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leo man

When you love a Leo man it is well to remember that Leo the Lion is King of the Jungle, and as such wants your love and devotion. But remember also that the wife of a king is a queen, so at the same time as he wants your recognition that he is in charge, he would also like you to possess regal qualities and to shine in your own right. People appreciate him more if you are someone of whom he can be proud. Being with a Leo man can be a very worthwhile challenge to you to become the most you have it in you to be, to realise your full stature as a human being. Note, however, that mature people, while taking pride in their abilities, are also humble in their approach to other people. Any boastful display of independence on your part will not be well received by your Leo man. Note the difference between self-realisation and egotism. The former is the quality of a true queen, the latter that of false pride covering up a weak sense of self.

Of course, you may be faced with an egotistical man, in which case he demands your attention and subservience without having achieved the maturity that makes him worthy of it. You may still find such a man very attractive (against what you think is your better judgment!) and if you love him enough you will want to help him grow up. It takes only a small pin to burst a balloon inflated with arrogance, but if you can get near enough to him after such a burst and help him gather up the fragments of his life and put them together into a more balanced whole you will be doing him a great service.

If your life is entwined with that of your Leo man to any extent you will probably find that the practical necessities of your shared life will only happen if you do them. If you can do them without compromising your own path in life, all well and good. But your man will probably have lessons to learn on the way about the value of detail, otherwise he may frequently take advantage of you.

If your man has a Leo Moon or Ascendant, Leo qualities are likely to be more obvious to you than if Leo is his Sun sign. If he has the Moon or Ascendant in earth signs such as Taurus or Capricorn, then the characteristics of these signs may be more apparent to you than his Leo Sun sign, at least until you get to know him. If you know his Moon or Ascendant sign take a look at the relevant page below - I think you will see what I mean!

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