Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Characteristic Personality Traits Profile

A Reading by Richard Hills - Astrologer

scorpio zodiac sign

scorpio zodiac sign

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This profile indicates personality traits you will have if the zodiac sign of Scorpio is prominent, but not necessarily your Sun sign, in your birth chart. If Scorpio is your ascendant or Moon sign or if Mars or Pluto is prominent these characteristics are likely to show.

The positions of, and relationships between, the planets in your birth chart will show the predispositions you have and how best to use them successfully in life in the world.

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign - Basics:

Element: Water, Quality: Fixed, Rulers: Mars Pluto

Characteristic traits

Scorpio needs to delve beneath appearances to reality. Nothing superficial will do. Try small-talk and Scorpio will move away to look for more fertile pastures where its emotional intensity can be engaged.


Scorpio's insight can give it great power and there can be a temptation to use this to control and possess others so that they become dependant. Prone to intense jealousy if they then manage to escape and show attachment elsewhere.

A word of advice

You can penetrate to the faults and sore spots of others. Use this power to heal, not criticise. If you do not forgive and accept others as they are then yours is the greater fault, and you could find yourself isolated and feeling lonely.


As a Scorpio your ideal mate feels as intensely as you do while allowing you to feel in charge. Hopefully you will attract someone who can observe emotional quagmires from a distance and use mental powers to help resolve them. When you are deeply engaged in a project and you hear 'dinner's ready' from your more easily contented partner, ease up and enjoy! See Scorpio Man or Scorpio Woman for hints about your Scorpio partner

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Scorpio Star Sign - a Deeper Look

Scorpio's task is to learn to be at ease with feeling what goes on beneath the surface of life. Scorpio follows Libra in the zodiac. Whereas Libra has an ideal about how relationships ought to be, Scorpio is more interested in the emotional reality, a reality which can be the end of any ideal! The move from Libra to Scorpio symbolises the move from ideal of how things ought to be to the experience of how things are. This applies to love relationships, certainly, but also to everyday life. A mature Scorpio has a built-in detector which can tell when the truth is not being lived, both by oneself and by other people. This can make life very uncomfortable, as you know when those around you are not being completely honest. The chances are they are not being deliberately false, it's just that they cannot see the truth beneath the surface of things as clearly as you can. Therefore a Scorpio has to learn acceptance and understanding, as well as trying to sense how far to go in challenging the falsehood, how much the other person is able to accept about himself or herself. Compatibility with others may not come easily.

Scorpio is co-ruled by the planet Pluto, which symbolises all that goes on beneath the level of consciousness. Pluto challenges innocence, and forces us to learn from experience. Those who have Scorpio or Pluto strongly placed in their charts come to know what it means to die to be reborn to a new level of awareness. Other parts of the chart may show what stands in the way of this. For instance, an abundance of planets in Aries and/or Taurus would indicate a preference for living life fully at the level of everyday consciousness and without the complications of having to delve for unconscious motives and desires. It might be possible to do this for a while, but it would be at the expense of the ultimate fulfilment which comes from living according to one's destiny. Venus in Sagittarius would indicate a tendency to form relationships which offer an escape from what might be perceived as the swamp of Scorpio, and perhaps a strong desire to travel and experience foreign cultures. There is nothing wrong with an escape hatch being available, but a more fruitful use of Venus in Sagittarius might be to find situations, maybe relationships, which offer the opportunity to find meaning out of your rich experience of life.

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