Scorpio Woman - Love and Compatibility Profile

scorpio woman

scorpio woman

Your Scorpio woman, as you probably know by now if you are reading this, will not acquiesce readily to any attempt by you to treat her as your plaything, someone just to relax with after a busy day at the office, only to ignore her or to be available on demand when you feel like seeing her. She demands to be treated seriously, and that you should recognise that a relationship is at least as demanding as any other part of your life.

A Scorpio woman often emits a kind of sultry sensuality which can be very magnetic whether or not she is interested in you. And for a while you may get no signal from her as to whether she fancies you or not! If you feel strongly drawn to her, highly charged emotions may be stirred up within you which, if you are used to living life at the mental level, can be very uncomfortable. If only she would ease the tension by revealing her own level of interest! If you express yours and she rejects you the experience can be very wounding. This is an opportunity for you to stay centred within yourself, to accept that your nature may be more complex than you thought. This will give you strength of character, which will in turn make you more attractive to a Scorpio woman.

If you are close to a Scorpio woman you will know that she has an inbuilt lie detector that does not just uncover false statements but also knows if you are not being fully honest with yourself. You might be able to get away with hiding your own nature from yourself when with others, but with her you will experience a nagging discomfort which may surprise you. She may not know what you are hiding from yourself any more than you do, but she will expect you to be honest with yourself about your feelings, and if she truly loves you, the freedom such love gives may enable you to learn more of your true nature however dark it may be, and to accept it.

The ruthless honesty which a Scorpio woman expects, combined with her powerful magnetism, can lead her, consciously or otherwise, to exercise more of a hold over you than is healthy in a good relationship. Jealousy can lead her to suspect betrayal on your part for which she has no evidence, and for your own well-being you need to assert that you are your own person and not her private possession whose actions she has a right to control. The mental capacity you have, which will be challenged by her if it dominates your outlook on life, can be your lifesaver if feel emotionally sucked dry in your relationship.

If your woman has a Scorpio Moon or Ascendant, Scorpio qualities are likely to be more obvious to you than if Scorpio is her Sun sign. If she has the Moon or Ascendant in fire signs such as Leo or Sagittarius, then the characteristics of these signs may be more apparent to you than her Scorpio Sun sign, at least until you get to know her. If you know her Moon sign take a look at the relevant page below - I think you will see what I mean!

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