Natal Chart Report - Birth Chart Analysis and Interpretation

natal chart report

natal chart report

In-depth analysis and interpretation of your natal/birth chart. Money back guarantee* if not satisfied!

The Natal Chart Report is one of four Astrology Reports available here.
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This report has two principle aims:

a) To help you to recognise that your temperament and personality traits are just fine the way that they are - you do not need to change them.

Over the years, I have found that one of the main benefits clients gain from a consultation is the relief that their personality traits are confirmed by an analysis of their birth charts. For instance, someone who prefers to make decisions based on a kind of ‘gut instinct’ may look on with envy at someone who prefers a more rational or ‘common sense’ approach. An introvert surrounded by extroverts may feel under pressure to change, as if introversion was an inferior way of being. The birth chart can recognise these traits and affirm their validity.

b) To help you, given that your temperament is as it is, to recognise patterns in your life that may be holding you back from all that you have it in you to be.

Such recognition may help you to make choices about how you live your life that will result in breaking through those patterns. I hope you will also find in the report indications as to sources of help for the challenges you face.

What makes this report different?

This report does not begin to compare with one based on your Sun sign alone. The Ascendant (the sign rising at the moment of birth) and the signs the Moon and all the planets are in are interpreted. The time of birth also determines which of twelve houses (describing areas of life) the Sun, the Moon and each planet is in, and an analysis of each of these is also given, as well as of any angular relationships between them.

And more ...

In preparing this report I have gone further than other interpretations. The sign on the Ascendant is particularly important, not just in itself, but also because the planet which rules that sign is an especially significant, if not the most significant, planet in the natal chart. When you read your report you will see how relevant it is to you personally. I have therefore designed the report in such a way that this planet is analysed before the others, and its sign and house position are interpreted together in one text rather than separately in two. Not only that, but the angular relationships between the Moon and other planets are interpreted according to the sign the Moon is in, rather than have just one interpretation covering all twelve possible sign positions of the Moon. There are 144 different Ascendant/Moon combinations and 144 ways of compiling this report!

This way of compiling your report also enables me to offer an analysis of your temperament in the report, since your Ascendant and Moon signs are two of the most important indicators of temperament in the natal chart. If you habitually feel your temperament is inferior to that of others known to you, then you may find this analysis helpful in accepting that you are the way that you are!

Maybe not bed-time reading!

This report does not make light reading, in fact I wonder if I have been a little too heavy at times! I would argue that I have a birth chart dominated by Saturn and that therefore it would be contrary to my nature to write a light-weight report. Please look at the sample reports before ordering to see if this kind of text is acceptable to you.

With this report I offer a free bonus - an interpretation of your Sun Moon Ascendant combination from the Child Horoscope written by Marise Payne. This gives a different perspective (and makes for lighter reading!) on the three most important features of your chart. (I also make available the complete Child Horoscope - see below). I offer a full money-back guarantee* on all the reports I offer.

Sample Reports

These reports are in PDF format for which you will need the free Adobe reader available here if you do not already have it.

Each report will open in a new window. Simply close the window to return to this page - and view another report if you wish to.

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You can see more sample reports here

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The Natal Chart Report fee is (GBP) £14.90 or (USD) $23.80. However, for each report you order at the full price you can choose two more from any of the reports I offer, each at half price. The extra two may be for the same person or for other people. All reports carry a money-back guarantee*. Please see Astrology Reports for details of the other reports (Classical Astrology Report, Career Horoscope and Child/Baby Horoscope) that I offer.

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You will be asked to give the date, time and place of birth of the person or persons for whom you wish to order reports. The accuracy of these reports is sensitive to birth time so please state the time as accurately as possible. If you do not know the time the order form allows you to state this. In this case I will follow the common practice of setting the chart for sunrise, but please be aware that the report will not be as accurate, though should still be helpful. If you have a specific question to which you seek an answer, then Horary may help you as birth data is not necessarily required.

Your reports will be prepared in PDF format for which you will need the free Adobe reader available if you do not already have it (see the link above). If you prefer a different format you can request it on the order form.

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