Child Horoscope for Tony Blair


This Child Horoscope is provided as an illustration of the kind of report you can expect if you order one for yourself. There is no intention to cast any aspersions on the character of the subject of this report.

Tony Blair
06 May 2023  06:10:00
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Time Zone: -01:00 (BST)
Longitude: 003° W 13'
Latitude: 55° N 57'


This is an Astro-Analysis based on the exact time, date, and place of birth calculated on the details supplied.

It is not intended to predict a budding mega-star or a future world leader - the objective is to provide some insights into the psyche of Tony to give everyone concerned a better chance of understanding, and hopefully helping this special child through the difficult growing times that they will face.

The astrological Chart is a little like a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of a picture to follow. Some pieces are easy to recognise and they fit together beautifully. Another batch might fit well - but seem unrelated to the first "batch". Several straggly bits probably seem to belong to another world altogether, but that is the human psyche. The depths are immeasurable with many, many forms, faces, and dimensions.

Any Astrological chart will have seemingly several contradictions - again - just like human nature and our psychological make-up. But these apparent differences are all shades, shapes, and forms of the full picture. These "contradictions" should be seen as a balancing factor, knocking some of the edges off our sharp corners or, sharpening up the "softness" in the areas defined.

It should also be recognised that all of us have our own very personal lessons to learn in this life and these lessons unfold throughout the span of our entire life on earth. The learning experiences will not be systematic - they will be random episodes and experiences. Some interpretations of this Chart will give a glimpse of these very personal lessons that are an obvious part of this little one's character. Others may be so private or subtle that the child "learns" all by itself. And then there will be further lessons that will not have emerged or even seem significant yet.

It is hoped that the brief explanations throughout this analysis will help to explain the meanings and terminology of basic Astrology to give as much understanding as possible.

The two most valuable things that we can give to any child are our unconditional love and our time.


The following passages give a comprehensive summary of the character traits of this child and a brief description of each section explains the specifics. It has been kept simple deliberately because, as mentioned in the introduction, Astrology is a complex subject, and the intention is to clarify, not confuse.

Included are:

The Sun/Moon sign combination

The Ascendant, when the birth time is known

The Sun, Moon and planets in the Signs and, when the birth time is known, the Houses

The major aspects

The Balance of the Elements and Modalities

The strongest Signs, Houses and Planets

Nothing is quite like having a Chart done on a "one-to-one" basis, but this enormous electronic age has opened the way for anyone who is interested to have a closer look at this ancient science and benefit from its wisdom.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius

The "SUN SIGN" is the one part of the Astrological Chart that most people know. It is the inner core that drives and motivates us. It is our own true light. When we read and discuss our Sun signs we can easily recognise bits that fit, and maybe, question bits that do not seem to apply. The contrast noted is often related to the power of the other luminary - the Moon.
The Moon is our instinctive response. It reflects our earliest conditioning. The Moon governs our emotional responses, - our likes and dislikes - our innate sensitivities. Often the Moon sign is related to the maternal influence, or perhaps, the general home environment.
Both the Sun and the Moon are the two major players. When in a very different sign this does complicate the projected personality. This can be an essential but difficult learning curve that can be confusing for all concerned. Our Sun can try so hard to shine only to feel over-shadowed by a powerful, or competitive, Moon. Some of us will need to learn to accept and understand our emotional conditioning and allow the Sun the right to burst through, combining both strengths in a positive way.
This combination attempts to tie together both of these very significant forces and come up with a sharper, more focused picture.
Some signs are very compatible - others compete.

Here is a mix of Earth and Air. This combination is a little like the rotary hoe that aerates the soil and brings life and fertility to the sheer fabric of life. These kids are highly efficient; the mind is analytical and exacting with a sense of vision that can stretch the realms of possibility.  Tony will be clearheaded and confident and quite ambitious. Tony will have little fear of stepping in and breaking new ground. An earthy and raucous sense of humour will develop as Tony matures, which will make a useful tool. The use of words will be clever, the sense of timing exacting, and the droll delivery of expression will be entertaining and clever. However, this straightforward kid can struggle with understanding emotions and the subconscious mysteries that hit us all from time to time. The Earth and Air coupling can create a dust-storm that distorts the picture and hides what is really happening. Tony might be reluctant to face or cope with the deeper issues, relying too heavily on the tangible, logical and intellectual answers.

Tony has the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Aquarius. Both of these signs are inherently stubborn, so will go at their own pace and in their own way. Any attempts to side-track Tony will be met with sound resistance. To coax Tony to change direction when the mind has been set will take some subtle manipulation.

There could be useful creative skills here. The ideas will be clever and original and within the realms of possibility. This child has the sort of temperament who can dream beautiful dreams and make them happen. This is an objective realist. These kids learn to accept their limitations and appreciate their true abilities with confidence.

Tony will be friendly and outgoing with the ability to make anyone feel at ease. The manner is tactful, diplomatic, and non-judgmental. Communication skills will become a valuable gift that Tony will benefit from throughout life. This is a passive nature - one who will not enjoy aggression; but this child will have high principles and ideals. These will not be compromised and Tony will have no problem at all in letting that be known. This easy-going kid is no pushover. The nature is independent but not overtly radical.

As Tony develops, a shrewd intuition will develop. These types are able to size up a situation very accurately and make wise decisions. An accurate judge of people will emerge as life unfolds. Tony will be difficult to fool as an adult.

<subject< has the Moon in Aquarius combined with a Gemini Ascendant. These kids like company, but their freedom is paramount. Tony will enjoy mixing with other kids but will be totally independent. These kids like to make their mark, but will get irrational and awkward when treated as a number. This is when Tony will get bored and the mind will be working overtime to dream up a newer and better way of steering the ship.

Neither of these zodiac signs is noted for being well disciplined or traditional. The attitude is highly individual, spontaneous and clever. The applied logic can be difficult to follow. It can be a mission to challenge the logic that this child does apply. This is when Tony will utilise the sheer weight of dextrous debating skills and simply outlast any opponents by wearing them down. This kid is not a follower and will not be led or bullied.

There will be an innate fairness and a compassion for those that need it most. However, in many ways the humanitarian interest is more passionate and intellectual rather than passionate and sensitive. This combination is more the activist than the martyr. Tony can also take on far too much at times and get totally worn out. This active mind can suffer from nerves quite easily.

The Aquarian Moon can suggest that the maternal figure is not your conventional "Mum". Often this can indicate a young Mother, or one who has rather different views, with a lifestyle that is not organised and regular. This person could be rebelling against the conventional, perhaps struggling to project authority, and so treats Tony as an equal and a friend rather than as a dependant. Alternatively, the maternal influence could be radical, highly intelligent and thus, be advanced and quite different. Tony could be respected as a mini-adult rather than as a dependant child. Tony could learn from infancy to get on with life and not fuss too much. Tony will come to identify naturally with conditions of equality.

Gemini Ascendant

The Ascendant is the exact degree in the zodiac, which was rising on the horizon at the time of birth. The term Ascendant and Rising sign are the same. Every 4 minutes the degree of the Ascendant changes. This is why it is so important to know the exact time of birth. This is the starting point of the astrological wheel and defines the signs on each house cusp in an anti-clockwise direction.
The actual houses and their meanings are just as important as the signs on the cusp. The sign of the Ascendant is as important as the Sun sign, and its effects are often more obvious to other people. The Ascendant represents how the personality appears to others. Each sign has its own potential strengths, which should be developed, and weaknesses, which should be minimised through understanding.
Tony may run into problems if the rising sign is quite different in nature from the Sun sign. There will be conflict between an element of the inner self and the projected image. So, if any recurring social problems do occur, it is necessary to look within.
The Ascendant in the chart is very important. It indicates the ways in which we interact with the world around us, the energies we put out, and the energies we receive from others.
Aspects to the Ascendant indicate what kinds of interaction we experience with others, the impressions we make on people, and the areas of our life that most involve other people. Often these aspects tell us about ourselves.

Tony has the Ascendant or the Rising sign in Gemini. This is a bright sparkling personality - with plenty of wit and a very expressive nature. These kids love to be around people and have people around them. They are friendly, adaptable and good conversationalists. Tony will have quite special skills in all forms of communication. These kids are mentally alert. Whilst outwardly there is the show of heaps of confidence this often is not the case. These kids can actually be quite nervy and temperamental for seemingly little reason. Bear this in mind, and try to see beyond the surface of this entertaining child.

Tony will be happiest when doing new things. There will be real need to be involved with as many projects as possible. These kids just like being busy. But, like all kids, Tony will need plenty of rest. It can be a mission getting these kids to slow down, let alone stop! Story-time can be a good wind-down for them. But to keep from getting over-tired, Tony must be coaxed into having a nap and learning to switch off.

Gemini is the sign of the twins. The duality shows the personality as swinging from the friendly, fun-loving person to the moody temperamental person. One minute these kids will want to be the life and soul of the party and then the next minute will "switch off" completely. The attitudes will swing from hot and cold on opinions, ideas, and ideals without explanation. This is the hallmark of the Gemini personality. A Gemini Ascendant can outwit, out smart and out talk most people. Tony will be great at debate, and interesting with it. Often the Gemini character becomes a great collector of trivia and useless information. This can be the intellectual jack-of- all-trades, but extremely entertaining company to be with.

This very active person likes to get around. Tony will want to get out and meet new people. This child will want to taste as many different experiences as possible. Because they are so restless, Tony will find it difficult to stay in one place for any length of time. If these kids have to be confined, as in school, they begin to feel restless. It is hard for them to keep their mind focused for too long on any one subject. In general, they do not stay with one project for very long. They prefer activities that do not demand persistence. Tony wants to cover every single topic there is. However, with this quick mind, Tony can learn a lot despite a lack of persistence.

These kids like to chatter. In fact, they may have difficulty keeping quiet even when they are supposed to. Instead of just sitting back and passively listening, Tony will want to be actively engaged. Sometimes this takes the form of a writing ability or a fondness for books. Anything that keeps the mind going will be attractive. Sometimes Gemini rising indicates ability in such fields as journalism, editing, communications or the mass media. It can also be an indication of considerable ability with the hands - or, perhaps, the more technical, scientific or mathematical area.

One of the virtues of this sign is that this child will never really grow old. They will always look younger than they are, which may be a bother when they are young, but they are bound to appreciate this when they do get older. Even more important, Tony will always be open to new ideas and experiences. This person will never grow old mentally either. They will want to be up with the play and current trends.

It is highly likely that the home environment will be altogether too well organised for this child to cope with. They may feel that they could never measure up to the standards of perfection and the goals that the Mother figure sets. So, they probably will not even try. This could be why the Gemini Ascendant is such a good talker. They will prove themselves in the "theory" department. They could feel that their personal results in the practical side of things would leave a lot of room for dreaded criticism. So, they prove themselves by way of explanation rather than example. Tony may feel swamped in the area of the emotional and the sensitive too. These kids can feel totally inadequate. They can try to avoid "the emotional", as they do not deal with this sort of stuff all that well. This child will prefer to change the subject and talk some more - i.e., do more of what they do best.

The Ruling planet in this Chart for Tony is Mercury - the ruler of Gemini. Pay careful attention to this chatty and intelligent little planet, as this will be a very strong part of the personality. The House in which Mercury falls will be an indication of where these great communicative abilities will be utilised.

Sun in Taurus

The Sun in the Chart is our personal light. It is our vitality, our creativity, and our basic ego. The Sun represents our individuality. Within the Sun sign is our reason for being, our sense of pride, and our confidence. The sign occupied by the Sun at birth describes the nature of these basic drives and patterns. It describes the desire to be important to the people that matter and the ability to be independent and self-reliant. The House will describe the areas of life that will be important and play a major role in our lives.
Positive aspects to the Sun (trines, conjunctions or sextiles) are good indicators of self-reliance, confidence and the ability to stand on one's own two feet. The difficult aspects (squares, oppositions, and inconjunctions) will suggest psychological problems which can have a profound effect on life. However, learning to deal with these difficulties ultimately produces strength and understanding of the self. The rewards of working through these problems are great. The efforts will be productive. Sure, work is needed, but it is worth the effort. However, whenever the planet Saturn brushes up against the Sun, it will suppress and depress the energy of the most exuberant Sun sign.
The Sun is the "self", the "life path", the "true" personality behind all the facades and defences we all put up.
The child will start to grow into the Sun sign during adolescence which can be another reason why these years can be so dramatic and traumatic - this is just another set of growing pains that we all have to endure. The actual Sun sign is often not fully developed until nearer 30 years of age, but the inner spirit will emerge and glimpses will be seen throughout the growing years.

Tony has the Sun sign in Taurus, which is symbolised by the Bull. The Taurus child is a patient and deliberate worker that can seem to be a "plodder". But do not try to rush this child. The learning process is thorough, and all that is learned will be retained. These are generally good students. They will work for as long as it takes to complete any project, and the result will be their very, very best. Do not forget to heap on the praise for effort and achievements. Tony will be just bursting with pride waiting for your approval. The Taurean child is loving and will need lots of cuddles and a bit of "special" time with Mum or Dad that is exclusively "for them".

These kids prefer a routine; in fact, they do not like change. So, if there are ever any major changes coming up, give plenty of warning and a few explanations so that they have time to adjust. Even minor changes, like going out on Saturday night, will go down better if you "advise" this little one in advance. Tony will thrive on basic security and worry more than most if that precious personal security is threatened. These kids like to feel trusted as much as they like to feel totally involved in all that is happening around them.

Generally these kids are very placid but when aroused - just think of the bull in the China shop. Tony will come out with all guns blazing. When these kids do "lose it" it can be a shattering experience because it seems quite out of character. And when the bull puts its head down and charges, there is little time to escape. Be warned of a very long memory. This little one never forgets. Watch for a very stubborn and a rather self-righteous nature.

These children can also want everything they see and will keep the pressure on until they get what they want. However, they will also be willing to do little jobs to "earn" the money to pay their own way. These kids do prize their possessions and will look after what they have. Possessiveness is a common problem, so you will need to put a bit of effort into training how to share. Maybe drop in the hint that in sharing with others, their friends will share too, making the available pool much "bigger".

As a young child, Tony will probably respond well to soft toys and lots of colourful things. These kids respond to the sensual - smells, sounds, touch, and, of course, taste. Tony is bound to just love food. Any interest in artistic or musical ventures should be encouraged as these children have natural creative bent.

If there are several planets in the signs immediately before or after Taurus (Aries or Gemini,) Tony will be more volatile and more active.

Sun in Taurus, Sun in the Twelfth House

Tony, with the Sun in Taurus in the 12th House, will probably be a quiet and imaginative child, and rather deep. It is likely that there will be powerful dreams - or nightmares. These will seem so real in a young head. Often these kids benefit with a soft night-light and the minimum of excitement before bedtime. These little ones can get to fear the night and the shadows of the dark hours. You will notice that Tony, even as a baby, will be carefully observing everything that the family does. This intuitive kid will miss nothing and divulge even less.

As this child develops, the Sun here can hide a painful experience when young, with which these kids do not come to terms. There is a deep sensitivity and the reaction to anything confusing is to hide away. Usually, whatever happened was totally out of everyone's control. To the rest of the family, it might be quite a minor incident, but this susceptible kid will worry. If it was a "loss", Tony will be petrified in case history repeats itself. So with this in mind, if there are any traumatic experiences, make sure that this little one understands. Encourage Tony, when old enough, to discuss things further, just in case it has affected Tony more than what you might think. Never underestimate the powerful imagination here, especially if Neptune also figures strongly in this chart. The imagination can dominate the perspective at the cost of reality.

These kids have a wonderful sense of fantasy and probably spend a lot of time with friends whom only they can see. But this is purely imagination - Tony will simply love the realms of make-believe and feel quite at home in this space. Books or visual "stories" will hold the interest for a long time. When finished, Tony is likely to toddle away and relive all the wonderful stuff that has flooded the mind and imagination. Allow this child to express "their" world with the minimum of fuss, but keep the practical side of life in view.

Tony could be extremely creative. The eye for detail and colour will be clever and should be encouraged. Tony could work very well with the hands. Being such an "earthy" sign, pottery or carving could be clever skills to develop. Perhaps creating and making jewellery. This can be a positive outlet for expressing a natural inventiveness or simply as a communicative tool.

Being a rather shy child, Tony will prefer to be in the crowd rather than in the spotlight. It will never be easy for Tony to meet new people and feel totally at ease. This compassionate kid does not want to rule the world, but will want to be a part of whatever is going on.

The Taurus Sun falls in the shadows here in the 12th House. But the true nature does want to be seen and recognised. Drama classes could be an ideal way of allowing Tony to share the gift of expression and accept the core of the inner person. Staying out of sight, being robbed of recognition, will produce a sense of failure and dampen the spirits significantly. Praise and acknowledgement will help minimise this. An artistic outlet will not be lost here.

In many ways, Tony will seem a little "different". But there is the kindest person here. Tony will be so very gentle, possibly very talented, and quite likely, very psychic with clairvoyant gifts.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon is our instinctive, emotional response. It is the innermost feelings and sensitivities that stem from the subconscious. Our Moon will always be our natural reaction when our defences are down. The Moon reflects our early conditioning, our habits, and the automatic responses that come from our early environment. Often all of this relates directly to the "Mother" figure. It is perhaps the "child" in all of us.
In reading a child's chart, the Moon, in the house, the sign and the aspects, needs to be given special understanding. These are the indications on where Tony could need special attention very early, to cope with feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence, or a low self-esteem. Recognising these needs, and working through them, will help to produce a secure and confident adult.
The Moon often reflects the "Mother figure" in our lives, which is consequently why the Moon figures so strongly in a child's chart. The placement of the Moon often describes the relationship with the Mother, which is why the "Mother" is mentioned in many areas of the Moon explanations.
The Moon sign is the more noticeable personality trait in the formative years. We tend to "grow into our Sun sign as we develop and become the person we were meant to be. The Moon in the Chart signifies the unconscious attitudes and feelings and whether or not we feel supported and accepted. It is also the accumulated attitude reflected by our own past and the historical past. The Moon will echo values and instincts that are picked up from our early environmental experiences.
This luminary is the most important factor after the influences of the Sun and the Ascendant. It describes how we express our emotions and how well we deal with them. In some cases, the ever-important Sun can put up some defences against the Moon. When very different, we can struggle to assimilate our emotions and our reason. Like the other planets, the Moon has strong and weak points in any sign, and we should try to develop the strong points. If the Moon is in compatible company, we will express our emotions very easily and we will be sensitive to other people's needs and feelings. With competition, the Moon can mean that there can be difficulty letting our feelings flow. The Moon and the Ascendant can be of an awkward mix, making the projected personality, and how we actually feel inside, quite different. But, this is all a part of the character and we are well able to bind the differences and round off the disposition.
The Moon and the emotional problems it produces can sound negative but this is not so. This is a beautiful and fundamental part of our deepest psyche that we must all accept and use to its fullest advantage.

Tony was born with the Moon in Aquarius, and is a child who has dozens of friends and mixes in very well with others. However, although these kids genuinely enjoy all their friends and have no trouble at all attracting all the company that they want, they can be quite aloof and quite remote. They almost have an invisible circle around them that marks a private and sacred place where no one is allowed to go. That is "their" space. They will love group activities, but will like to leave the door open just in case they want to leave. Tony will be highly independent and demand a sense of freedom. In fact, any sort of restriction brings out the crankiness in this child. To feel as free as the breeze comes natural to the child with the high-flying Aquarius Moon.

This kid will have some difficulty with emotional outbursts - they simply do not do "emotional" that well. They will respond far better to a good logical reprimand that gives them a new angle and an objective view to think about. But a screaming match will just fall on deaf ears. Of course, Tony does need to learn a bit about the emotional side. This child will need to know that it is OK for the feelings to get out of control at times, but the natural reaction is cool logic. As these kids get older though, they will rationalise their own emotions and be quite open about what makes them tick. Again, logic rules.

Deep down, these kids do need to be praised and told how good and clever they are. They will seem to be so independent and so distant that it may seem that they do not need much encouragement. But they do.

This child with the Aquarius Moon is very stubborn. If they are forced to do anything that they do not want to do, they will dig their heels in. They can be very argumentative and will often toss in a provocative remark just to divert the attention. And then they will walk off leaving everyone else arguing about something that was never important anyway.

Tony will love to try new things and will experiment. These kids like to taste adventure and follow a natural curiosity. There will be a rebellious streak that will be hard to miss. Above all, Tony will work very hard to be "different". These youngsters are original, they like to stand out in a crowd, and they like to buck the system. They like to make a statement that is not just heard - it shrieks. They will love computers, modern technology and all the scientific objects that they can find. Tony will enjoy science fiction as much as science fact.

And there is a humanitarian here. Tony is one that could well bring home waifs and strays that need care, which includes animals as well as people. These kids will be likely to give away all that they have to someone whom they feel "needs" it more than they do. And their timing may not be all that good, because they are very spontaneous. Tony could give away the grocery money when that is all the money left to spare that week, because someone was "more hungry". This independent child really does care.

Moon in Aquarius, Moon in the Tenth House

Tony has the Moon in Aquarius in the 10th House, so will be strongly influenced by the Mother figure. This maternal figure will be instrumental in forging the attitudes, the values, and all the principles that will see this child into adulthood, even to the point of shaping a future career. In many ways, Tony will receive a fine grounding with which to go into adulthood, as the childhood will be all geared towards becoming a fine, upstanding and successful adult. There is nothing to suggest that the Mother's influence is anything less than 100% for the child's sake. There are no selfish connotations here. However, these kids do need to allow their own reflection to shine through too. Tony could end up trying to be what everyone else wants, rather than be true to personal ambitions. This independent and adaptable kid is quite able to play many roles in life and probably will. But as long as Tony knows the difference between play acting for fun and play acting to please, there should be no problem. But ensure that all the wonderful groundwork that is being laid also includes this child's real self and aspirations. Tony will thrive on responsibility and be motivated by results. The desire to shine will be a natural part of the character.

These kids have a powerful charisma. They can influence an audience. They are goal-oriented, but also feel and understand the feelings of other people. They will learn the art of manipulation and hone it to perfection. In adulthood, Tony will be well equipped to use this ability to influence opinions in quite a big way. The intuition and the instincts lean toward panache and drama, which adds to a big performance. When "on stage" this will be a star act. This placement often suggests an inclination toward a public life, but it can also point to a number of occupational changes before Tony discovers a true path. In many ways, these types never seem to be quite satisfied. Even when success has been realised, there will always be another mountain to climb or another question to be answered. However, Tony will seldom accept a step backwards. Change will always involve personal progress and could include help from some powerful people along the way.

There is a passion attached to the Moon in Aquarius in the 10th House. The will is strong, the eye is firm and the energy is relentless. These people can be ruthless in the pursuit of their own goals. They will seldom let others see just how self-motivated they are. But when crossed, Tony will be aggressive in a clever and precise way that leaves no room for doubt. The word power will be a mighty weapon delivered with body language that is equally strong. Tony, in a subtle way, takes no prisoners.

The potent communication skills are the hallmark of the Aquarius Moon in the 10th House. The sheer dexterity, mental agility and quick humour will be highly persuasive and valuable. In any situation, Tony will have a plausible answer to the most difficult questions. Bluff will be the unknown quantity that leaves opponents wondering.

The people with this elevated Moon are concerned with reputation. They strongly desire recognition. Later in life, they could well find themselves in positions where they are called upon to "feel the pulse" of the public - to be edifying to the market or voters in some way. Tony will project a powerful image and will want to make a mark in this lifetime.

Mercury in Aries

The little planet Mercury is the mythical Messenger of the Gods.  This planet is never far away from the Sun, often falling in the same sign at the time of birth, so it does tend to add emphasis to our Sun Sign.  Even when Mercury is in the sign before or after the Sun, this is always considered a very personal planet.
Through Mercury, we learn all the basics in life.  It indicates how we communicate, because it is here where we begin to watch and copy the rest of the family.  This is the very beginning of questions and curiosity that fires up and fuels the learning process.  From that point, we move on to recognising the senses, and so our personal tastes and style develops.  We learn how to exchange ideas and show how clever we are. We start to question and analyse.  We learn to reason and classify what we have absorbed and then stretch for more information.
Mercury is our first experience of moving out into the world beyond the back yard, armed with all that we have learned.  Through this planet, our flexibility and dexterity is revealed.  This planet covers the intellectual stimuli but it also has a say in how clever we are with our hands and how well balanced we are physically.
Mercury is also associated with the nervous system.  This is a busy little planet at the best of times, and responsible for a big part of our intrinsic character.  When put under too much pressure, the nervous system buckles.  Mercury is indicative of our sense of humour, the body language we exude, and our powers of expression.  This is the planet of logic and reason.  So, Mercury is indeed a very important planet.  It might be tiny, but it is very potent.

With the chatty little planet Mercury in the sign of impatient Aries, this kid is likely to start talking rather early in life and, once the art has been mastered, will probably never stop. The speech is likely to be rapid-fire. There will be loads of questions, but the difficulty will be staying put long enough for a decent answer. There is just too much to do!

These children can be argumentative and they are good at it. It will be a rare occasion when Tony is stuck for an answer. The mind moves so quickly that even a totally irrelevant response will be preferred to none at all. This can be valuable in a debating team, but it can become tedious. Tony will be decisive and capable of grasping information quickly, but can also feign ignorance as a ploy to further discussion or provoke further animated discussion. The objective is simply to add interest to the matter in hand.

Quite a few lessons will be needed to train this child not to interrupt when others are talking. The sheer sense of urgency can be forsaken for acceptable manners. The intention is not to be rude. These kids just do not have the time to wait! There will also be a great knack of jumping to conclusions too, which can be infuriating.

Tony will tend to be impulsive with a quick temper but will probably not see or admit to it being a problem. Admitting defeat or being wrong is another difficulty. So, one good lesson that could be taught early on is to be able to admit defeat graciously.

This mercurial planet is said to have "winged feet" and this dextrous kid is agile and energetic, both physically and mentally. Tony will seem to have been born running and will never stop.

There is a very quick mind here and Tony will enjoy coming up with new ideas. This child is independent and likes to be original, but more importantly, will want to be first. Only one problem - these kids always like their own ideas best and will argue the toss if they feel that their flash of inspiration has been overlooked. However, this should be a clever child, with a great wit and the ability to dazzle in the area of communications.

Mercury in Aries, Mercury in the Twelfth House

Tony, with Mercury in Aries in the 12th House, will tend to be rather shy, and others will wonder just what this child is thinking. This House does douse the ardour of the usually spirited Mercury in Aries. The mind moves quickly, the curiosity is powerful, but often there is a real fear of saying anything at all in case it comes out wrong. This is challenging for the impetuous sign of Aries. The facial expressions can indicate that there are a whole lot of things running through this little mind, but the reluctance to share can be difficult for all concerned. Others can be suspicious of this seemingly reserved attitude, but Tony may simply lack confidence. These youngsters can give the impression that they are up to no good when they are very well intentioned. They are simply sitting back and absorbing every morsel of the atmosphere.

There is often a big fear of being laughed at, or of not being understood, which can be quite a handicap. In a group situation, or in the classroom, this fear can cause this little one to hide. These kids have some great ideas, their mind is very good, but they are hesitant. Decisions are often based on feelings rather than logic, and this will always apply. This is also why Tony will feel embarrassed about voicing opinions. No one will be more aware of the fact that everyone else seems to sound so much more at ease - coherent expression will seem to come more easily to others. In this competitive world in which we live, this can be tough for Tony. The answers are there, but finding the right words can be elusive. Consequently, this little one can go through some lonely years because of not feeling comfortable enough to interact with others. This truly does need to be watched carefully and corrected early. These kids do observe and take in everything that is happening around them. This budding little psychologist will develop a sound understanding of how the mind and human nature work. The perception is acute and the mind is actually quite analytical. Never underestimate the depth of the mind with Mercury in the 12th House.

This child does need to be drawn out and taught to share their visions and emotions with others. Without help, this little one can end up being overlooked and these special gifts will be under-utilised. These children must learn to feel good about themselves and be proud of their talents.

The subconscious mind is very powerful here and the thinking is strongly coloured by experiences and subconscious influences. The imagination is also very colourful, powerful, and explicit. Tony will have a genuine love and appreciation of beauty in every dimension, especially that of humanity and human nature. These kids tend to think in pictures, drawing on their sensual instincts in order to understand.

No matter what, these kids do enjoy their time out. They do not mind their own company - but they also need to join the rest of the world, too.

This mercurial planet is said to have "winged feet" and this dextrous kid is agile and energetic, both physically and mentally. Tony will seem to have been born running and will never stop.

There is a very quick mind here and Tony will enjoy coming up with new ideas. This child is independent and likes to be original, but more importantly, will want to be first. Only one problem - these kids always like their own ideas best and will argue the toss if they feel that their flash of inspiration has been overlooked. However, this should be a clever child, with a great wit and the ability to dazzle in the area of communications.

Venus in Aries

Venus is the planet of love. This tiny planet is responsible for the stirring of the soft and sensual pleasures of nature. Venus opens the doors of appreciation to beauty, harmony, creativity, and of course, love, and affection. Venus arouses and stimulates our senses.
Venus is important because it shows how youngsters interact. It is where children learn to share and give. Venus shows how Tony attracts love and attention and also what and who Tony is attracted to. This planet will indicate whether the basic nature is warm and affectionate or whether there is some reserve attached.
Venus is also about our creature comforts and possessions - what we need in life to feel good. Venus indicates our creativity and artistic talents and the ability to appreciate beauty. Good, bad, or unusual taste will be seen through Venus.
The house that Venus is in indicates the area in which artistic talent is expressed. This is where the expressions of sensual understanding will be valid and utilised. It can also suggest where Tony may need special attention and nourishment, in order to learn how to interact with others.
For future reference, Venus in the signs, houses and aspects will be quite revealing about relationships with the opposite sex and matters of the heart.

With the planet of love, Venus, in the impatient sign of Aries, Tony will be demonstrative and very enthusiastic when it comes to the people that matter. These children can treat relationships as a bit of a game and they hate to lose. They will never be afraid to make the first move. If they like someone and think that this could be some fun company, they will skip the formalities and make a new 'best friend' in an instant. Tony will be very warm, very affectionate, and not afraid to be openly expressive. The nature can be cute and rather flirtatious. Tony will choose the friends that appeal to the buoyant and exciting nature. Adults will not manipulate this child into mixing with children they don't personally enjoy. These children often don't care too much about the popularity stakes. They don't go out of their way to impress anyone, but the honest personality is usually totally accepted and liked anyway.

Tony will appreciate the good things in life and this is exactly what this little person will expect. And what is more, they usually get just what they want. There can be a degree of vanity and a tendency to be a bit selfish. But this is not in an obvious or 'nasty' way. The ego is large and needs to be fed.

Tony will be drawn to bright bold colours, and should have a good sense of rhythm, enjoying both music and dance. During the adolescent years the choice of music will be constant - and loud.

Many people with Venus in Aries (at a later stage) tend to marry early - in haste - and repent at leisure. They are socially outgoing and have a generally happy outlook on life with the ability to attract many friends and admirers. There is nothing shy or reserved about these youngsters. They can, however, be too demanding. If this is not addressed and pointed out to them, they can have problems with their friendships right through life. It is while they are young that they can learn how to compromise.

Venus in Aries, Venus in the Twelfth House

This child with Venus in Aries in the 12th House is a romantic dreamer. These are rather private kids who are a little afraid about letting their feelings and emotions hang out for the world to see. They are affectionate. They are warm and friendly, but they often do not have the confidence to trust. There is often a big fear of rejection. These passive children watch what is going on. They "feel" the atmosphere and read the subliminal messages, and they wait to be recognised and included in whatever is happening. Try to encourage Tony to be a little more outgoing and confident. From an early age, introduce groups where creative interaction is the objective. These kids will be bursting to break free and show their hand. But never push this apprehensive child. Allow Tony to accept a new situation, but gently nudge early interaction. If this confidence is not dealt with, Tony will miss out on valuable friendships and forever struggle to utilise the expressive ability. The company that Tony will seek will be similar-type children - children who are refined, gentle and, probably, equally shy. They could all sit around waiting for someone to instigate the first move. Teach Tony how to do just that. Venus in Aries is naturally optimistic and not encumbered with hang-ups. This 12th House influence can be overcome if recognised.

When trust has been established, Tony will be utterly and completely loyal and giving. At times, these children will be submissive in order to maintain a friendship when they should stand up for their own beliefs. But again, this child could fear rejection. These children are beautiful, gentle souls who are capable of giving so much. There could well be quite amazing creativity hidden away here because there will be a strong sense of fantasy and a vivid imagination which will need some air. Photography, writing, painting or the like could prove to be a wonderful outlet for Tony.

In spite of the gentle and loving nature, relationships can be tough for Tony. In adult life, the "true love" can sometimes be either out of reach, or clandestine through necessity. It can be that love is seldom easy. This can set these kids on an eternal search for a utopia that is, of course, equally elusive. Love is often fraught with difficulty and sadness with Venus in the 12th House. All those wonderful emotions that are attributed to Venus can be trapped inside.

The twelfth house Venus shows a solitary child - a child who needs a certain amount of time to be alone. Tony will be very compassionate, philosophical and quite spiritual. This little one will need a lot of drawing out because there is a lot of depth. But often there is not the confidence to let the true light shine through. This needs lots of love and encouragement. The ability to "give" and understand is enormous. This could be a career indication later in life.

Mars in Gemini

Mars is essentially the "I am" in us.  It is the "I -me -and -mine" - the basic, subjective ego.  It is our energy, our initiative, and our drive.  It is our aggression, our temperament, and our passion.  Mars is the physical side of our psyche.  A strong Mars makes for great sports people because they will be competitive with a real desire to win.  Later in life, Mars indicates our sex drive.
This is a fiery little planet, so a strong Mars is a "fiery" little person who runs on high octane - one who will never know when to stop.  The "water signs" can dilute this energy somewhat, or can perhaps drive the passion inward.  The "fire" will then not be so obvious.  However, once we get the hang of our Mars sign, it is an important part of us.  It is the fuel on which we run.

The child with Mars in Gemini is a real live wire with an abundance of mental energy.  Tony will love to talk and will never be stuck for an answer. And often it will be a very clever answer.  This child will know very early on how to pour on the charm by being "cute" and smart.  This curious mind will dart from one topic to another at lightening speed.  As they develop, children kids will love a hearty debate.  They are likely to disagree with everyone about anything just to stimulate the conversation.  Not that Tony will always be right by any matter of means.  Validation of some rather bold statements will not be an issue.  Tony will, however, want to glean as much knowledge on as many subjects as possible, but finer details seem like a waste of time to this child.

Tony may have trouble sticking to a single task for any length of time.  The inclination is to start several projects at once and never finish any of them.  It is more exciting to move on to something else.  This can be a real handicap in school, because these kids will have to be more disciplined.  Tony will have to stick to projects that may not be especially interesting.  If these children are not trained to finish what they've started, they will never learn.  Let this lively child flow and walk away for a break to ease their boredom, but then guide them back to complete their project. Try to make the end result as interesting and as important as a fresh beginning.

Mars in Gemini is high-strung and this child will be a lot of nervous energy.  Tony will have a tendency to just simply push on at breakneck speed and then simply, run out of fuel.  These kids do need to be taught to rest and take a bit of time out.  However, this will not be easy because these energy balls will not accept that they are tired - UNTIL - they fall down in a heap.  Tony could be clever with the hands because of excellent co-ordination.  Sporting activities will be great for using up some of this energy, but Tony will probably not be interested in the more physical or rough sports.

The teenager with Mars in Gemini will seldom have problems dealing with the opposite sex.  These adolescents will fall in and out of love several times a day and can easily be in love with more than one person at a time.  It would not be surprising if Tony ended up being a real flirt, too.

Reporters or journalists often get the best out of this placement and so do teachers or critics.  Mars in Gemini indicates powerful skills in all forms of communication.  A satirical wit could develop well with maturity and confidence.

Mars in Gemini, Mars in the First House

Tony has the fiery little planet Mars in Gemini in the first house. This gives enormous mental energy, a big ego and a competitive edge that will be the driving force that motivates Tony. The manner will be assertive and positive. These kids will want to be directly involved in the action. They will want to be first and will not like having to follow anyone. They are impulsive and impatient. If placed in a position of leadership, which will happen, Tony will lead energetically and with great enthusiasm. But these kids may be rather hard on those who are not as fast, or as lively, as Tony expects them to be. Learning to be tolerant and a little more sensitive will help a whole lot.

The determination to succeed, the will to win, and the sheer tenacity can be used in a positive way through some sort of sporting discipline, or perhaps, intellectual competition. However, the attitude towards teamwork will need to be developed. Tony will need to be taught to listen to other points of view, to stop and think things through a bit more, and to keep the ego in perspective.

There are bound to be hints of a fiery temper - these youngsters can look for a conflict where there is none. Tony will need to be taught to be aware of this. With some degree of self-control, Tony can develop a courage that will win admiration. These kids are naturally assertive. They are fearless in their approach and they are strong. Others notice and respect this.

These youngsters do find it difficult to stay still for very long, or to stick with any task that requires patience and thoroughness. They are impulsive and extremely restless. However, when Tony is required to apply solid application, the capabilities will be very obvious. The determination to succeed will ultimately win out.

Mars in the 1st House is often indicative of an exciting and buoyant youth that covers a lot of ground and can take a few risks. There can be minor accidents as Tony hurtles through the formative years. But in maturity this adventurous little soul will be responsible and quite conventional. Lessons learned are taken seriously.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter is a slower moving planet that stays in the same sign for about a year. Its sign has a direct personal effect only when it is in close aspect to the Ascendant or Midheaven, or forms a strong aspect with one of the personal planets. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, and often, luck.
The house position of Jupiter relates to areas of life in which we will want to grow. It shows the area in which we are likely to think positively and optimistically. In a general sense, things work well for us in the house that Jupiter occupies. The keyword for Jupiter is expansion. That can be physically, mentally, or spiritually. Jupiter's position can relate to the expansion of assets relating to financial freedom, or perhaps, even, weight.

Jupiter is in Taurus so Tony will have a strong need to be secure and know what tomorrow will bring. These kids need lots of physical affection, like plenty of hugging and physical contact with their family. And if they do not get this kind of affection, they may over-indulge in other areas to compensate for the lack of physical affection, such as consuming too much food, or putting too high a price on possessions, or being outright extravagant. But this does depend entirely on how secure this child feels. If they feel loved, they will develop a practical sensitivity. They will be willing to help anyone. They can give sound and logical advice and support. And in adulthood, they can grow rather rich without compromising this nice nature. Tony will be very able to make money later in life. This child will look and plan, and use a very good business head in a patient way. Tony will be stubborn, but not aggressive.

Jupiter in Taurus, Jupiter in the Twelfth House

Jupiter in Taurus in the Twelfth House makes Tony a child that even while young will be very kind and generous toward less fortunate people. This can be a mystical child who has natural healing abilities that filter through in a subliminal way. These kids feel their role is to give in a practical way.

Tony will seem to be able to ride with the rough times, always finding the silver lining in the darkest cloud. Tony will not wallow in the miseries of "poor me" for very long. These kids just know that no one ever said that life was going to be easy and they simply cope. They can turn a negative into a positive learning experience and actually appreciate the painful episodes. They naturally count their blessings more readily than they lick their wounds. Real bad times should be few, but there can be a tinge of sadness or feelings of isolation that Tony tucks away out of view. The invisible protectors or guides at this child's disposal soften the suffering somehow. But, Tony could find it difficult to ask for help or even accept help in times of need - perhaps drawing on divine intervention in favour of exposing any problems that might arise. The faith is strong but so is the will to be free, private and independent.

These kindly people are blessed with a powerful vision and they do have the ability to make their dreams come true. Tony will have a good sense of perspective and plenty of patience. This deep and reflective kid will dream and plot and fantasise in a private but positive way. When alone, comfort will be found in the peace and the quiet of their own inner world - a world that should sustain Tony through any sort of major difficulty. Truth in its purest form is easily understood and is often the primary objective.

Ambition can be subtle, or perhaps not an obvious trait, because these types often resent what they see as the rat race. But help seems to come to them when they need it, so there can be significant achievements. While far from being materialistic, Tony can be quite extravagant. This can be a cause of some difficulty in life. Sometimes Jupiter in the 12th House can suggest over-indulgence and escapism, but the guardian angels will always be waiting in the wings ready to guard and protect if called on. With just a bit of training to 1) offset the lack of material sense, 2) to respect the dangers of permissiveness, and 3) to learn to be a little more practical, there should not be much of a problem.

Saturn in Libra

There are always two sides of Saturn - what is, and what can be. Saturn stays in the same sign for approximately two and a half years, so all of the children born around the same time as Tony will show the same characteristics. Saturn in the sign is therefore personal only when forming one or more aspect(s) with the personal planets, the Ascendant, or the Midheaven.
Read these aspects thoroughly to be more aware of Saturn and what it has to teach this child.
Saturn is all about progress, but it is the slow and sure progress - nothing happens quickly with this rather severe planet. This is where we learn the art of survival. Saturn makes us stop, look, and listen and not go rushing in. This is where we come up against brick walls, where we have to review the lessons learned and modify the next move. Saturn makes us accept responsibility, accept a challenge, and move forward. Saturn is the reason behind many of our fears, our sense of guilt and our sense of failure, but, again, when we beat these obstacles, we are so much wiser and stronger.
The House in which Saturn falls signifies the areas where life can be tough. Nothing seems to come easily, and yet the prospects are of significance. This is the area where our fears will have to be addressed, and where our confidence will need to be lifted. Discipline and patience will be badly needed here in order for us to gain control. It is where we must stop and think, but ultimately we learn from Saturn - he is a great teacher. Saturn is often related to the father figure, or the "authority" figure that influences Tony. Difficult aspects with Saturn often indicate problems in this area.
Saturn often sounds rather negative which is not accurate. Consider Saturn as a hurdle that is there to be conquered - not as an obstacle to fear.

Tony has the planet Saturn in the sharing sign of Libra. Libra will always weigh up all the options, and Saturn adds even more to this sense of caution. This child will need plenty of time to make decisions and will always want to know all the angles before drawing a conclusion. But once the big moment has come and a final decision has been made, it is usually right. It is important that Tony is allowed to have a say in things when old enough. These kids must learn to form their own opinions, develop their own lives, and expand on their own ideals. Saturn in Libra can end up rather narrow minded if not encouraged to mix and match ideas and draw personal conclusions.

Tony can seem reserved in friendships and relationships, but once committed this will be a very loyal friend. This child simply cannot sit back and allows wrongs to happen. This little watchdog will come out fighting for the cause if they think a friend is being badly done by.

Saturn here can delay marriage until later in life. Tony may simply wait longer than most, or this could indicate obstacles in the path of romance. A successful marriage will require a whole lot of patience. These people can be too giving and too compromising, but if confidence is instilled very early, this should not be a major problem. There can be fear of rejection that rules the emotions, but again, self-confidence will restore this before it gets out of control.

Saturn in Libra, Saturn in the Sixth House

Tony has the planet Saturn in Libra in the Sixth House. This can be an indication of special care or unusual circumstances that colour the formative years. Health matters can be a concern, but sometimes Saturn in the 6th House can suggest hypochondria. Perhaps a member of the family has health issues that are demanding. Childhood ailments could require a lot of attention, but these should be put into perspective. Try to help Tony to accept early the challenges that cannot be changed, if there are any. If this does not apply, take care to play down coughs and colds. Do not ignore, obviously, but try to keep concerns at a minimum. This is a born worrier who needs little encouragement to worry even more. Lead by example.

The 6th House also concerns work, so Tony may have too many responsibilities, which can be the reason for missing out on much of the fun of being a child. If possible, try not to put too much on these young shoulders, but, again, steer Tony away from wallowing in self-pity. Accentuate the positives and minimise the negatives. Teach Tony to go in search of that silver lining.

If Tony can be taught to accept this placement of Saturn, a positive lesson will be learned. This child will eventually do very well, but success can be a long time coming. Often these people can be overlooked, maybe because they are so willing and do not project their true abilities. They will be conscientious and dutiful, but often they still do not seem to get the recognition that is deserved. They can perhaps be too pedantic or unwilling to bend. They can be stand-offish and difficult to reach. Those in authority seem to hold this person back, which leads to frustration and often to bad nerves (stress). Turning Saturn around involves learning to accept limitations and move on from the tough times. Learning to relax, tune in to nature and enjoy life, rather than continually competing, is the lesson that Saturn offers Tony. Enjoying some light relief and having fun eases the load and lightens the character. This needs to be developed early.

As life evolves, there will be times when the effects of Saturn will be felt. Tony will feel depressed and frustrated. Responsibility will weigh heavily and nothing will seem to come easily. Life can be a battle. The general health can suffer. However, through understanding the tests of the heavenly teacher, and accepting these times as productive growth, Tony will emerge wiser, with awareness of the valuable lessons that have been learned.

Uranus in the Third House

3rd House: This House is about early education. It is about mental stimulation that provokes learning through interaction and experience. And then using the lessons. The area for the child is the playground, playgroups and mixing with children the same age. It is about becoming familiar with the local environment and the neighbours. This is essentially the House that is all about communication at its best and its beginnings.

Tony has the unpredictable planet Uranus in the Third House. This gives a spontaneous, but original child that will be quite wilful and rebellious. This little one has an original and creative mind with ideas that are quite advanced. These children love to learn and will move on to new ideas and subjects with relish. They will dart from one topic of conversation to the next and ask a heap of questions. The attention span is not great. The attraction is to move on to fresh pastures. However, this child will absorb a lot more than seems possible. They may seem to 'switch off', but the retention is good and there will be the ability to scan the facts and still maintain a good understanding.

Tony will soon acquire quite an amazing word power and learn how to use this to great advantage. These children generally have a good sense of humour and express this humour by exercising a wit that is hard to match. This can cause a few problems with the immediate family; eventually Tony could feel a little isolated from any brothers and sisters. It is not that these children are all that 'different', but they do like to project this image.

Uranus in the 3rd House can suggest a sibling who is a little 'different' or even a family environment that does not quite fit the norm. This is the planet of the unexpected. This is the house of early development, so the early influences could be unorthodox.

Later in life, Tony will be quite a restless soul who will head off for trips on the spur of the moment just for a change of scenery. In many ways, these children will look for Utopia for a long time.

Neptune in the Sixth House

6th House: This House is where the child develops work ethics and a sense of pride in workmanship. This House is about "duty". It is about precision - "getting things right". This House is the classroom, the school environment, and learning. It is about books and study. This House is also about health and personal habits. Attitude and mental competitiveness begins here in the 6th House.

Tony has the planet Neptune in the Sixth House of work and health. This little one will be quite good at "drifting" off when there is serious work to be done. The imagination will be strong and some of the excuses that will be used to "get out of things" will be quite extraordinary. To get some efforts out of Tony, make it sound important and helpful. These kids will respond a whole lot better to contributing to personal needs rather than to obligations. The jobs that involve "prettying" the place up will appeal - so gathering flowers, tending a small garden or rearranging the home will spark some interest. But, Tony does have to learn to accept that the mundane chores have to be done. These kids have to take on board a bit of discipline and routine. They may want a bit of help and will certainly need to be acknowledged for a job well done. This is the only way that Tony will learn how to accept credit when it is due and take some pride in self worth and ability.

Tony could be overly sensitive to certain foods and prescribed medicines. Allergies can be quite common with Neptune in the 6th House. What can seem like psychological problems can develop into real illness that does need to be taken seriously. Care will need to be taken here. Defining what is imaginary and what is real can be difficult. Tony will be sensitive in all ways so will suffer even more if are not believed. But, these kids must learn to draw on their inner strength and avoid taking the emotional but illusory way out. They can easily fall back on any excuse in the book to avoid taking responsibility.

In adulthood, drugs and alcohol can have quite a bad affect, so early training and leading by example will do only good in the long run for Tony. Certainly early education in this area is a must.

Pluto in the Fifth House

5th House: Creativity, having fun, playing with, and mixing with others - the essential social interaction. This is the house of developing life skills that involve contact with company. This house is about developing the skills to become popular, confident, and socially accepted. This house also relates strongly with children.

Tony has the powerful planet, Pluto, in the 5th house so will be quite intense. These children will seem to take everything seriously. Even games and playing may not be a simple matter of fun and experience for this youngster. It will tend to be simply a "power game". Tony will "play" seriously. Winning or losing - it is the experience of putting everything on the line that appeals. The young child, though, may not recognise this. They may wonder why everyone else seems to be having fun except them. Tony must learn early not to take everything so seriously. It is this attitude that makes it impossible for them to be one of the "crowd". The intensity of having to be "right' can also cause upsets. So in all ways, these serious kids must learn to relax, laugh, and open their minds and imagination. Tony must try to get away from this rather one-track mind. Many relationships and friendships will be destroyed if this potent personality trait is not recognised and the attitude worked on. Encourage Tony to play sports and experience groups where sharing and teamwork is basic. Try to make compromise and giving a fundamental part of this passionate child's life.

With maturity, Tony will approach love affairs too seriously. Here again, too much intensity will ruin the enjoyment and the fun. This is a passionate personality. But this can be adjusted. Tony can learn to loosen up and then life will be quite fun and carefree. Maybe, even, a bit too much so.

Tony could grow into a bit of a gambler - and could well develop quite expensive tastes in life.

Planets in Aspect


An explanation of the Aspects: These are very important in any natal chart. It is when 2 or more planets "make connection" with each other. To be of significance, the "orb" or degree of this connection, must be relatively close. All the Aspects are of significance, but some are more powerful than are others. And, of course, they all have different meanings.

All of the aspects that are relevant are automatically listed in order of strength. Obviously, the higher the strength the more relevant and potent the aspect.

Conjunction: A powerful and dynamic aspect. This is when two or more planets are sitting right next to each other and they will either back each other up, or compete against each other. Being in the same sign and same house adds up to a lot of weight.

Trine: A distance of 120-degrees between any planet forms a "Trine". These planets will be in the same Element so they will blend well and flow. The Trine brings comfort, ease, and benefit with little effort.

Sextile: The distance between any planets involved in a "Sextile" is 60 degrees. This aspect brings the opportunity to be productive or creative. But the energy of the Sextile must be used - it will not just "happen" Both planets will fall in either Masculine or Feminine signs, so they are compatible.

Square: There will be a 90-degree separation between any planets involved in a "Square". Here is an indication of obstacles and stress that need to be worked through. The planets "square off" against each other but - these are personal learning curves of life. These are hurdles for us to jump but through them we learn and grow. The lessons from Squares tend to be subjective. These aspects will be in signs of the same quality.

Opposition: As the name suggests, any planets that form an "opposition" will be smack, bang opposite each other at 180-degrees apart. This is where one learns to compromise and give a little. The opposition usually involves other people. These lessons are quite objective. Being in polar opposite signs of the zodiac, these planets mirror each other.

Inconjunct also known as the Quincunx: This is considered a "minor" aspect but is about our personal growth and long-term development in the area of the personality. It shows us our limitations and how we can expand a little. The distance between the two celestial bodies here will be 150 degrees apart. Being relatively minor, the orb used is generally rather tight. This aspect would be almost exact to rate in this interpretation.

Mars conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  10.82)

The conjunction adds emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets.

Tony has the planet Mars Conjunct the Ascendant. The Ascendant is the face that Tony will show the world. With the feisty planet Mars in this position, the personality will reflect many of the images that are attributed to Mars. The personality will be strong, impatient, and quite implacable. These kids think like individuals and act like individuals. They know what they want and will not be stopped. Tony could give the impression of being a bit of a control freak because the art of compromise will be seriously lacking. This strong exterior can seem a little selfish and this area could do with some gentle training. Tony does have energy to burn. The mind will be highly active, the ideas will rush through, and the natural reaction will be to "do it now". These kids truly feel as though pausing for a moment causes the moment to be lost forever. Try to let Tony see that this is not so.

The strong mind that Tony presents also reflects a strong set of principles. These kids will be accountable. They are not afraid to step out alone and will seldom shift the blame if an idea goes wrong. Tony will be willing to take responsibility.

Tony will enjoy sports, especially individual competitions. Compromise can be a problem, making it difficult for Tony to tow the line. And besides, this little character will enjoy setting personal goals. Tony will like to stretch the limits, going just a little bit better. Often the rest of the world is simply too slow for this kid, so they set their own pace. Tony could certainly do very well in the sports arena because all the physical and mental attributes are inherent with this conjunction, such as the stamina, the determination, and, of course, a highly competitive nature, not to mention a strong will to win.

Tony can give the impression of being so self-sufficient that one might think that this kid can handle anything. This is not correct. This child will tend to take things to heart. Tony will take personal remarks seriously and will actually hurt deeply. However, without real understanding the tendency will be to react - badly. The wrath of Mars will be there for all to see in the guise of a trigger-quick temper. The emotional eruption will be spectacular, and could lack logic. Remember, Tony does react emotionally. Try to guide a "count to three" process. Let this impatient kid see that in hindsight most silly remarks deserve ignoring. Tony must learn to evaluate the origins and the results of this raw emotion.

This might not be the cuddliest kid on the block because that can be seen as time wasting and physically limiting. These kids are eager to be independent and can seem to reject the nurturing that is offered. However, this child does need support and caring. Tony does have deep feelings, does feel sentiment and does want to be "loved". The nature is simply in too much of a hurry to be conventionally "smoochy".

This powerful aspect will definitely colour the personality in a big way. As a teenager, Tony will ooze sex appeal and will probably be well aware of this indisputable asset. The sheer warmth that radiates, and the well-defined interest in the opposite sex will be loaded with appeal.

Saturn conjunct Neptune  (Strength:  7.56)

The conjunctions add emphasis to the power, the energy and the vitality of the planets.

Tony has the planet, Saturn, in conjunction to the slow moving planet, Neptune. These planets move very slowly so all children born at the same time as Tony will feel the effects. This conjunction only crops up every 35 years or so and will linger for many, many months. The last time was in 1988 in the sign of Capricorn. The very brief explanation should be viewed as a small part of this chart unless there are reinforcements elsewhere.

This bunch of kids can tend to feel quite insecure and be troubled with depression and nerves. There can be a lot of silent and hidden fears that lurk about and need to be drawn out. These will be deeply sensitive kids, very easily hurt and very easily put down. And yet, as life goes on these children will be survivors. Many can manage on very limited resources because there is not a lot of the materialistic animal involved here. Many of these kids will feel as they grow up that they do have "protectors" watching over them. Maybe these kids should be encouraged to listen to their inner voices and learn to understand what their subconscious is trying to tell them.

Mars conjunct Jupiter  (Strength:  5.59)

The conjunction adds emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets.

Tony has the energetic planet Mars Conjunct the expansive planet Jupiter. Jupiter expands on whatever it touches, and in this close proximity Tony will be naturally optimistic and have a strong sense of purpose. This energetic kid will want to be on the go the whole time. There will always be new friends to make, new places to go, and new things to try. Doing the same things, seeing the same people, will appear to Tony as overly restrictive.

Tony will have little sense of fear, which can be quite scary for a parent watching on. The curiosity and the sheer confidence can make this kid feel bullet-proof. The grass will always be greener on the other side of the fence for this little one. Nothing will be deemed impossible.

Tony should be steered into sport at an early age. This enormous energy needs an outlet and this aspect often indicates athletic ability. Tony, being highly competitive, will enjoy interaction with other kids, so the perfect solution for this exuberant kid is to "run off" the high voltage.

These kids like to be in charge. In fact, they can have a lot of difficulty obeying orders. They seldom "give in" to anyone. But this is a confident decision-maker. Tony will have an incredible sense of timing, which often produces results. The colourful expression and the power of persuasion help Tony to convince others and make it relatively easy for Tony to win against any opposition. These kids can "sell" their ideas with great flair and usually get just what they want. When the adolescent years roll in, Tony will become well aware of a load of sex appeal that simply adds to the charming nature. This asset will be another weapon in the armoury of persuasive charm.

In many ways, Tony has been born "lucky". The powerful personality is a huge asset. The clever ideas and the ability to diversify will help results - and enrich power. These kids have ability and they have charisma.

Tony should look forward to a diverse and interesting life. The objective will be to cover as much ground as possible and to experience as much of life as is humanly possible.

This character will not know when to stop. The frantic pace that is set cannot be altered; Tony will expect everyone else to have the same stamina and the same agenda

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  4.93)

The conjunction adds emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets involved.

Tony has the expansive planet Jupiter in conjunction to the Ascendant. This will be a very popular child with a big personality. This is the life and soul of the party sort of kid who everyone will like to have around. These kids are quite content as long as they are in congenial company - they will not settle for less. They always make a good impression because they are obviously open and honest. There are no doubts as to the sincerity. In bad times these children will share their problems and minimise the fuss. They will get it sorted and then move on. Even as a young person, the perception of right and wrong are well defined, as will be the definition of important subjects on which to dwell or unimportant subjects to ignore. This child will know what is important.

Tony will be broadminded and very tolerant of different views. This non-judgmental person believes strongly that everyone deserves a chance. These types like to be free to have as many different kinds of experiences as possible. Consequently, life can go down many different and exciting paths. In adulthood, Tony will probably want to head off to see the big wide world, and will love every minute of the experience. These children are bright, they love to learn, and will have a load of different interests.

Venus square Uranus  (Strength:  4.74)

The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.

With Venus, the planet of love, square the unpredictable planet Uranus, Tony can be very difficult to tie down when it comes to friendships and relationships. This is a free spirit. Even while they are young, these children are very independent. They will prefer casual friends, and lots of them, rather than a close and clingy 'best friend'. Tony wants and needs stimulation and is so very easily bored.

These children will like to have their own way and will expect to get it. They can be quite wilful, but quite charming too. When they want something, they know which buttons to push. With maturity, Tony will use this charm. Tony will be seen as a very interesting and exciting person and great company. But, Tony can flit from relationship to relationship and be attracted to partners that are the same - quite unreliable, and not interested in being any different. Tony will always need personal freedom. These people like to be part of the crowd, but don't like to feel crowded. Often their relationships and love affairs can be quite unconventional.

Tony will be attracted to beat, rhythm, and dance. There could be some quite unique creative talents that need to be drawn out. But expect a rather radical influence. It is also possible that this child will have a rather short attention span,  wanting to be in the thick of everything, and so gain little satisfaction out of anything. Try to channel interests into one thing at a time. Start this early, because later in life, force will not work, but subtle discipline early can do the trick.

Mercury square Midheaven  (Strength:  4.66)

The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.

The inquisitive planet Mercury is square to the Midheaven, so Tony will have a very active mind. And there will be a careful eye, from a young age, on the future and the many prospects. But these kids will change their mind a million times about what they want to do "when they grow up".

The mind is very active. Each new venture will give fresh ideas. But, Tony will tend to spread the energies too thin. A lot of ground gets covered, but finishing off or learning a subject thoroughly will be a big problem. For this reason, self-discipline must be slipped into the itinerary very early. Tony must learn to stay with an idea long enough to understand it.

These children will enjoy games, especially games that involve the mind. They may be very good at puzzles and other activities that require cleverness.

Tony will be quite restless and will need plenty of mental stimulation. The mind needs to be kept busy. These kids like to talk with others and to feel that life is moving quickly - otherwise they get bored. And if this little one gets bored, it will drive everyone insane.

But Tony is quite capable of being able to think very clearly, and slowing the pace. Patience can indeed be taught. It is all discipline. If this is not done, Tony is likely to drift from one career to another rather than settle and take full advantage of the potential available.

Another problem in adulthood can be verbal expression. Words can be too hasty and rather caustic which will offend. Often this can be due to frustration but it can be a definite disadvantage in the work place. Learning to monitor and register how the attitude sounds to others can be a great help. Being frank and honest is great, but when this comes out as an accusation or as sarcastic, the benefits dwindle. And much of this problem will relate to frustration - all of which can be cured with learning the art of patience and consideration very early on.

Sun sextile Uranus  (Strength:  3.90)

Sextiles bring chances and opportunity. Effort is needed to realise the full potential.

These children with the Sun sextile Uranus are free spirits who like to do things in their own way. Tony will try hard to be "different" and will always be attracted to fresh and innovative ideas. The imagination is practical, but colourful. Consequently, boredom sets in quickly when there is no stimulation. The basic rules are there just to be broken as another way of avoiding monotony. Tony will need to be encouraged to stick with a project, but this will not come easily. The natural instinct is to bounce off to a new and exciting idea long before most of the other kids.

In school, Tony should have a genuine love of learning, but again, variety is the spice of life. This sort of mind likes to figure things out, so puzzles, scientific type subjects - or even maths can be a source of interest. Tony will be fascinated with the mechanical side of how things work. This is the sort of child who will pull anything to bits and then try to make it a whole lot better. They are usually quite inventive, but their love of pulling things to bits can seem like being a bit destructive. Maybe save all the broken "safe" things around the house for them to practise on. Or alternatively, make the essential things, in good working order, out of bounds. The rule "if it's not broken - don't fix it" does not apply to this inquisitive youngster. This could be a wise rule to enforce.

Tony.will absorb facts quickly and easily, and the natural understanding will be quite deep. However, opinions are spontaneous and often with little thought or little in the way of alternative thinking applied. Again these kids are in too much of a hurry to move on to the next point of interest. Try to instil just a bit more tenacity and grit. But this needs to begin early and in small steps.

Mercury opposite Saturn  (Strength:  2.95)

The oppositions bring about awareness through compromise. Conflict within the opposition can involve either internal or external issues.

With the busy little planet Mercury opposing the limitations of Saturn, Tony may have difficulty communicating with people. These kids can struggle to find the right words although their word power is very strong. The problem is finding the confidence to spit it out. They know that they get it wrong and this makes things worse. These kids have to learn to stop, listen, and think carefully. With this aspect, they will tend to take a pessimistic stance with no provocation at all. These questioning children seem to want to expect the worst. Tony can work on this problem by listening more carefully and learning to see two sides to an issue. The next step is to train Tony to give the better alternative some air rather than to expect the worst. Also train in letting others have the same privilege. This communication problem comes about because, in a way, these kids try to be too precise. They try to be too superior perhaps, rather than just being average. Often there is a deep need for recognition and so these kids try too hard. Their standards of work will be very high, but their expectations of the self are high too. Tony can be seen as a rather negative influence because the standards set for self and others are simply right out of the ballpark. Again, this can be curbed with a bit of early training.

These children can be prone to depression and mental anxiety. Tony must learn to relax and not take life quite so seriously. There is a need to realise that we are all the same. We are all good at some things and not so good at others. Who cares?

Mercury challenging Saturn can be beneficial for the adult personality, but it can be difficult for the child.

Mercury opposite Neptune  (Strength:  2.51)

The oppositions bring about awareness through compromise. Conflict within the opposition can involve either internal or external issues.

With the expressive planet Mercury in opposition to the planet of illusion, Neptune, Tony can struggle a little, especially in relationships and friendships. Communication is marked with creativity and imagination - a vivid imagination that is not always dependable. These kids only want to see what feels good and beautiful, so are often deceived. And they often deceive themselves.

Tony is something of a dreamer. Instead of accepting human nature for what it is, these kids substitute with a pretty picture and so compromise the facts. Tony will need to be taught to be more realistic. The lesson will need to be taught that human nature is not always nice, but - that's life and it has to be accepted. These kids have to accept others for what they are. When a friend or special person disappoints, these kids withdraw, which will not help. They do have to face the truth. Accept the world and all the people in it - warts and all.

Tony may also need to learn how to be truthful. The objective will seldom be out and out deceit, but the result can be the same. Confusion about reality can cause a leap into fantasy, out of preference to what is really happening perhaps. And this is what Tony will go with. When under pressure, or feeling guilty, again, the imagination can take over and some glorious excuses will tumble out. Side-stepping the "actual" can become a habit, so check this out without using too many accusations. Remember, this incredible imagination can be an escape route, and the aim should be to make Tony feel comfortable with what is the real issue. But if these kids can learn to be more logical and more down to earth, they can actually be very talented. They can be creative using their fantastic imagination to its full advantage. Tony is so finely tuned in to the sensual, that it would be a shame not to encourage this area. This can be a special gift, but it will need nourishment along with learning the difference between fantasy and fact.

Saturn sextile Pluto  (Strength:  2.46)

Sextiles bring chances and opportunity. Effort is needed to realise the full potential.

Tony has the planet Saturn in sextile to Pluto. Both of these planets move slowly, especially Pluto, so all of the kids in the same age group as Tony will feel the effects. Unless either of these planets make a close connection to the Ascendant, the Midheaven, or one or more of the personal planets, this aspect should be regarded as relatively minor.

In simple terms, Saturn slows progress. Pluto is inevitable progressive. Under most circumstances, these children are very self-contained with the ability to stand up to pressure. They accept change and are quite willing to buy into the new concepts and carry the parts of the "old" that they deem necessary. There is no problem in discarding the outdated baggage.

There should be a natural discipline with potentially great leadership skills. These kids can manage very well with the available resources that they have and can implement ideas with skill. They know how to take the best out of any given situation.

There can be many changes in this child's life, but this will simply strengthen the character. Tony is well equipped to cope with adversity. There is the patience and the understanding that will clarify the necessity of growth and posterity. These kids know that life was not meant to be easy and will accept the hard yards as the ones that count in the long run.

Jupiter trine Midheaven  (Strength:  2.33)

Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.

Tony has the big planet Jupiter Trine the Midheaven. This child is blessed with a very positive attitude that will carry them far. It will help them find the right direction to take in life and add to the confidence.

Tony will work well within a group, being able to pursue personal goals and satisfaction without seriously treading on anyone else's toes. Friends, teachers, and mentors will recognise a strong sense of justice. These kids will always get along easily with authority figures. Adults will trust and give out responsibilities knowing that any trust will be treated with respect. These kids do not feel that they have to prove themselves. They may, deep down, believe that they are rather special, but they do not push this fact. They let those around them make their own judgements.

Tony will have plenty of energy and will hate to be idle. There is a need to have lots of projects on the go. Achievement and high standards hold high priority.


The prominence of the Planets and the contacts that they make with each other define the strongest Planet(s) in the Natal Chart. Some planets make a lot of "noise" which you will see in the area of the "Aspects" whilst some are just waiting for something to happen. The following are considered the Powerhouse Planets and their meetings and positions add a further dimension to the attitudes and aptitudes of Tony.

There can be more than one "strongest planet" in which case the person will have a natural ability to dance to many tunes - they will be adaptable and versatile. But if one planet or luminary comes through as the absolute leader, then the person will be very specifically made up of the flavour of that celestial body.

Neptune Dominant  (Strength:  18.03)

The Planet, Neptune, rules the sea, and the depth of this planet is as powerful and as potent as the mighty oceans of the world. Neptune has very much to do with the subconscious. It has nebulous qualities that can deceive and be difficult to define, but it can also produce mind-boggling wisdom. Neptune dissolves old patterns and generates brand new concepts. But this is not a tangible growth spurt that can be tracked and monitored. It will be flashes of inspiration that come from nowhere but redefine a whole set of principles. It can be a dream that suddenly makes sense out of a complex issue. The workings of this great planet will be subliminal, deep and potent.

Children with a strong Neptune influence will be quite vague. Tony will not be easy to understand, and one will never be able to quite gauge the true depth of the nature. This child can be quite mysterious. In many ways, these kids can seem weak or easily led, as they will allow themselves to be "watered down" by stronger people. Their true strength comes from deep within. These kids emit their power through their senses rather than their mouths or their fists. It can, though, take time and some help to train them to draw on this strength. Often the strong influence of Neptune does not produce a confident little person. They need to be encouraged and taught to feel good about themselves. This child will probably feel "different" and will be very aware of this "difference". Creative expression needs to be introduced very early to encourage Tony to open up and be proud of any artistic gifts. To expand of this sense of beauty and rare vision of fantasy is a must.

Tony can be inclined towards escapism. This little one can try to live an illusion rather than cope with the realities of the world around them. They can though be very gifted. These children will be dreamy and could well love their bedrooms because their "dream times" will be their haven. Tony will be ultra sensitive, very gentle, and very compassionate. There could be strong religious principles. These kids will have a mystical quality that will draw others to them. They are likely to be quite psychic and as they mature, they will develop an interest in spiritual matters - or perhaps the occult.

Saturn Dominant  (Strength:  17.92)

Saturn is the planet that we call "old father Time" In many ways Saturn seems to have earned a reputation he does not deserve. So many of the words applied to the poor old chap sound cold and forbidding when in actual fact, Saturn is the ultimate teacher. Just like that cranky old math tutor from school that all the kids were afraid of, but years later, they remember everything about him - because he was a fine teacher. So is Saturn.

Children with a strong Saturn influence will seem to have a rough road to hoe. They will be forced to work hard, or perhaps, can be given too much responsibility. This could be an eldest child perhaps. Tony will have to push through many complications to develop. These kids will seem to be harnessed in by structures that may seem like brick walls. But these walls are in fact fences that have to be climbed to find greener pastures. These kids will look back, as they grow up, and see the bends in the road behind them, and they will see how far they have come. They will be forced to change the boundaries and extend themselves which will be hard work. But it is likely that this little one will thrive on hard work, and the lessons learned will later prove invaluable.

Saturn has a very cool surface but underneath is a burning desire to succeed. This will apply to Tony. Although youngsters with a powerful Saturn influence will seem old for their age, often their lives do not show great results until Saturn returns to its Natal position. This takes about 29 years. The lessons will become clearer then. Consequently, a strong Saturn influence is flavoured with caution, patience, and the ability to plan and organise with great care. The natural approach is to do it right no matter how long it takes. The top of the mountain will be there tomorrow.

Often this planet refers to the Father figure, or authoritative figure in our lives in one way or another.

Mars Dominant  (Strength:  16.41)

Mars is a feisty little planet that radiates energy, motivation, and action. With a predominant Mars, this child will be totally spontaneous. They will have high aspirations and will put their total being into whatever they want to do. Tony will have very strong desires and will be fiercely competitive. The nature is very independent. There is the ability to go it alone, to do all the hard work independently, if necessary. These impatient kids cannot be bothered waiting around for someone else to call the shots or to keep up with their pace.

The Mars influence is always reaching for new heights and new experiences. But Tony can be very hasty and can lack tolerance. This is a highly emotive and passionate planet, but it is not sentimental or sensitive. Mars is called the "red" planet and the Mars influence sees red quite often. Tony will be explosive and quite rude. These kids do not have the patience to stop and think of a "nice" way of putting what they want to say. Spontaneous combustion springs to mind, but these kids cool down as quickly as they over-heat, and the intention is seldom to offend. These kids will often sound a lot more aggressive than they feel. They just do not think.

Mars also is regarded as a sexual planet. These kids, as they develop, will probably take a strong interest in the opposite sex from rather a young age.


The Strongest sign often coincides with that of the Sun in the Natal Chart, because the planet Mercury is the Sun's closest companion - they are never far apart. The planet Venus can also stick quite closely to the mighty Sun. So, one or more of these planets are often in the same sign as the Sun at birth, adding further strength.

However, in many cases the "outer" planets can gang up and create a very strong, but quite a different, influence. This area of the Chart will either add more weight to the colour and personality of this Child or it could add a further hue to their approach and intensity.

If there is more than one "strongest sign", which is likely, the person will have various facets to their approach and abilities, and so will scatter their energies somewhat. If there is one singleton sign, which outweighs the rest, Tony will be more easily recognised by the attributes of the sign involved.

Aries Dominant  (Strength:  113.14)

The sign of Aries features strongly in this chart. Aries the Ram is indeed the caricature of the Ram in the best of traditional head-butting ways. Unfortunately, there is only enough room for one Ram in any household for the atmosphere to ever verge on tranquil. Two or more will spend most of their lives competing fiercely to gain control, while the rest of the immediate environment will spend their time looking for a gap in the fence to escape. This little character will be boisterous, energetic, noisy, and impatient. The vocabulary will be full of "I, me & mine". Tony will want to leave no stone unturned in a quest to cover every inch of ground there is to cover. These kids will never give up and will never give in. But, interest in projects, hobbies and friends is often short lived. There is always something new and exciting to move on to. The Aries personality is essentially very warm, very loving, and very honest. These kids are enthusiastic, impulsive, and always buzzing about something. They are passionate in all that they feel and all that they do. They will have a strong competitive streak, but their eye will be on winning rather than just making up the numbers. Aries rules the head, which will be so obvious as you watch this little one rush headlong into another trail-blazing venture. They can also be susceptible to headaches and fevers. This fiery character simply "overheats".

Tony does show this strong Arian influence so there is the suggestion to instigate some steady discipline very early in life to use all of this powerful energy constructively.

Gemini Dominant  (Strength:  97.62)

One of the strongest signs in this Chart is Gemini the twins. The Gemini character can be seen as two people, because they do tend to run hot and cold in most areas - they can be very inconsistent. Much of this can be put down to boredom as they are very restless and need constant stimulation to satisfy their curiosity. These kids are impatient and will have such an abundance of nervous energy that they can run themselves into the ground. They love to learn new things, but they can lack staying power.

Gemini is often seen as the butterfly of the zodiac. It pops from one source of conversation, to another idea, to another friend, to another place. They just like to flit - feeling that to stop is to die. Tony will be witty and smart, with so much chat that during school holidays you will be subconsciously reaching for the mute button to get a bit of a break. These kids will never be stuck for an answer but they can get their facts wrong. That will not stop them. They will improvise and come up with quite a credible ending to whatever tale they are telling. But generally the Gemini child is very sociable, lots of fun, they are amusing and they just want to be friendly. Tony should get along very well with any brothers or sisters, although there are bound to be a few good arguments. But these should be harmless, just communications the "Gemini" way.

The neighbours will all know Tony, as this child will love to keep in touch. Tony will love to keep up with the gossip. These kids will probably have plenty of books, CD's, computer games - anything that is actively stimulating or anything that they can share and use to compete with others. Gemini teenagers need their own telephone.

Gemini rules the lungs and our precious oxygen, which is why these people particularly should never smoke - although many adult Gemini people do, because they tend to be quite highly-strung and nervous.

Capricorn Dominant  (Strength:  92.69)

A strong sign in this Chart for Tony is Capricorn the Goat. If you look closely at the goat, you will see a wise, but wary, little beast that takes very sure steps. They seem to be quite content in their own company and at home with the elements, no matter how harsh. For their size, they have real tenacity and a quiet strength that marks them as a survivor. The goat will familiarise itself with the territory and in its own way, take ownership of their patch. They are not particularly aggressive, but they will defend their rights in a rather subtle way, biding their time. If they have to, they make a strong point. They will not give up, but the stubbornness will be mixed with subtlety. And this is the Capricorn personality.

Tony will be ambitious and will study hard. These kids take life and their future very seriously. They can be trusted to use common sense and sound judgement, so they often seem very mature for their age. Fortunately, there is the opposite effect as they get older - Capricorn people hold their years well. Personal standards will be set very high and the sheer dedication applied will often ensure that all these standards are in fact met.

Although self-assured, in many ways, the Capricorn child can be timid and quite afraid of being hurt. They are sensitive but create a protective wall to ward off hostility and bad feelings. Pain and feelings of hurt are often concealed. The Capricorn type is not easily offended because, being so independent, opinions of others do not matter a great deal. But, this child is no fool. A silent pride runs very deep. This child will not forgive or forget.

Tony will look for recognition for successes, as these kids do like to be noticed. They like their share of the limelight without having to fight for it. They want to be seen for their brilliance, not for foolishness. Many good actors have a strong Capricorn influence and so do many comedians. There is often a very dry, subtle and clever sense of humour that belies the serious exterior of this character. These people can laugh at themselves but they will not like to be made to look small or stupid.


The Houses in the Natal Chart are very significant because they indicate the areas where we have been born lucky or where we have serious work to do. The Houses define the areas in life where we expend our energies, where we find recurring issues with which we have to deal.

The basic Natal Chart is simply the blueprint of the Heavens at the exact time of our birth. But in reading a child's chart, there is a different emphasis. Obviously a child "reflects" its everyday environment during the formative years and this Natal chart for Tony acknowledges these reflections. In the case of a child, many of the attitudes and habits are reflections of the up bringing and environmental influences. Often work needs to be done to reach out for the opposite House to achieve a fuller picture.

Twelfth House Dominant  (Strength:  155.08)

12th House: This is a rather abstract House. It is the place of retreat and rejuvenation. It is the dream world. It is where and how the child escapes. This is the House where learning and getting in touch with the inner self occurs. This House can harbour fears and phobias. In many ways, the 12th House can be a lonely place, but many lessons are learned from this area and many talents emerge. The realms of the deepest imagination are touched through this House.

Tony has quite a lot of weight in the 12th House. The 12th house is the place of quiet retreat. It is a place of reflection and catching up strength when it has been sapped. It is the escape route. It can harbour phobias and fears.

Tony will need to be drawn out and encouraged more than most children. There will be a need for someone special and caring to 'reach in', because these children have a whole lot of difficulty reaching out. They will struggle with their ego and find harshness and criticism hard to take because they will feel inadequate.

Often a highly active 12th house indicates a difficulty in childhood of some sort. Tony will take any problems or upheavals very personally. This child will feel responsible for circumstances that are way out of their control. They can take on guilt so easily and are so very sensitive and vulnerable, that this can slip by unnoticed.

Tony will enjoy solitude, preferring to take a background position. This little one will probably seek solace in their own little patch, like their bedroom, or in a 'private' place outdoors, a place where they can escape the rigours of the world and dissolve into their fantasies. Tony could have strong dreams that can be quite disturbing. Again, there could be a reluctance to expose and share these experiences. A real fear can fester and grow.

These children are usually very eager to please. They will always be willing to help wherever they can. However, they should not be taken for granted because of this. These children are more than willing, but can actually become a self-imposed martyr as they grow up. As they develop, that willingness can become a burden that they could use almost as a crutch. It can become an excuse for getting a life and taking on any personal responsibilities.

The gentle and imaginative nature should be nurtured to help this child get in touch with the talents that they may have. There could be a whole lot of creativity that should be used constructively. If there are positive aspects from this 12th House gathering of Planets, these gifts can be very useful. Insecurity and a sense of isolation can be a fertile breeding ground for amazing gifts.

This little one does need to reach to the opposite 6th House, being willing to look for some returns from all that they give so readily. They need to recognise, accept, and use their gifts in a tangible way. Tony needs to be encouraged to 'expose' these talents, not store them up, or bury them. This gentle child will need to put the onus of difficult events in their life on to others, or where it belongs. These children need to feel free to evaluate, and not just accept, all the blame themselves.

Tony could also be very psychic.

Sixth House Dominant  (Strength:  86.07)

6th House: This House is where the child develops work ethics and a sense of pride in workmanship. This House is about "duty". It is about precision - "getting things right". This House is the classroom, the school environment, and learning. It is about books and study. This House is also about health and personal habits. Attitude and mental competitiveness begins here in the 6th House.

Tony has a lot of strength in the 6th House. The 6th House, for the child, is the classroom and the first taste of independent thinking. It is the unconditioned learning. The general feeling of this House deals with work, service, and general attitudes to health and diet, etc.

Tony will take schoolwork seriously and will work patiently to produce results - good results. From a very young age, this child will be aware of their objectives and will instinctively know that success is not going to be handed to them on a plate. In fact, if something does come too easily to this child, it will not be "good enough" for them - it will be a yardstick for them to automatically improve on. These children will also work very hard to train themselves to be useful and dependable. They will aim to be accepted as totally trustworthy and honourable by always being in full command of the facts.

In many ways, this House influence produces kids who need to relax a little - have a bit of fun - not take life quite so seriously. Tony can try too hard to impress others with dedication and sheer application. These kids can struggle to build up their essential sense of self-esteem and self worth. The harder they try, the harder it gets to be content, and this is exactly what they have to do - learn to be content. A pet for Tony to look after can be a great idea. This teaches a lot of lessons, will give immense satisfaction, and will also divert the innate need to be quite so perfect all of the time. A small garden plot could reap the same benefits.

Tony must learn to reach out a grab some of the positives from the opposite House - the 12th House. There is a need to let the creative side of the psyche emerge. There is a need to learn to wallow in a few daydreams and chase a few rainbows. These kids will always take life seriously, and they will always be practical. But they will enjoy a fuller life if they allow themselves to put their responsibilities to bed now and again.

Tenth House Dominant  (Strength:  59.52)

10th House:  This House points to the dominant parent.  That parent's attitude, expectations, and ambitions for the child are reflected here. Here is an indication of how the child deals with responsibility and with authority.  An ambition to "be someone" or to be recognised in this life is associated with the powerful 10th House.  The sweet smell and taste for power and success emerges from this very zenith of the natal chart.

Tony has a lot of weight in the 10th House, which traditionally points to career, status, and reputation. The 10th House for the child is about peer groups, parents, teachers - the 'in crowd'.

Tony will have a strong set of objectives. This little one will set firm goals and will be quite selective with whom they mix. These children have such a strong sense of purpose that they will not take anyone seriously who does not have a sincere agenda.

Tony will have a natural respect for authority. Because the paternal figure is often indicated through this House, it is likely that the 'authoritative person' plays a major role in this child's life. Sometimes though, that 'figure' can apply quite a bit of pressure.

Often with activity in the 10th House there can be quite a lonely or hard childhood, especially if there are oppositions, (aspects - please check), that come from the 4th House. There will be a strong need for personal security. This is probably why these children figure out when young that the hard yards are needed to get results. Besides, they also figure that independence and knowledge is power, and that will be a key to the aspirations of this child. Tony will ultimately want a bit of power. That simply means being completely in charge of personal issues in life and their ultimate destiny. There can be a real need to 'prove'.

This little one does have to reach out to the opposite House, the 4th House and let their emotions flow, not feel afraid to show how they feel, not be quite so 'grown up' all the time. They will be as vulnerable as anyone else will, and they have to accept that we all hurt at times - and that's OK. We all have to cope with 'less than perfect'. That is quite normal. At some stage in their life, this child may have to put in some work coming to grips with a part of the childhood that they did not understand or quite accept.

But a powerful tenth House does suggest ultimate success or recognition eventually. This might be localised, rather than making world headlines, but this little character does have a solid destiny.

Balance of Elements and Modalities


The four elements figure strongly in the definition and interpretation of the signs. The dominant element(s) can help to identify the personality type quite successfully. In many cases, there will be a combination of more than one, which indicates more flexibility.

It can be quite easy to spot the "fiery" personality, the "down to earth" type, the "head in the clouds" Air person, or the weepy and emotional water character.

Abundant Air

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air is considered quite intellectual, communicative, and friendly. These kids will be logical and will like to have a sense of freedom in all areas of life. Dominant Mercury or Uranus will add weight to the predominance of Air in this chart.

Air children are very quick and mentally active. They like getting around the place, meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying different things. Tony will need constant activity, and constant stimulation, because there is a tendency to get bored quite easily. These kids are innovative. They like to stretch the imagination. They will make up new themes to old ideas, change the rules to make the same old games "different" - in fact they will be right into anything that is fresh and new. Tony will enjoy study, usually like to read, and if all else fails, will just like to talk. The strongest talent is the ability to think and reason clearly and objectively. These kids do not let their emotions take control and distort the thinking. And there is usually evidence of a good, strong sense of humour. An abundance of Air can be rather out of touch with feelings and emotions, because they simply do not think "emotional". This can bewilder them at times. These kids can be out of touch with themselves so when logic fails them, they simply do not understand.

It is so important that the parents of air children train them to express the feelings and emotions freely. Tony should be encouraged to explore the imagination. Air people are very good at communicating and are good at influencing others by putting forward a strong argument. A parent should be aware of this ability to sway people, because these kids are convincing and manipulative in a clever way.

The Air people are usually popular because they know how to play to the gallery and please the crowd. They are bound to be refreshing company. And they will certainly be rather entertaining.

Lack of Water

When an element is "lacking", it can indicate a need to encourage the essentials of this "lack", to help round the character off a little. This often happens over time anyway, quite naturally. But watch Tony and you will see if any building needs to be done.
But rather than see this as a "weakness", it is preferable to accept that one or more of the other elements comes through more strongly. The apparent "lack" can also be compensated within the chart anyway. It only needs one powerful aspect to add some weight.
The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The absence of Water in the chart for Tony suggests that there may be some difficulty understanding the deeper meanings of issues. This little one could be a little lacking in emotional intensity. This is not to say that Tony will have no feelings, but it does mean that the emotions are not overly exposed and really do not run deep. These kids are not so apt to form extremely close friendships or relationships where they may feel smothered or threatened by strong emotional demands. They recover quickly from emotional bumps and scrapes. They never let disappointments get them down. So, depression is never likely to be a problem.

Many of the aspects of not having water signs are positive. But on the negative side, Tony should guard against becoming rather callous and cold. These kids can give the impression of being detached and unfeeling. Intuitive skills are not readily available to those with few planets in Water signs. This will not be a major problem because these types are not particularly interested in the realms of intuition or whatever. They do not trust intuitive knowledge anyway.

Lack of Earth

When an element is "lacking", it can indicate a need to encourage the essentials of this "lack", to help round the character off a little. This often happens over time anyway, quite naturally. But watch Tony and you will see if any building needs to be done.
But rather than see this as a "weakness", it is preferable to accept that one or more of the other elements comes through more strongly. The apparent "lack" can also be compensated within the chart anyway. It only needs one powerful aspect to add some weight.
The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

A lack of the Earth element in this chart suggests that this child may have some difficulties dealing with practical and mundane issues. In fact, it may be said that they are not really at home on the planet Earth. Tony may seem to be somehow lost in space and unable to get the feet on the ground. Because of this, these kids may reject responsibility. They can have trouble getting organised and following through on a task. Often there can be a childish inability to handle boring, but necessary tasks. Tony could be one of those kids who need help to accomplish the simplest chore. Material matters and money may be secondary concerns. These types may not be particularly interested in earthly possessions or any sort of material gain. Sometimes expressing a compulsive trait toward neatness and detail compensates for the absence of the Earth element. Or, perhaps the compensation comes through as a major concern for organisation.

More often, the absence of earth signs means good old-fashioned common sense may not be a strong suit. Tony should be encouraged to spend time outdoors with nature, to get in touch with the basic practicalities of life, and to learn to be more accountable and to take responsibility.


The "Modes" or the "Qualities" often indicate how we initiate our actions. The Cardinal types are firm, confident, and are better starters than they are finishers. The Fixed types are quite reluctant to step outside of the comfort zone. They prefer to stay with the tried and true. The Mutable people are flexible and adaptable but they can be flimsy.

But, again, in many cases there is a combination of more than one mode.


As adults, we look back on our youth and say, "if only I knew then what I know now". How many of us also, as we get older, "discover" a talent that has never been recognised and say "if only". If this Chart report simply indicates a talent that can be nurtured early in life, as opposed to laying dormant for too long a time, or forever, then the author's objective has been reached.

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