Classical Astrology Report - Natal Chart Interpretations by Twentieth Century Masters

classical astrology report

classical astrology report

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Imagine that you are living in the late 19th or early 20th centuries. The practice of astrology is being revived after a long period in the doldrums. You see magazines on newsagent stands offering horoscopes. If your interest is stirred at all you may have been one of the thousands of people each year to send off for your horoscope and been amazed by the quality of the advice it contains.

The Classical Astrology Report offered here is a compilation of texts compiled according to your own birth data, collected and adapted by John Halloran, from the masters of the art who led this revival. These masters include Alan Leo, sometimes referred to as the 'father of modern astrology', Sepharial, a prolific writer on astrological and theosophical themes, Evangeline Adams, who had a thriving astrological practice as well as writing books, and Charles Carter, whose influence on both psychological and mundane astrology has been immense. To these John Halloran has added his own interpretations of Pluto in the horoscope, Pluto being too recently discovered to feature elsewhere.

As Halloran says in the introduction to the Report:

As you read your report, you will note that the classic interpretations tend to deal more with external forms and events than do the increasingly psychological and theoretical interpretations of more recent astrology. They are also not evasive about the planetary placements and aspects which produce trauma and difficulty. Most of us are affected deeply by events throughout the course of our lives. And it tends to be negative experiences that send people in search of astrological guidance. Perhaps one of the finest services that an astrologer can perform for a client is to offer an explanation of a traumatic occurrence, an explanation which challenges the politically correct view that misfortune 'just happens'.
So join me in appreciation of the blunt, unapologetic presentation of what these pioneering astrologers observed. It is information that you are unlikely to get from any other source.

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