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aquarius man

aquarius man

Can you get close to your Aquarius man? I mean really close? An Aquarius man may seem to be more interested in the human race, or at least his like-minded friends, than he is in you. The problem with an intimate relationship is that it challenges his ability to relate at the one to one level rather than with the masses, and that requires greater self-confidence and the willingness to engage with another at the emotional level. This can feel rather frightening to the Aquarius man, and so he is more comfortable with isolation when not involved with the crowd. If you, quite naturally, want to actually feel close to the man you love, both during sex and at other times, you may have to gently tease him into acknowledging his fear of real intimacy. If you succeed in just that, you will be rewarded.

If you love an Aquarius man it will really help if you are emotionally self-sufficient, for any sign of dependency or a need to cling on your part will drive him away. Another way he may deal with his fear of emotional involvement is to be close, or what he thinks is close, to more than one woman. He may expect you to be content with an 'open' relationship, and believe that jealousy is a primitive emotion you should grow out of. If you do experience jealousy then only you can deal with it, but that does not excuse your Aquarius man from facing his own issues with intimate one to one relationships. It may be a matter of pride for him that he does not allow feelings to interfere with his life - he sees them as signs of weakness. If he persists in refusing to have you as the one woman in his life then you will either have to move on or come to terms with it.

If you are happy to have a partner who is primarily an intellectual friend, then you could not do better than have an Aquarius man. But just look to see if you are cheating yourself. A satisfying relationship involves engagement at all levels - emotional, spiritual, soulful and mental.

If your man has an Aquarius Moon or Ascendant, Aquarius qualities are likely to be more obvious to you than if Aquarius is his Sun sign. If he has the Moon or Ascendant in earth signs such as Taurus or Virgo, then the characteristics of these signs may be more apparent to you than his Aquarius Sun sign, at least until you get to know him. If you know his Moon or Ascendant sign take a look at the relevant page below - I think you will see what I mean!

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