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Richard Hills - Astrologer

Richard Hills - Astrologer

I like it when clients say how helpful a consultation has been. Most are appreciative. Those that are not tend to be those who expected me to map out their lives, past present and future, for them, in such as way that all responsibility was removed from them for self-determination. The few comments following will give a flavour of the kind of benefit you can expect from a consultation.

We both found it very interesting and illuminating! As intended, our readings have given us plenty to think about and work on. It is exciting to consider the positive ramifications of changing and now we can make a start - a work in progress!
S. & K. J., Stratford-on-Avon, England.

My consultation today was excellent and has given me plenty to think about.
O. K., London, England

Thank you again for your valuable feedback and constructive advice. The mirror you have held up has given me much to reflect upon and a great deal to work with in the future.
G. D., Bourne End, England.

You made many important points, which help me understand better what is going on with me, what I need, and what I should or could do.
T. C., Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Thanks for the appointment yesterday. I got a lot out of it.
B. A. O., London, England.

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Richard Hills - Astrologer
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