaps unconscious) of guilt about having needs of your own at all. Needs of your own you do have, and denial of them can lead to dissatisfaction and often illness as your body complains at being ignored, as well as an unconscious requirement that others fulfil those unmet needs. Those others then feel manipulated and have a struggle to maintain their own independence, perhaps to the extent of abandoning you. Then you can feel quite vindictive, complaining how selfish they are, without considering to what extent your own behaviour has led to this state of affairs. You have high ideals, and the actions of others can often appear to fall well short of these, triggering feelings of great distress within you. It could be that bonds with your family are so strong that you fear to venture out into the world and live your own life, or feel guilt about doing so, because you feel that you have been loved so sacrificially that it would be selfish to put your own needs first. Recognition that your own needs are needs and cannot without harm be ignored is a key to living in such a way that a genuine love and compassion for others, without ulterior motives, is possible.

Your Temperament

Mediaeval astrologers used the birth chart to assess the balance of four temperament types: Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine and Phlegmatic - corresponding roughly to Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Their method was more sophisticated than the common modern one of simply adding up the number of planets in signs of each element. The assessment of your temperament which follows is based on the mediaeval method within the limitations of the software I am using. Greatest weight is given to the Ascendant, the Moon sign and the Season (as indicated by the Sun sign). Since the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere from what they are in the northern, and different in tropical regions, this assessment may be somewhat less accurate for births in those parts of the world.

Your birth chart indicates a sanguine/phlegmatic temperament. These two types share the quality the ancients called 'wet' suggesting you could be somewhat fluid and hard to pin down. You could also find it easy to make connections which hadn't occurred to other people. In a debate you could find it hard to come down on one side or the other (especially if Libra is dominant in your chart). In discussion, whatever point of view is being put to you, you may argue for the opposing one even when you fundamentally agree. Your sanguine side leads you to be sociable and to acquire friends easily. Your phlegmatic side can make you highly sensitive to other people's feelings. Provided you can stay detached from these at the same time as remaining sensitive, you have the capacity for deeper friendships than the purely sanguine, which may lead you to limit the number of friends you have as you only want those with whom you can share a deeper intimacy. A tendency towards laziness could be a problem, but your ability to delve deeply into an issue may make your contribution just as useful as those who appear to be working harder.

Sun in Pisces

I hope you have seen yourself clearly in this report so far, despite the fact that, unless you have a Leo Ascendant (in which case the Sun is your chart ruler), I have not mentioned your Sun. So far I have set the scene, the context in which the Sun has to operate. To express the Sun in your chart requires more conscious effort, which explains why, until you reach maturity, your Ascendant and Moon are usually more in evidence. If you have ever tried guessing someone’s Sun sign and got it wrong, it could well be that what you actually guessed was his or her Ascendant or Moon sign, but you would not have known since most people do not have such information.
Your Sun sign shows the qualities you need to develop if you are to feel that life has some purpose, and so feel more fulfilled. Such development does not normally happen instinctively, it has to be worked for consciously. The house occupied by your Sun shows the area of life in which you need to express those qualities. Doing so will help you to establish a firm sense of identity. A planet aspecting the Sun needs to be allowed to contribute to the establishment of that sense of identity. Such contribution could be positive, but may come across as negative and delay your development, but the struggle involved can give you great strength if successfully engaged.

Your task in life is to witness to a dimension beyond what others perceive to be this world’s limits. Some call this dimension God, or the divine reality, others a spiritual realm or a kind of intuitive awareness that is hard to explain. In terms of the biblical myth you remember there was a place called the Garden of Eden where life was a paradise, and that we long to return there from the drudgery of daily existence. You may develop a strong spiritual awareness through prayer and meditation, which would be much better than trying to escape the limitations of this world through alcohol or drugs. There are different ways of overcoming boundaries, some which work and some which only serve to imprison you further. Feeling yourself the pain of expulsion from that Garden you have great empathy with those who know more than most what it is to be cast out from the joys of life. You may make it your business to work in either a paid or voluntary capacity with addicts or people in prison or anyone who, whether through their own or other people’s actions, find life in the day to day world impossible.

Spiritual or intuitive awareness does not excuse you from the need to establish an identity for yourself, some sense of your own ego (which is not the same as selfish egocentricity).

Even those who are prepared to live sacrificially for others must know what they want for themselves. Being unaware of your limits can make you highly vulnerable to abuse, resentment and depression, and then you have less to give. You can surprise yourself at how harsh and cold you can become, how far you can stray from your ideal state of mind.

Being so open to the world beyond this you may well have a great appreciation of the arts, poetry and anything which can bring the realm of fantasy and imagination into daily life. Occupations that involve being in or on water may appeal, as can any that need subtle awareness such as naturopathy.

Beware lest in relationships you attract those who rely on your sacrificial willingness to give of yourself without limit, the victims of society. You will fare better with someone who can encourage you to set limits, to structure your life so as to enjoy better the practical necessities of daily life.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which therefore influences the Sun in your chart, especially if they aspect each other. See the description of Jupiter in this report for further guidance as to how the Sun operates in your chart.

Sun in the Eleventh House

Your are at your best and your creativity is greatest when you part of a group where you can radiate warmth and demonstrate leadership. The group may consist of friends or of people with whom you share a common ideal or purpose. The demands or needs of the group may modify the way in which you express yourself, and you can go along with this to the extent that your own personal identity is not compromised. The idea is to find and express your individuality within the group, not to let the group determine who you are or what you believe. You probably like to think of yourself as a dominant presence in the group who deserves respect and appreciation and you may be hurt if these are not offered. If you allow this hurt to grow you may decide to retreat into isolation feeling no-one is worthy of what you have to offer. It would be better to accept your hurt feelings and continue to offer what you can within the group with a greater sense of humility.

Sun trine Pluto  (Strength:  3.93)

Your path through life involves exploring areas that are often avoided by others, life’s darker side including intense feelings buried in the past, and matters that others treat as taboo like the darker side of sex, the criminal underworld and hidden forces sometimes described as ‘occult’. This is a path you may well keep hidden from others, not just because your work may involve keeping secrets, but because the experience is too intense to be shared with any other than those you know you can trust, and such trust takes time to build up. It is a path you may also keep hidden from yourself, as you fear the forces within you that urge you to take a deeper look at life. Consequently others feel that it is difficult to get to know you. Accepting others as they are may be difficult, because either you keep your power hidden from yourself, in which case you experience others as possessing a menacing strength, or you are in touch with your own power and find it hard to accept what you perceive as the relative superficiality of others. A high degree of self-knowledge is needed handle this connection with Pluto, and this will usually involve delving into family secrets and especially a relationship with your father that resulted in an inhibition of your own self-expression. He may have been a very magnetic figure who dominated you without any effort, or he may have been unaware of his own hidden power, a power which therefore affected you all the more without your knowing how it did so. Failure to connect with your own hidden power can have unfortunate consequences, as such power may leak out in activities that may sabotage your own best efforts to success in life, or that may adversely affect those around you. If you do connect with your hidden power you have enormous potential to use it for a transforming effect on yourself and on those around you.

Sun opposite Jupiter  (Strength:  2.29)

Jupiter is a big planet signifying abundance, but when aspecting the Sun in this way it can be a big distraction from the aims of the Sun which are more to do with your overall purpose in life. You have faith in yourself, but, especially early in life, this faith may not be based on a realistic assessment of your qualities and abilities. You therefore are inclined to overreach yourself, being blindly optimistic as to the success of your projects on which you spend more resources than they justify. You cannot tolerate boredom for long, which could translate into an aversion to the hard work necessary for success in life. Consequently you may incline to laziness, indulging in life’s pleasures that you haven’t earned, or to misguided adventures that relieve the monotony of life but which end in misfortune. There could be implications for health, especially related to your liver if food is one of the pleasures in which you indulge. Try to remember that being true to your purpose in life requires discipline and self-knowledge. Try to avoid short cuts to success, and especially self-styled gurus who promise wealth if you follow their paths.

Sun square Ascendant  (Strength:  1.10)

Check the house occupied by the Sun (commonly the 4th or the 10th). Your purpose in life as indicated by that house goes against the grain of your personality, what you instinctively go for in life, leading to some stress. Other people, seeing your personality, may be surprised when they discover what your aims in life are. Take care to see that you allow time both for what your Sun strives for and your Ascendant seeks.

Venus in Pisces (Exaltation)

Your Venus sign is indicative of your values and what you appreciate in a person or object. It shows the kind of experiences you seek and tend to meet in relationships and the way you go about interacting with others, and indicates your dress sense. The house occupied by Venus shows an area of life where you seek beauty, pleasure and fulfilment, and which you may value more then others. Planets aspecting Venus influence the qualities that you value or find attractive and the extent to which you actually enjoy them. They also show the kinds of interactions you have in relationships.

Your empathy with any in need is easily invoked and you may be sacrificial in your willingness to give of your time and resources. You may have an inclination to engage in a romantic affair with someone you are helping in this way, but this may eventually frustrate you when so many demands are made on you that you have little time for other interests, or to spend time alone, which is usually necessary for Venus in Pisces to get re-centred. Alternatively you may marry someone who later turns out to be one of life’s victims. You really want to receive as much as you give (though this may not be immediately obvious to you), and your ideal would be a lifelong romance with a partner with whom you feel you could almost merge so great is your emotional attachment. You may not be above having an extra-marital affair should things cool off between you, as at such a time you are more open to falling in love with another.

You are likely to have good taste in art, music and clothes, with good dress sense. The type of music you appreciate may be somewhat ethereal with little structure.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which therefore influences Venus in your chart, especially if they aspect each other. See the description of Jupiter in this report for further guidance as to how Venus operates in your chart.

Venus in the Tenth House

In your career or other activities beyond your personal home life you can exercise charm, tact and diplomacy to establish helpful working relationships with others. This can make you popular with those with whom you do business. You could also use these qualities to exploit others for your own interests. You may look for career or other working opportunities in which you can display your style or beauty to others, or work to bring joy to the world in some way. Your relationship with your mother is likely to be, or to have been, warm and positive. If you are a woman you may compete with her for the attention of others, trying to outdo her in charm and popularity. If you are a man you may find yourself in an oedipal situation, competing with your father for the attention of your mother, and end up failing to mature as a man with the ability to establish close relationships with other women.

Venus opposite Jupiter  (Strength:  2.97)

Put the principle of love, joy and peace in a dynamic relationship with that for expansion, optimism and faith and what do you get? You may know all about seeking good times and enjoying them, a rich social life and confidence that all will be well for you. In fact, you may not know where to place the boundaries on a lifestyle that includes plenty of fun. Jupiter is strong on ethics but weaker on having a sense of responsibility in day to day matters. This may seem a contradiction in terms until you consider that your particular code of ethics may go against what is considered moral in society at large. You may have a blind spot when it comes to the pain experienced by others arising out of your pursuit of pleasure. In personal relationships for instance you may, consciously or otherwise, have a belief that if something increases your enjoyment of life then that thing is good whatever the consequences for others. You may have a partner who loves you and seeks a commitment from you that you are reluctant to give lest it circumscribe your enjoyment of life. No partner has the right to put chains on you and prevent you venturing out into experiences that are good for you, but some need more security than others and may need some reassurance that your love is sure and your fidelity unquestionable. Financially you may feel well off even when you are not, and spend much on your lifestyle, and, perhaps, on the pleasure of giving to others, while oblivious to your mounting credit card debt which will limit your ability to fulfil your responsibilities.

Venus opposite Neptune  (Strength:  1.77)

Whatever are your personal aspirations for happiness in the fields of art, music, any form of beauty, or personal relationships, they inevitably get bound up with an ideal of perfection that goes beyond anything attainable in this life. In relationships you have to learn that with no-one will you be able to attain the experience you long for, which is no less than the experience of a return to paradise. The myth of paradise embraces the experience of union with the divine and consequent bliss, the enjoyment of perfect beauty and harmony and the absence of all dissension and strife. It does not embrace the notion of bodies that contain flaws and fall ill, nor of a world in which hard work is necessary to earn a living. You may fall in love with one person after another, only to reject each or fail to commit because you feel a perfect relationship is possible with someone else. Fearing the dissension that could result you may be tempted to enter a secret relationship with someone else without breaking with your existing partner. Where you do break, the rejected partner is left feeling angry because comprehension of your rejection is so difficult, he or she cannot see that no-one is good enough for you. You could see yourself as the facilitator of a return to paradise for one of this world’s victims, or, feeling yourself a victim be attracted to someone you feel could save you. Relationships formed on such a basis normally lack the experience of equality and mutuality necessary for lasting contentment. The repeated experience of romance and disillusionment could lead you to avoid relationships altogether, resulting in a lonely life devoid of the intimate companionship that you feel is rightfully yours. The love of humanity may be easier for you than the love of an individual, and this could lead you into the caring professions, however sympathy may come more naturally to you than the practical expression of it. Art, music and mysticism may appeal to you (as ways to paradise) but you may have no particular skill in these unless other chart factors indicate it. You would be advised to take care in financial matters lest you be the perpetrator or victim of fraud or other underhand dealing.

Mars in Virgo

Your Mars sign shows the manner of your aggression and assertion. You may have very direct or roundabout methods of getting what you want. You feel good if you express yourself in the manner of this sign. The house occupied by Mars shows the area of life in which you need to develop skill. Should you fail to do so, there may be consequences for your sense of well-being, and this may affect your health. You could also get very angry when the affairs of this house do not go well. Watch lest you blame others for your own failings. Planets aspecting Mars indicate further your method of self-assertion and may also suggest an area of life about which you could feel good if you were to develop it.

You harness your energy to practical tasks which you carry out with great precision. You take pride in taking trouble to complete those tasks efficiently and to the best of your ability. Should you make any mistakes you hope you discover them before anyone else does, lest your pride be hurt. When it comes to the expression of anger or aggression you are somewhat reticent, and unless you are fully aware of and in charge of your feelings they may emerge in the form of irritation and complaints about matters other than what really bothers you. Your health may also suffer, especially your digestive system. Keeping fit, by attention to both diet and exercise, will reap long-term benefit.

Mars is a very instinctual energy, and it’s sexual expression can be somewhat restrained by Virgo’s concern for usefulness and efficiency. Sex can seem messy and to be without obvious purpose (unless you are intending pregnancy). It might be good to remember that bodily pleasure can of itself be very therapeutic, leading to a vibrant flow of energy.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury which therefore influences Mars in your chart, especially if they aspect each other. See the description of Mercury in this report for further guidance as to how Mars operates in your chart.

Mars in the Fourth House

The 4th house is the base of the chart, where the Sun is at midnight, and Mars there can indicate anger simmering in the basement that needs to find a positive outlet. As a child you may have had to contend with a lot of aggression in your family, especially from your father, and you may have felt it was too dangerous for you to argue and assert yourself. As a result you entered adult life too placid to fight your way to success in your career or in other areas of life. You need to reconnect with your aggressive instinct and realise you can express yourself safely. There may be a long learning curve here, with many outbursts of bad temper and many relationships with aggressive people on the way to realising the best way to move forward in life is to express yourself in a direct and responsible way.

Mars conjunct Neptune  (Strength:  5.60)

These two planets are poles apart in their significations, and the awareness required to live with their association can bring great benefits to you and others. Being unaware brings unfortunate consequences. Neptune signifies the longing for the Paradise we enjoyed before what the Bible calls the Fall. In Paradise there was perfect beauty, harmony and enjoyment of the divine source of all things. There was no need for the assertion of one’s own will which Mars signifies. For life in the world in our fallen state Mars is necessary. The key to working with these two planets may be to harmonise your will with the divine at the same time as recognising that you cannot go back there and re-establish the state of innocence that prevailed before the Fall. You need to live in two worlds, and for many the link between the two is provided by various art forms - painting, sculpture, music, drama, poetry and others. Enjoyment of these, and for some the ability to perform them, facilitates a loosening of the grip the mundane world has. It can also facilitate access to a kind of divine empathy for those apparently trapped within the necessities of daily life, especially those who fall victim to life’s harsher aspects. The attempt to transcend the limitations of mundane life can take less productive forms. These involve, for example, excessive experience of alcohol, drugs, sex or any form of addiction. All these effectively loosen the grip everyday life has, but the experience of apparent bliss is temporary and has no power to imbue daily life with a creative dimension. That is not to deny that some who are so addicted can have great empathy with others in a similar situation. It is as if the experience of degradation is necessary in order to assist others similarly placed.

Mars semi-square Pluto  (Strength:  1.20)

When any planet is linked to Pluto its expression should become deeper and more powerful, usually after seeming to disappear for a while. This is often because the principle signified by that planet is one which felt dangerous to express in one’s formative years. When that planet is Mars, it is the aggressive instinct, the impulse to act and the response of anger to frustrating experiences that was buried in order to feel safe. Your family background may have been one in which anger, even rage, was commonly expressed, or, more likely, was simmering under the surface of daily life. If such rage is under the surface you would have sensed something very uncomfortable in the atmosphere, but would not have been able to identify it or know what to do about it. What you would have picked up, mainly unconsciously, was the sense that the expression of anger and the impulse to do what you want were not safe to practise, and so you buried them. It could even have felt like a battle for personal survival. In later life you have to learn that it is safe to act on your own personal wishes, to feel angry when frustrated, and how to express these wisely so that your personal relationships and social standing are enhanced rather than endangered. It can seem as if every action that you take leads to a battle for survival that you must win, so if you feel success is unlikely you may decline to act. Until you learn that winning is not required you can be quite ruthless in your pursuit of your aims, battering down all opposition on the way, and perhaps leaving you feeling isolated. If you are not overtly ruthless you may seek to get what you want by covert means. Sexuality is another aspect of life governed, at least in part, by Mars, and this also you may have buried in the past such that its expression now feels unsafe, or if you express it you have to win what feels like a battle. Mars Pluto aspects are associated with rape, whether as perpetrator or victim, and with distrust by either gender of men or of the masculine principle. For some the best way to handle Mars Pluto is to engage in an activity that requires great effort. If that activity is competitive and you don’t win, practise letting that be all right even as you make efforts to win next time.

Jupiter in Virgo (Detriment)

Your Jupiter sign shows the kind of qualities you value and have faith in, whether or not you are successful in achieving them in your own life. The house occupied by Jupiter indicates an area of life where (subject to other chart factors) you can achieve success more readily than in other areas. Sometimes it may seem like good fortune or luck rather than achievement. Jupiter in aspect to a faster-moving planet generally facilitates the matters governed by that planet.

You have an appreciation of those who are painstaking in their work, who take time and care to analyse all the information they have available to come up with helpful solutions to any problems. You could be very supportive of those who keep their eyes to the ground, working on practical issues with great attention to detail, as long as they go on doing just that. What such people really need may be someone who will help them look up, to gain some inspiration, some spark which will reveal more enterprising ways of working. If you yourself take trouble over such details you are liable to proclaim yourself an expert in your chosen subject with a right to criticise anyone who does not measure up to your way of looking at things.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury which therefore influences Jupiter in your chart, especially if they aspect each other. See the description of Mercury in this report for further guidance as to how Jupiter operates in your chart.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

Listen to the depths of your own soul for you will find great wealth there. If you feel an inner voice that keeps prodding you to follow a certain path it is probably right. Your early family life, with your father as the prime mover, is likely to have set you on a path through life characterised by faith in your abilities and hope for the future, but maybe without much practical expertise as to how to make your way in the world - that you have to work out for yourself or learn elsewhere. On a more mundane level you benefit from a home arranged in such a way that it feeds your soul. This may mean some comfort, with images in the form of pictures or sculptures that symbolise what is going on inside you. You will not want to feel cramped however, plenty of space is needed, and in any case you may not spend much time there as you can wander where you like and it will feel like home to you. You may not be easy to live with if you reign supreme in the home, or disappear at will without feeling the need to say when you’ll be back.

Saturn in Aquarius (Rulership)

Your Saturn sign shows the kind of qualities you find it a struggle to express. You may even consider them not worth the effort, or denigrate them in some way. You may attempt to cover up your inhibitions by acting out those qualities in a falsely exaggerated manner. The house occupied by Saturn indicates an area of life whose mature expression is often subject to delay and frustration. It may take most of a lifetime to learn how to live with fulfilment in that area, but the reward for doing so will be great. Saturn in aspect to a faster-moving planet generally requires that planet to work harder to achieve success in the matters governed by that planet. The result of such work could be a more mature expression of those matters.

Aquarius signifies innovation in the social order, finding ways to free the individual from subservience to rigid social structures, matters around human rights and equality, and scientific advances that benefit mankind. Saturn usually indicates some difficulty in matters connected with the sign it is in, and that is the case here. However Saturn is traditionally well placed here and offers the potential for well thought out practical application in these matters. It is especially in your younger years that you may find that you want to take a stand in these matters but fear to do so lest you stand out like a sore thumb and people abandon you, leading to loneliness. Innovations, for instance in science, may fascinate but frighten you, since they threaten the safety of entrenched positions. Another possibility is that you compensate by doing crazy things so that you stand out as someone special, or you are obsessed by revolutionary ideas. Maturity involves a carefully considered approach to social and scientific experiments, and applying your mind to ways of implementation for the benefit of all.

Saturn in the Ninth House

How do you feel about reaching out beyond your day to day experience of life? You may read about different beliefs and philosophies and be curious about them, but activating your imagination so that what you read about can change you, so that myth can touch your soul enough to enable you to live life at a deeper level, may be much harder for you. This difficulty may arise out of fear of offending the god you have been bought up to believe in, who may be a harsh judge punishing the slightest error and jealously warning against any exploration of alternative beliefs. You may take the stance of the sceptical scientist who will not believe in anything that cannot be perceived with the senses, tested and found to be true. If you are willing to investigate higher truths you may try to structure them so definitively that you do not allow them to open you up to a higher vision of life. Other than religion and philosophy, travelling abroad is another way of opening oneself up to alternative views on life. For you, foreign travel or residence is more likely related to work or necessity than to play.

Uranus in the Eleventh House

For centuries the skills exercised by astrologers were practised successfully without reference to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, these planets having yet to be discovered. Some modern astrologers have given them rulership of signs, but the stance taken in this report, based on my own experience in reading charts, is that such rulerships have limited value and the traditional rulerships have been retained. However, their significance in birth charts can be considerable, especially if they are angular (close to the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant or Imum Coeli) or in close aspect to other planets. Uranus stays in the same sign for seven years, Pluto for up to thirty. Therefore the sign placements of these planets in individual birth charts are not normally significant (their influence being generational) and are not delineated in this report. Their house positions, however, are worthy of consideration.
The house position of Uranus indicates an area of life where an independent free-thinking stance is preferred. Rules and expectations are experienced as frustrating and will often be breached, sometimes in what others would regard as an outrageous manner. This can be disruptive, especially in areas of life where fidelity and stability are assets. Care must be taken to create a framework in which freedom can be exercised as well as commitment. Uranus in aspect to a faster-moving planet can add excitement and insight to its workings, but also a wish to break out of any limitations.

Your idea of friends is a group of people with whom you share a common interest in humanitarian concerns of some kind. Intimacy with the group is not likely to occur, indeed you can be quite stand-offish and hard to get to know personally. You have high ideals of friendship and expect others in the group to live up to them. Within the group you may well be the innovator, coming up with the most original ideas, some of them useful, some outlandish and impractical. As an alternative to groups with humanitarian concerns you may seek association with eccentric people who wake you up to aspects of your own nature with which you have hidden from yourself and would benefit from expressing.

Neptune in the Fourth House

The house position of Neptune shows the area of life where you seek an experience that reaches beyond the mundane necessities of daily life. You could try to enrich those areas, exercising your imagination so that some kind of transcendent reality can shine through them. Alternatively you could choose to sacrifice earthly satisfaction in that area of life in the name of what you see as a more spiritual mode of existence. The conflict between the necessities of day to day living and the desire for something beyond it could signify difficulties for you in the matters governed by this house. Neptune in aspect to a faster-moving planet has a similar significance.

There is something very significant in your life arising from the family in which you were brought up. Your childhood may have been idyllic, a time to which you long to return to escape from all the perils that may have happened since. It may have been so idyllic that you never wanted to grow up, and indeed have had trouble separating yourself from your family enough to operate as a separate individual in the world. When times are tough perhaps your first instinct is to return to the family home, or to wish that you could. If you were less fortunate you may have been tied to your family home by having to care for a crippled parent, or you experienced your father as loving but he had an alcohol addiction which meant you couldn’t count on him being there for you when you wanted him. Maybe you longed for your father’s presence but he was frequently away from home on account of his profession. If you are a woman you may find yourself inexplicably attracted to men who are either spiritual guru-like figures or alcoholics, mirroring your experience with your father. In later life you may become a spiritual seeker, or more negatively you may be tempted to regress to a childhood state because you have not forged your own identity sufficiently to have a meaningful life when your work in the world has ended.

Pluto in the Second House

The house position of Pluto shows an area of life through which any unresolved emotional conflicts within you are channelled. This can give rise to an obsession with that area and an attempt to control their expression, lest letting go releases pent-up feelings in a way that cannot be handled by the conscious mind. The obsession can have a positive outcome if it is accompanied by working towards greater self-knowledge and acceptance. Deeply ingrained complexes can find an outlet through the matters governed by this house. Matters governed by a faster-moving planet are similarly affected if in aspect with Pluto.

As I write this many people throughout the world are experiencing the loss of large amounts of wealth following failure of the banking system and the non-availability of credit. This is necessitating a re-assessment of values - where does true wealth lie? Having Pluto in the 2nd house this is a question that you may have asked yourself, or avoided, many times. Money is meant to be a means of exchange for goods and services, but do you hoard it for fear of not having enough? If you have had experience in life of insecurity, of power being taken away from you, or simply of feeling inadequate in relation to others, then your material wealth is probably where you seek to regain a sense of control over your life, and maybe to gain control over the lives of others too. Fluctuating financial fortunes and even the complete loss of wealth can serve to awaken you where true value in life lies. The more you value yourself and your own abilities the less you will need money to give you a sense of security.

House Rulers and Dispositors

We now come to the houses in your birth chart. There are twelve of these, each referring to a different area of your life. The 1st house is the Ascendant and this has already been described early in this report. Now follow the other eleven, first the so-called angular houses, the Midheaven, the Descendant and the Imum Coeli, then the remaining eight. I have already delineated the house position of each planet in your chart, and for the delineation of any house, planets within it are the most important factors. However, each house is also ruled by a planet which will not normally be within it. For each house following I will specify its ruling planet. The house in which that planet resides indicates how the affairs of the house it rules might turn out.

For instance, if the ruler of the Midheaven or 10th house (activities in the world) is in the 5th (entertainment, children etc.), then your career might involve working in the entertainment industry or with children. If it does not you might consider it as an option. If the ruler of the 2nd house (money, possessions) is in the Descendant or 7th, your financial affairs will be influenced (for good or ill) by your partnerships or relationships. For each house, check again the delineation already given above for its ruler. This will tell you how the affairs of that house might turn out.

Aquarius Midheaven (10th House)

The Midheaven is the highest point in the birth chart, where the Sun is at midday. The sign in which it falls and planets in the 10th house signify the way you reach out into the world and the kind of activities that could be appropriate for you therein. Such activities do not necessarily constitute your career, but ideally they would be included within it. (For consideration of your career direction the Ascendant, its ruler, the Sun, the Moon and the 10th house are all relevant.) The greater the number of planets in the 10th house of your birth chart, especially if the Sun is one of them, the more frustrated you will feel if you do not have significant activity outside of your home and family environment. If family commitments tie you, then you might give some consideration to ways of rearranging them so that you do have opportunities for activities beyond them. Your experience of your mother may be shown by this house.

You prefer a role in which you can exercise independence of thought. You will be reluctant to give in if a superior tells you your ideas are impractical. But if success depends on pursuing your ideas through to a conclusion, you have the persistence to do that.

Midheaven sextile Uranus  (Strength:  3.00)

Whatever you do in the world, whether in your career or otherwise, you desire complete freedom of movement. Being told what to do by others will not appeal to you unless you share the same ideals as those over you. You could be involved with advances in technology giving what you see as improvements in human conditions. Your approach to your work is likely to be original, with enthusiasm for breaking fresh ground. Beware lest in your haste to make changes you actually impede progress.

Aquarius is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Saturn.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

Sagittarius Descendant (7th House)

Opposite the Ascendant, the Descendant indicates your experience of yourself in relation to another person. Usually it begins as the way in which you experience the other person, and the kind of person to whom you are attracted (but note there are many other indicators of this in the chart). The sign on the Descendant and any planets in the 7th house show qualities you look for in another person. They may be qualities, desirable or otherwise, that you repeatedly find in people to whom you are attracted. As a general rule they are traits within you that may be undeveloped or of which you are unaware, and the relationship gives you an opportunity to wake up to them.

Among the qualities you find attractive in other people are faith, wisdom, insight and a desire to explore beyond the confines of ordinary life. Such people could inspire you to let go of nagging doubts, or at least to hold them in a different way so that they no longer restrain you from venturing out into a richer life.

Sagittarius is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Jupiter.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

Leo IC (4th House)

Opposite the Midheaven this is the lowest point in the birth chart, where the Sun is at midnight. The sign in which it falls and planets in the 4th house signify your experience of your home and family (in particular of your father), of your soul and most personal space, that without which you cannot reach out into the world (10th house) in a satisfactory way.

Honouring your roots, the family in which you were nurtured and brought up, will help you to develop and practise your aims in life. This is so even if that family was an unsatisfactory environment for a growing child. To honour your family is not the same as idealising it. Your present home may be a place which is an expression of your innermost soul in the way that you furnish it. A growing awareness of your purpose in life may be reflected in changes in your home environment.

Leo is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by the Sun.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

The Second House

The 2nd house refers to your moveable as distinct from fixed possessions. This includes, in particular, your money.

Cancer is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by the Moon.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

The Third House

The 3rd house refers to your interaction with siblings and other relatives except parents, and neighbours, interaction which does not normally require much conscious intention but happens on a simple day to day level.

Leo is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by the Sun.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

The Fifth House

The 5th house refers to your creative expression, ways of having fun, entertainment, love affairs as distinct from long-term relationships, and children.

Virgo is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Mercury.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

The Sixth House

The 6th house refers to the practical application of your creativity, your work and the people who work for you. Also health and diet.

Scorpio is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Mars.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

The Eighth House

The 8th house is traditionally the house of death. More generally it refers to how you respond when death to the old is required to allow the new to be born. On a more mundane level it refers to possessions you share with anyone with whom you are in partnership.

Capricorn is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Saturn.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

The Ninth House

The 9th house refers to your religion or philosophy, higher education and teaching, ways in which you seek to broaden your vision including long distance travel.

Aquarius is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Saturn.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

The Eleventh House

The 11th house refers to your social conscience, activities you are prepared to engage in, with others, for the benefit of society.

Pisces is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Jupiter.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

The Twelfth House

The 12th house refers to places you might go to when you wish to escape from the world for a while, or to which you might have to go if you are ill - hospitals, or if you have offended society - prisons. It is called the house of self-undoing. Care should be taken in matters signified by planets in or ruling the 12th house.

Taurus is on the cusp of this house, so it is ruled by Venus.

Refer to the description of this planet above for clues as to how the affairs of this house may manifest in your life.The house position of this planet links the affairs of the two houses. Any planets in this house will also have been described above, and these are even more important.

Report prepared by Richard Hills: [email protected],