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A Gemini Moon suggests your curiosity may know no bounds and you need people around you with whom you can share your discoveries. Indeed you may have gathered so much information about a certain topic that your friends get bored with your account long before you have exhausted the subject. Whatever book or magazine you are reading, the one you have not yet finished will be lying on a chair or the floor (it's not worth tidying it away as you may want to go back to it soon). Most topics of conversation will interest you, at least for a while, but you will want to change the subject if the discussion moves in the direction of the darker side of human nature, unless you can keep it safely at the level of curiosity. A Gemini Moon will often ignore personal problems for as long as possible. When you do begin to explore them you may analyse and question them at the level of the mind rather than allow yourself to experience them and solve them at the level of the heart. This may be because you experience feelings with intensity rather than with depth, and you find it easier to relieve the intensity by escaping to your mind rather than by entering into them more fully. It is good to witness your feelings rather than identify with them, but you do have to experience them in order to witness them, and that you are inclined to avoid doing to the depth required. Hence you may come across as shallow, having a knowledge of many things at the intellectual level, but not at the level of the heart and soul.

If you are a mother with Moon in Gemini you may come across to your child as sunny and care-free, and always interested in your child's activities. If your child is distressed you may want to explain away the problem when what he or she really needs is to be held and cuddled.

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