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A Libra Moon suggests you have an ideal of justice and harmony in all your dealings with others, especially in close relationships which are very important to you. You never want to rock the boat, and fear that any display of strong emotion will do so, therefore you tend to hide your feelings until you find it impossible to contain them any longer and a sudden outburst can break the harmony. Alternatively you may walk away from a long-term relationship leaving your partner amazed because you had never expressed any dissatisfaction.

Your appreciation of harmony extends to your approach to art and music, all forms of which conform to your aesthetic sense you probably enjoy. Discordant sounds and many of the more garish forms of modern art are distasteful to a Libra Moon. Your home is likely to be tastefully decorated with beautiful ornaments, with everything arranged in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye.

Anger, aggression and assertiveness are alien qualities to you, therefore you have difficulty asserting your own wishes and in making decisions as to what is the right way forward in any area of life, especially if you feel there is a risk that anyone will be upset. You may excel in situations where diplomacy is required, especially amongst close family and friends. Others may come to you to help resolve disputes and negotiate compromises in such a way that all parties will be satisfied with the outcome. You may even be professionally involved in this area.

If you are a mother with Moon in Libra you will wish to maintain a good relationship with your children and mediate in any quarrels between them. Being too young to be civilised they may remind you of the more instinctual sides of your own nature and this may feel uncomfortable. You'll want to clear up any mess. You also encourage any artistic inclinations.

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