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Uranus - Ready for Change?

Uranus - the sky god with a dislike for anything too instinctive and down to earth! Whenever a new creative idea erupts into history, Uranus is at work. But such ideas are contrary to our instinctive down to earth ways of looking at things and we experience them as disruptive.

Prior to the discovery of Uranus, Saturn marked the boundary of the known universe. It also marked the boundary of our experience as human beings, symbolising limitation, the place where we have to accept that we cannot reach out as much as we may like to. Sometimes, however, we erect boundaries where they need not be, and impose inappropriate limitations on ourselves. Then Uranus may become especially prominent (by progression or transit) in our birth charts and make us aware of the need for change, to break through limitation into something beyond. We may choose to go along with such changes, or they may be forced upon us. Either way, corresponding with the sky god's dislike of our instinctive pleasures, we may find ourselves torn away from that which gives us comfort and security while we reorient our lives.

The change brought about by Uranus is never simply for its own sake. Uranus is beyond Saturn, beyond our transient everyday experiences, signifying something universal and enlightening. When you find yourself drawn to make changes in your life, or such changes are forced upon you, it is always worth asking 'why?' It will probably not be so that you can resume your life in the same pattern but in a different setting. More likely a complete reorientation is being demanded. For instance, if Uranus transits your 4th house ruler you may move home. Why? Perhaps a change of career is being asked of you, or a change of family relationships. Maybe you move to a completely new location where people you meet have a beneficial impact on you that was missing before. Then watch for Saturn. The same old limitations may reappear, or, more positively, you may be able to provide the changes in your life with a structural framework through which they can manifest as benefits to the everyday world.

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