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taurus moon

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Moon in Taurus - Personality Traits

A Taurus Moon indicates that a comfortable home, beautiful surroundings, a stable relationship and money in the bank give you a sense of security that serves as a base from which you can reach out into the world, provided you do not succumb to the temptation of idleness. You seek situations or people that give you stability and comfort and then try to hold on to them. Taurus Moon sees life as a simple straightforward quest to enjoy what the world has to offer. You don't want to engage in fights, nor get involved in drama and intrigue. You are down to earth, practical and reliable. You are reluctant to change the status quo. Enforced change can be very threatening to you, and even if change is not enforced but needed to move forward in life, you may drag your heels such that when you do decide to make a move the process of doing so is more disruptive than it might have been had you moved earlier. You can be very stubborn, for instance if you get involved in an argument you can resist changing your point of view because the one you have is of long standing and forms part of your security system. You don't want to pick a quarrel because you want to maintain harmony, but nor do you want to change a viewpoint which has stood the test of time.

As with anyone with a Taurus Moon you are a very sensual lover and any partner of yours will not be starved of affection. However your attitude towards your partner may be similar to that towards your material goods - one of possession. You have a wealth of devoted love to give, but love means letting people be free rather than possessed, and they may feel that the only way to be free is to leave you. You may be more attracted to someone more by his or her physical appearance or material wealth than by qualities that make for a lasting relationship.

If you are a mother with Moon in Taurus you will be protective and patient, recognising your child's security and comfort needs, but reluctant to let go when he or she needs to grow away from you. The description 'earth mother' fits Moon in Taurus.

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